Wednesday Update on True Love 24th June 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 24th June 2020

A small eye lock shared by Mukta and Vishnu. He looks away and she tries to free her hairs from the button of his shirt. They both look at each other once again but Vishnu heads towards the door. Mukku stays rooted to her place. He turns and tells her that he has booked 2 separate rooms for them. I am nearby only….I have ordered food as hasn’t eaten a thing since morning. If you need anything then knock or. He leaves from there.

Meethi is sleeping peacefully in her room when she hears some noise. She gets up with a start and goes downstairs to check. Akash is lying on the sofa (unconscious) and a girl is trying to checking his pockets for some money. She rushes downstairs just when the girl finds Akash’s purse. She asks her aloud who she is and what is she doing. The girl just shakes her head and focuses on the wallet once again. Meethi looks at the line she has drawn herself; an unconscious Akash and the girl stealing Akash’s money. She is about to cross the line but then recalls her own words to Akash.

She finally crosses the line after giving it much thought. A chant begins playing as she comes and takes the money out of the girl’s hands. She asks her who she is and why is she taking her hard earned money. Meethi makes it clear to her that she is the owner of this house. What are you doing? Who are you? Just leaves from here. The girl says so you are his (Akash’s) wife. He brought me here in your presence. You would understand the meaning right? Anyways I am not interested between you two. He brought me here so I came. He told me he will give me Rs. 10000 but he fell unconscious.

Am I supposed to wait for him the whole night? I want my money asap. Meethi counts the money and gives it to her. Leave right now. Akash stirs. Why are you shouting? He gets up finally. What are you doing here in my side? If you have to say something, go to your side and then say it. She says you are not in your senses right now. This girl here was taking out money from your pocket. She keeps his purse next to him. He asks her what’s wrong with that. She has a right over my money. What right do you have over me? Are you my wife? You want me to go out of your life then what’s it with you if anyone comes in my life and tries to rob me off? Why do you care? You and I share no relation.

He falls unconscious on the sofa once again. The girl turns to go but hears him muttering in his sleep that they share no relation. She asks Meethi you aren’t his wife but you are wearing a mangalsutra. This means you are married to someone else and worry for someone else? Who is he to you? Your old lover? She laughs and walks out of the house. Meethi looks at Akash who is repeating the same thing in his sleep. She wipes her tears and leaves for her room.

Maiyya is sitting in her room recalling Jogi’s words on the funeral of Surabhi. My mind is so good at plotting things! Right then Pavitra comes to her room calling for her attention. Agarth bhaiya has lost his mind. If you say so then we should lock him too in that room with his wife. They both can stay together. He has opened kundli (star predictions) and is only muttering Ajitesh….the name for Surabhi’s child. Maiyya thinks of something again.

She fakes sympathy. He is unable to handle the pain of losing his kids. There is only one way out for this. We will have to bring his grandson here. Pavitra raises the point as to why would they (Thakur’s) give that kid to us. Maiyya says it is after all our blood. We will have to only take a pawn with us. Go and get bhabhi (Kadambari) ready. Pavitra jokes if that mad woman will get the kid here. Maiyya agrees. You don’t think leave that to me. You too get ready. Pavitra gets excited. Maiyya is thrilled with her mind.

Mukku is sleeping in her room but she wakes up scared as she hears the lightning strike again. She is terrified. She is pouring herself a glass of water when she is distracted by the noise of a cell phone ringing. She drops the glass. It is Nani’s call. Mukta assures her she is fine. Nani is worried as to how will she stay overnight in Aatishgarh. Mukta tries to end the call but Nani senses that feels like she isn’t interested in talking. Right then, someone knocks on the door. Mukta tells Nani to wait for a minute.

It is Vishnu. I had come to see if you are all right. Mukta calls her inside. Nani is hearing everything. Vishnu says all kinds of people come in these hotels. If you need anything call me over. Tappu comes inside the room where Nani is. Mukta tells Nani she will talk later. Nani asks her who she was talking to. Vishnu speaks up telling her to talk….there is no hurry. Nani is shocked as she thinks she has heard this voice. Nani points out if it is Vishnu. Is he with you? What is that married man doing with you in an unknown location that too in your room? Mukta pointedly asks her if she is going to ask everything now only.

He is in a separate room and I am in a separate one. She ends the call. Nani wonders aloud (Tappu is right there) what Vishnu is doing there. How come he is there with her? She starts saying something against married men looking out for girls when Tappu cuts her off. I trust my daughter fully. She leaves. Nani is still worried though.

Mukta tells Vishnu she got scared as she is not used to sleep alone. Just then, Vishnu gets a call from Tappu. She says I shouldn’t be worried now that you are there with Mukta. You got married to Meethi right? Take care! He assures her nothing like that will happen. Trust me. She thanks him and ends the call.

Vishnu suggests Mukta to sleep on the bed while he can sleep on the couch. She is thankful. She sits on the bed while he picks up a pillow and keeps it on the couch. They both lie down on their respective places. For a while they both keep looking at each other but slowly drift off to sleep.

Meethi is in her room. She recalls the words that that girl said to her followed by Akash’s. Akash is walking towards her room. A sad song begins in the background. A painting accidentally falls off the wall as he keeps a hand on it to take support. Meethi hears the noise and is worried. She gets up and closes the doors to her room. Akash stops by the corner as he was almost there. He bangs at the door but she doesn’t open it. He calls out for Meethi and bangs again. She is pained by his condition. She rests her head on the door as she stands there. He stops his hand mid air and wishes her good night. She is relieved. He heads back. Meethi thinks everyone’s life is ruined. No one is happy. What should I do? Which duty to fulfil? CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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