10th December Monday Update On This is Love

Adi talking to Raman. Raman asks where are you, we are worried for you. Adi says I m near Khandpur. Raman says we came there yesterday, factory worker said you left for Delhi. Adi says yes, but I stayed in hotel at night as I was feeling tired. Ishita says you should have told me. Adi says yes, how are you two. Raman says we reached home. Ishita asks when are you coming. Gagan gives phone to Adi. Adi says I have to go back to Khandpur for work, I will be getting married soon, I will come. Raman asks him to come soon. Adi ends call and asks Roshni did she hear it, my fiancee is waiting for me there, I don’t believe this fake marriage, this was forced on me by blackmailing, I can’t be stuck in this fake relation, break this marriage, I will see what they do. She asks
him to listen. He shouts shut up, don’t try to talk to me.

Ishita says Ruhi and Adi are so busy in work, they are not coming home. Raman says wait, I did not leave office and came here for any ghagra discussion. Shagun says its bridal dress discussion, it should be important, I got this as I liked it, it does not matter you buy it or I did. Ishita asks Aaliya did you like it. Aaliya says I loved it. Shagun shows them the dress. They all like it. Ishita says its very beautiful, is this not much heavy. Shagun says its bridal dress, when Aaliya tried this in trial room, we were just seeing her.

Ishita says lahenga comes from groom’s side, so we will do its payment. Shagun says we will do it half, its not much expensive, the designer gave me discount, its just 2.5 lakhs. Ishita says its perfect, but we will pay for it, we wanted Aaliya’s dress to go from our house. Aaliya smiles.

Mihika and Ruhi come home. They like the lahenga. Shagun tells about designer. Ruhi says Aaliya, when Adi sees you in this, he won’t be concentrate on pheras. They laugh. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to have food and go. Ruhi asks Adi to hold this, I will click pic to Adi. Aaliya says no, its a surprise. Ishita says Adi will not focus on work if he sees Aaliya’s pic, let it be a surprise.

Adi does aid to his wounds. Roshni comes from bath and dries hair. He gets angry seeing the sindoor in her maang. Gagan comes there. He asks Adi to accept fate and bride soon, it will be good for him. He stops Adi and asks where are you going. Adi says I have to go, she is not my wife. Gagan says she is your wife. Adi says I have to go factory. Gagan says we have sent your order for delivery, we did your work, even when you killed my brother, we have let your parents leave, we are good people, not murderer like you, you can go, we have to do girl’s bidaai, you will be going home with Roshni. Adi gets shocked. Gagan says you have to take Roshni to her Sasural if you want your parents to be safe.

Roshni’s bidaai is done. Her mum gives her sindoor from Mata Rani’s temple. Roshni greets everyone. Adi and Roshni leave. Mr. Bhalla, Raman and Mani watch cricket and laugh. Shagun gets juice. Raman asks her to get starters. Shagun says I will get it. She gets a call and goes to attend it. Ishita cooks food. Neela says Ruhi is with Mihika. Ruhi likes the designer outfits and shows Mihika. Mihika says its very pretty, wow you know what, you should buy this, it will suit you. Ruhi says its good, but see price, its costly, I don’t think Ishita will let me take it. Mihika says she won’t say no. Ruhi says I was thinking how did Ishita say yes for Aaliya’s costly lahenga. Ishita comes and likes the dress. She says Ruhi will look lovely. Mihika says I think we should buy this for Ruhi. Ishita says yes, take it, its reasonable price. Ruhi asks what, it costs 11 lakhs. Ishita asks how, Aaliya’s lahenga is so heavy, its for 2.5 lakhs. Mihika and Ruhi say its impossible and check its price on the website. Mihika says its worth 15 lakhs. Ishita gets shocked.

She says Shagun told me 2.5 lakhs. Mihika says maybe Shagun thought you will refuse for it, so she said less price. Ishita says its wastage of money. She goes. Shagun talks to caterers. A lady meets Shagun. Shagun says we are doing preparations for my daughter’s marriage, this is her inlaws, so I came here. The lady says I think its big fat indian wedding. Shagun says no, its simple. Ishita comes and says we decided we will get lahenga, how did you buy costly lahenga, its worth 15 lakhs, you knew we will divide the price, you lied to me, you have spent a lot. Lady says you have spent much on a lahenga, you said its simple wedding, and reduced guests, but be true to relatives. She goes.CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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