7th December Friday Update On True Love

Veer lecturing Tappu about how he will b taking the entire responsibility of their child but at the same time he loves his wife Ichha very much who is his life and so he will also take care of her happiness ;Veer also expresses his happiness to Tappu regarding the fact that slowly things r becoming normal between the three of them ;Tappu sheds some tears hearing Ichha’s jaap from Veer’s mouth but makes sure Veer is not able to see her tears ;In front of Veer she acts all happy with his words .. Kasa Kaka is shown going to a small village area and enquiring about Satya-Saanchi to some vegetable-wala ;During his enquiry,an unknow guy on a motorbike comes and pushes Kasa Kaka and runs away because of which he gets slightly injured and he wonders whether its all done by the brother-sister jodi only ..

In the Bundela house,Nani comes to the kitchen to blast Ichha and also pull her ear because she din’t give Tappu’s suitcase to her on time when Umed once again comes to Ichha’s rescue and indirectly warns Nani to stay away from his daughter-in-law .. Kasa Kaka returns home and once again tells Ichha about his doubt related to Satya-Saanchi; Ichha too trusts Kasa Kaka now and so Kasa Kaka tells Ichha that he already has a plan in mind … Saanchi is sitting in the garden area with Chanda and chatting with her and also arranging some flowers ; After sometime Chanda goes from there while Saanchi is sitting alone in the garden ; Kasa Kaka and Ichha go near the garden area and then Kasa Kaka shows Ichha a scorpion and tells her that she will put this scorpion near Saanchi to expose her fake blind act in front of Veer ;Kasa Kaka also assures Ichha that its not a poisonous one ;Ichha agrees…

Veer comes back home when Ichha asks him about Tappu on which Veer tells Ichha that Tappu had gone for few hours to her mom’s house ; Ichha then takes Veer near the garden area while Kasa Kaka slowly comes behind Saanchi and puts that scorpion on her dupatta from behind ;The scorpion then moves upwards and reaches till Saanchi’s shoulder when Saanchi notices it and gets scared too but she decides that she will not shout at any cost even if she is killed today since she knows that if she shouts then her lie will b exposed in front of all ;Ichha wonders why Saanchi is not shouting ;Even Kasa Kaka is wondering the same while the scorpion continues to get maximum footage and various close-up angles in today’s episode ;

Finally Veer himself turns back and notices the scorpion on Saanchi’s dupatta and so he rushes towards Saanchi and throws the scorpion from her dupatta … Ichha and Kasa Kaka’s another plan flops ;Saanchi then tightly hugs Veer out of fear while someone is shown taking quick snaps of VeerSaanchi hug (Mayb its Satya taking the snaps …So Satya succeeds in the plan which was originally made by Ichha and Kasa Kaka );Veer then tells Ichha to take Saanchi inside and also tells her that from now on Saanchi alone should not come outside .CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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