Wednesday Update on This is Love 11 March 2020


Wednesday Update on This is Love 11 March 2020

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Ishita calling out Raman and walking on the road. A car is about to hit her. Mani pulls her hand and asks what’s wrong with you. She says Raman was here, I heard his voice, he was calling me. He says you have to stay careful, come home. Shagun wakes up and looks around. She says where did Ishita and Mani go. Mani gets Ishita home and says Shagun, take Ishu to her room, she is too shaken. Shagun asks are you fine, come.

Its morning, Simmi says its good that Mani was with Ishita. Mihika says we can’t leave Ishita alone. Ishita asks why. Mihika says we know you will get so involved in project and not take care of your diet. Mani says I will be with her now. Ishita says no need, I can take care of myself. Mani says we shall go to office, investors would be coming

with their final verdict. Simmi says I got the breakfast packed. Shagun says I need to talk Mani. He says not now Shagun, today is a big day.
Ishita asks investor what decision did they take. The man says we have decided to invest in this project. Arijit removes his gloves and keeps it in pocket. The man says Arijit convinced us for investing. The investors leave. Ishita thanks Ariji for showing belief in the project. Arijit says don’t thank me, I m doing this for myself, I don’t wan to lose this opportunity. Mani thanks him. Arijit leaves. Karan looks on. Arijit thinks Ishita will curse the time when she met me when I ruin her. Ruhi says you did it. Ishita says we did it, Raman will be proud of us. Arijit says I have to get into Bhalla family’s inner circle and win their trust, then I have to ruin Raman’s family, I will get Ishita in my control. He smiles.

Mani thanks Arijit again. Arijit says you all say thanks a lot of time, I m doing this for my satisfaction. Mani says Ishita wants you to meet the staff. Arijit says I feel awkward, trust me. Mani says its a humble request, it won’t take much time. Ishita sends a voice message. She says your dream project started, thanks to your friend Arijit, he came as an angel for us. Yug, Ruhi and Karan look on. Ruhi cries. Mani asks what happened. Yug says Ishimaa… Mani sees Ishita asking Raman to come back, everyone is missing him a lot.

Mani says sorry to witness this, Ishu is fine, she is in shock, she isn’t able to accept that Raman… Arijit says I know the pain of losing loved ones, she is strong, I want to help you all. Ishita asks them to come in. Mani asks her to come. She says I was sending voice message to Raman. She tells everyone about Arijit’s help. Everyone claps. Ruhi cries and goes. Karan goes after her.

She says I can’t see her like this, she is saying dad will come, how shall I explain dad won’t come. He consoles her and asks her to come. She says I will come in some time, you go. He goes. Yug comes and says I can understand your pain, I was an orphan and didn’t see my parents, I spent time with you and got to know the love of parents, I also regret to lose dad, I felt the importance of a dad, now I feel like I became an orphan again. She says we are with you, you aren’t an orphan. He says I will take care of you all like Adi used to do, I promise to make this project a big success. Ishita calls them. She says Ruhi and Yug are Raman’s pillars, come home to meet our parents. Arijit says I would love to, I will take your leave now. He goes. Ishita asks where is Karan. Mani says he went to vendor, he will just come.

Arijit collides with Karan. His glove falls. Karan says sorry. Arijit picks the gloves and goes. Karan thinks why does Arijit wear gloves, there is something. Simmi asks Ishita to relax now. Shagun says right, I will make sure you take rest. Ishita gets a call. She says I have the details, I will give you. Shagun says I was thinking when everything settled, we should take Ishita to counsellor. Mani says no, she is involved in project and behaving better, I m afraid she will shatter and not accept the truth. She says come on, she has to face the truth, we didn’t even perform Raman’s last rites, we didn’t mourn for him so that Ishita doesn’t get hurt, how long will this drama go on. He says I know this, Ishita is equal to Raman for Bhallas, I m just asking for some time.

Aaliya says Mani is saying right, we shouldn’t rush right now. She gets coffee for them. Mani says no thanks. Shagun asks how long will we stay here. Mani says Ishu needs us. She says I can see that, but I want to go home with my husband. He says fine, we shall leave. Aaliya comes to Yug and says I m happy seeing Ishita, thank God Arijit saved the project. Yug says yes, Karan’s mom backed out, can you believe it, she refused to invest, Arijit reached there, else everything would have got ruined. Ruhi hears him. She says I don’t think you should be judgemental, you don’t know Sudha. He says I think she is a selfish lady. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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