10th December Monday Update On True Love

Taps says that her childhood friend Maya’s wedding is coming up. Umed is abt to open the card to read where the wedding is taking place but Taps intervenes and says its at Bangalore so she won’t be able to attend anyway. She goes off to the side to look at the card later and Chanda comes there and asks if Maya is Ichcha’s friend too. Taps says that their friends are not always the same and leaves. Later, Mai asks a servant to put Satya’s file away. Kasa offers to take it instead. He later goes to Satya’s room and goes thru his drawers and finds a picture of the Bundela’s old servant. He is sure that the servant’s son is Satya who is back for revenge since they accused him of robbery as a child.

Ichcha is in her room thinking of Sanchi and is sure that they are up to something tricky. At the Thakur house, Damini’s cellphone rings and she leaves to attend it. Pushkar tells Divya abt how Jogi got her the phone at Damini’s bday party. Disturbed, Divya leaves. Back at the Bundelas, Chanda asks Ichcha if she got invited to Maya’s wedding as well. Once she realizes there is no such friend, she goes on abt how Taps was very mysterious abt it all. She says sorry to Ichcha abt what happened b/w them earlier and leaves. Ichcha is left confused.

Kasa Kaka going to make coffee for Veer while Ichha sees Veer very tensed and asks him whats the matter on which Veer tells Ichha about his concerns for Saanchi and how they need to take care of her since she is their responsibility in this house ;So then Ichha assures Veer that nothing will happen to Saanchi ;After Veer leaves Ichha tells to herself that she needs to expose the true colours of SatyaSaanchi soon in front of Veer…

¬†Tappu is seeing those wedding cards and getting hyper and frustated ;She throws all the cards on the floor and tells in anger that “Veer is only mine…Noone can separate me from my Veer” … Ichha goes to the balcony/terrace area where all the clothes r kept for drying; Just then lights goes off and Ichha was about to slip there when Saanchi from behind asks Ichha to b careful since at least she can see everything with her eyes.CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW.


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