12th December Wednesday Update On Young Love

Location: Shiv’s office in jaitsar
Signing on some document, she says to shiv that she may have signed on this, but doesnt know how to break this news to them.

Scene 2:
Location: At the panchayat’s office
The panchayat is very happy to see anandi, and asks what good news has she brought along with her, just like she does evereytime. She silently gives them the paper, reading which all are shocked. They demand to know why is she resigning. She tells them with, teary eyes, about the transfer to udaipur, and that she’s here for just a few more days. They are very sad at this.

A villager tells the entire village about shiv’s transfer, and anandi leaving. they are all shocked to hear this, and they all gather in a procession. they start walking towards shiv’s office, and are happy to see anandi returning. ananadi tells the panch that even shiv is helpless in this, but the panch are adamant that shiv can do anything, and would be able to stop this too. they tell the doorman that they have come to meet the collector. The doorman tells them that shiv’s busy in an improtant meeting.

ananadi tells them to go to their work, and not go for a loss. she says that she too is very sad about this, but they too dont have any other option. The girls say that if she leaves, then they too wouldnt go to school. Just then shiv arrives, and asks whats happeneing. the villagers tell him to stop his transfer. The ladies too say that they wont let them leave jaitsar. Shiv asks them to stop talking, and says that it feels good to see such love for them but he cant do anything. He says that he cant say no, as its an official order, and that its been to udaipur,. and asks them if they wont want him to be with his family amd anandi to make her new home. The villager says that its okay, but they would have to listen to their wish, which is they would come to everyone’s house in the village one by one for food.

Shiv says that it wont be possible for them to go to everyone’s house, and if he leaves out a few, then others would complain, hence he turns down that proposal. The sarpanch says that its their love for shiv and anandi, as they have done so much for jaitsar. Ananadi says that their going wont halt jaitsar’s progress, and soon there would be people who would replace her and shiv, who can prove to be more efficient and do something, that even they havent been able to do it. A lady says that it might be, but they wont be anandi and shiv.

Scene 3:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Seeing jagiya in the kicthen, ganga asks him to have called for her if he needed anything. he says that he has come to apologize for his behaviour last night. He says that it wont happen again. ganga continues with her work quietly. He says that he doesnt have the right to be angry at her, as he thought that he had changed, and forgotten everything. But he says that something does stay behind, despite much efforts. he says that he’s always sad in one corner of his heart. Ganga says thats because he still doesnt want to change his heart, citing an example of a kid, who might be told that something’s wrong, but still he cant resist it. He tells ganga that he had told bhairo and anandi too the same thing that he feels. ganga is surprised to hear that.

Downstairs, bhairo gets the news that the mandi is closed. when basant asks why, the ladies come in and tell that this would happen, when shiv and anandi would leave. The ladies say that they have come to ask dadisa to do something for stopping anandi and shiv from leaving. the ladies express their sadness to dadisa. she says that only she knows how she composed herself, when she got the news. She says that she told one thing very clearly to the family and now she’s saying to them, too thatthey shouldnt bear a sad face in front of anandi, as it would hurt her all the more. She says that seeing all of them sad, anandi would also break down.

In the evening, dadisa is very angry at ganga and sumitra for not having prepared proper dinner for shiv and anandi. They both come in, asking her not to worry. ganga immediately rushes to the kitchen. dadisa asks about what happened in the morning, and if he was bothered. shiv says that he was overwhelmed to see such love and belonging. She asks shiv what would they eat. Ananadi says that this was the reason she came early, so that she can prepare fopr them. Sumitra and ganga say that she doesnt need to bother, as they would handle the kitchen. Dadisa too says that she would lend a hand, saying that others would be staying and she’s the one who’s leaving, so today everything would be according to her wish. anandi says thats hew ould miss them bad, and therefore asks for the oppurtunity to make dinner today herself. Anandi says that if then hugs her, and starts crying.CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW.


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