10th January Thursday Update On True Love


10th January Thursday Update On True Love

Satya blocks Ichcha’s path with a bouquet of flowers, so she is unable to reach Veer who gets away.  Satya drops his keys on the ground in the midst of this, which Ichcha finds and returns to the front desk. She waits for Veer in the room, but goes back to the front when he doesnt show up after a while. She realizes the keys had an “S” on them, and she realizes Satya must be here. She goes around w/ Veer’s photo asking for Veer, and someone mentions they saw him on the 5th floor. Meanwhile in the room, Veer comes in and sees “Ichha” (actually Sanchi) sitting in ghunghat. She gives him a lot to drink, and finally Veer takes off her ghungat and is shocked. She pushes a drunk and drugged Veer on the bed and starts ripping her clothes, breaking her bangles, and messing up the room. All this time, Ichcha is banging on the door screaming for Veer.

At the Thakur house, Pushkar is filling Divya’s ears against Ichcha. Divya goes to visit Taps and they discuss  Tapu’s future, and she says that she’s sure Veer will accept her along w/ her baby. She gets a phone call from Rathod, which she ignores, and then goes off to cook something for Divya.

Tappu telling the entrie hotel story to Damini which later Damini tells to Divya and both rush to Bundela house to b with Gunwanti since she must b in lot of tension after all this Gunwanti in emotional tone tells Damini and Divya all about Satya-Saanchi’s mom and their childhood and how they gave a place for their mom to stay but Satya always used to trouble Vansh a lot and so when things vanished from the house ,they accused Satya and his mom for it but they had no idea that one day they will hv to pay for all this in such a bad way ;Gunwanti also says that its their mistake as they should hv treated a servant as servant only on which Divya gives a meaningful look to Damini ;Gunwanti is in tears because after loosing Vansh ,she cannot afford to loose her other son too ;Damini then takes Gunwanti to the room while Chanda tells Divya to take care of Tappu since even during pregnency she is going out alone and noone is there to look after her ..

In the hotel Daddaji and Umed decide to approach the police but before that asks Ichha and Tappu to go home since its not good for Tappu in this condition to remain out for long time… Meanwhile in Bundela house, Divya blasts Damini regarding how her daughter is always sidelined and Ichha always takes the credit for everything when even Tappu equally works hard for everything without any selfish motives ;Divya also tells Damini that today if something happens to Tappu then she will never forgive her or Ichha on which Damini tells Divya that she can understand her emotions but right now if something happens to Veer then both our daughter’s destiny will b in a mess and so they should concentrate on that right now ..

Just then Ichha and Tappu returns home when Gunwanti comes out of her room and asks Ichha about Veer but Ichha is quiet and has nothing to say when Gunwanti hugs and cries her heart out ;Both Divya and Damini look helplessly Umed and Daddaji goes to the police station where a female inspector named Gouri hv taken the case of Satya-Saanchi and so Umed-Daddaji enquires about Veer to this lady inspector when suddenly a phone call comes in the police station where Inspector Gouri is informed that a rape of a girl has taken place in the hotel and the culprit’s name is Veer Singh Bundela ;Hearing this Umed-Daddaji both r shocked All rush to the hotel ;Inspector Gouri asks Daddaji and Umed to stay out while they will go inside the room to enquire ;As soon as police enters the room, they see Saanchi sitting down in half-naked condition with blood coming out from her side-lips and Veer is laying on the bed in half unconscious state ;Saanchi goes and hugs Inspector Gouri and tells her about how Veer has raped her on which Gouri promises Saanchi to give her justice at any cost and teach lesson to theese rich men like Veer.