Wednesday Update on Young Love 11 March 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 11 March 2020

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Harki raises her hand on Nimboli to beat her, but Disa stops her hand. Harki is shocked. Akhira Singh asks Harki not to say anything to Nimboli else Disa will be angry. Harki changes her track and asks Nimboli to have food, then do the work. Disa takes her inside. Akhira Singh comes to the room, Harki asks about Kamli’s groom. Akhira Singh says he has not found boy yet. He says Kamli is not wise. Harki says she stays silent because of failed child marriage. She looks afraid. She says we can’t back off from our responsibility. Akhira Singh says we tried to get her married, but the groom’s family comes to know that she was married before. Nimboli hears that and is shocked. She keeps the tray and leaves. Harki looks on.

Abhi and Shivam come out of school and wait for Makhan Kaka. Anandi comes to pick her up and gives them kulfi. Abhi thanks Anandi. Shivam says chocolate flavour is good and says Pista’s color is bad. Abhi’s mood spoils and he looks at Shivam. Anandi notices their cool fight. Anandi scolds Shivam and reminds him of her words. Shivam says sorry. Kamli sews KG on the handkerchief and says Kamli and Gopal will not be separated. Nimboli comes running and tells her that you will be caught in a trouble soon.

Kamli asks what. Nimboli tells that maa and bapusaa are talking about your marriage. Kamli gets shocked. Nimboli makes her sit on the bed and says she is shocked too. She asks her not to get marry else she have to work day and night and then she will be beaten like me. She tells that all mum in laws’ of their village is same. Kamli cries and tells Nimboli that she will come back in sometime.

Anandi talks to Dadisaa. She says I will wake up early. Anandi reminds her of daughter’s day. Dadisaa says it is a big day. Ganga gets call from Mannu, asking did you see my books. Ganga says she didn’t keep his books anywhere and asks him to asks Abhi. She asks him to call Pooja. Mannu calls Pooja and asks did you see my books. Pooja says you talked to me rudely when I came there. Mannu wonders where are my books.

Kamli meets Gopal and tells him everything. Gopal asks her not to cry and says you will marry me only. Kamli says this handkerchief will be incomplete. We can’t be one. Gopal assures her that they will unite. He says I hate tears Pushpa. Kamli says it is talk about her life. Gopal hurts his finger and completes G in the handkerchief with his blood. He tells that no one can separate us and our love story will be completed. Kamli looks at him. Gopal asks her to have patience and he will find a way out. Kamli nods yes and hugs him. Nimboli comes there and asks what are you doing? They get shocked. Kamli asks what are you doing here. Nimboli says Harki asked me to call you, but you are here. She looks at Gopal and says where is Meetu Didi. You lied to me.

Kamli asks her to listen and says I lied to you. She tells that she loves Gopal. Nimboli says I don’t love Kundan as he hurts me always. Kamli says Gopal is not like him and loves me always. Nimboli asks do you wants to marry him. Gopal smiles. Kamli nods yes. She asks her to come to a side and explains after marriage effects. Kamli explains to her that Gopal is not like others and loves me very much. Gopal says he will make her eat with his hands. Nimboli says only bad happens with every wife. Kamli explains to her that she knows Gopal. Gopal promises to keep Kamli happy. Nimboli looks at them and asks him to promise. Gopal smiles and promises.

Anandi distributing books etc to girls. Reporter asks Anandi, what is the need of free camp for girls. Anandi talks about responsibility towards girls and says we want to give education to girls. Reporter says all the girls of Shiv Niketan are victim of child marriage. Anandi tells that her girls will not be effected by the child marriage. Dadisaa tells that she has changed a lot and is celebrating daughter’s day today. She tells that even grils’ parents are celebrating this day, and have the new thinking. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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