Thursday Update on True Love 25th June 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 25th June 2020

Akash comments Surabhi had wanted this kid to live with his father. Kanha has max right over the baby. Akash gives the baby to Kanha who gets all emotional by this act of his. Pavitra points out to Maiyya that Akash has chosen the other people. Maiyya asks if his grandmother has no right over him. kanha silently nods a thanks at Akash and walks towards the living room followed by Damini. Akash folds his hands in front of Kadamabari.

Forgive me but I will have to say something today that will hurt you. You have full right over Surabhi’s baby but that right is to give love and teach morals rather than taking him to that dark life of Aatishgarh. When you were locked inside that room then what all did Nirabhya bhaiya and (Maiyya) not do. Maiyya blames it over Nirbhay. It was his decision for Surabhi’s sake. Akash continues, that is why I had sent Rathore sahab to save her or this child would have been dead long ago in that hospital. Maiyya asks him to ask Pavitra if he doesn’t believe her. pavitra instead spills out the truth that is was she who dint want the bad blood of this family in their house. Everyone is shocked.

Maiyya begins saying this family took my husband’s life (your dad) then your brother’s. This family killed Nirbhay after which God knows what they did with Surabhi that she lost her life too. Tappu steps forward. Is that why you put all the blame on that innocent person who saved Surabhi’s life and got him trapped in a false case? Now that there is nothing else to do then you are levying all the false allegations on us one after another? Jogi stops her. He goes and stands closer to Maiyya. Ekadish ji, you and I belong to different traditions. You wouldn’t understand us. You only know legal language / law. You can get to know about the reason behind Surabhi’s death from the hospital only.

If you have any doubt you can file a case. And when a child’s mother dies, he / she is handed over to his / her father only. If you want then you can file a case for that too but he wont leave from here. Maiyya interrupts him. Who are you? What is your relation with this family (Iccha’s)? And with this kid? Is he / Surabhi or Kanha your blood relation? And what is your relation with Iccha / her mother? She hints at brother sister, etc and even an affair kind of relation which shocks everyone including Akash too. Damini shouts enough. She steps in between Jogi and Maiyya. Nani is enjoying it!

Damini says I cannot expect morals and values from you at all but if you utter another single word against this person then it wont be good for you. He is the owner and I am his servant. I was, is and will be (his servant) till my last breath. And I am not at all ashamed to say this. Before I show your husband’s real face to your son you all must leave from here. Akash is puzzled. Maiyya challenges him. Say one wrong thing. Do you think he will take it? There will be blood all around. Damini replies my values don’t permit me speak about one’s dad’s follies in front of his son. I believe parents are equivalent to God for every kid. She turns to Akash and reiterates those words. But your Maiyya has forced me to tell you the truth about your father.

Damini tells the real story behind Akash’s dad’s death. Your father, Avinash Chatterjee not only tried to kill his own dad but Kanha too for the sake of property. Kanha is your dad’s sister’s son – your own brother, your own blood, your own family. Today, he is only alive as my daughter had saved him. Akash is shocked with the revelation while Maiyya too is somewhat surprised. Iccha dint have any personal issue with him. If she wouldn’t have killed him then he would have killed Kanha and for that one crime my daughter has spent 18 years of her life in prison.

My daughter and Kanha had no relation. She turns to Maiyya. You want to know the relation I and Thakur sahab share? No one in this family shares a relation by blood. No one is! Akash looks in a shocked way at Maiyya who has tears in her eyes as well. Akash and Maiyya continue staring at each other…shock; disbelief; sadness written all over their faces. Damini brings in Mukta. She isn’t related to me by blood yet she is my granddaughter. She points out towards Iccha’s photo. She wasn’t related to Thakur sahab yet she was the daughter of this house and even today she is. And this Kanha has your blood / your family’s blood inside him yet he is the son of this family.

Your Maiyya wants to know of the relations right? Ask her she loved her husband a lot then could she not love her husband’s sister’s son? He too was a part of their family. Today she has come to take Surabhi’s kid then why did she not come to take Kanha back then? Do you have an answer (pointed at Akash) or any other question related to our relation (pointed at Maiyya)? She walks closer to Maiyya. Remember I told you the day your son gets to know the truth you will find yourself all alone in this world. I think it is today. Enough of the drama. Pavitra offers to go and take the baby along but Maiyya stops her. We don’t want your family’s blood in our house. She holds Kadambari’s hands and all the three ladies leave from there.

Jogi thanks Akash for his timely appearance and help. You chose truth over your mom. He says I realised the difference between right and wrong. I understood that she is training me the wrong way. Kanha says even your nephew is saying thank you. Akash sits down next to the baby (who’s asleep). Your mom always wanted you to grow up here with your dad. But if you trouble him when you grow up then I will come to pull your ears. Everyone gets emotional. Be like your father.
Your mom would be happy. akash wipes his tears and gets up to leave. Jogi blesses him and in fact Damini too puts her hand over his head as he bends down to touch her feet. He then walks out from there. Damini is confused. My hand was raised on its own but couldn’t say anything even though I wanted to. His behaviour shows he wants our family’s good. He doesn’t want to keep any ill feelings. Sahab am I late in believing him? She thinks the whole family trusts him. I only wish this time it stays put.

Akash has come to meet Rathore in jail. Akash bends down to touch his feet but he stops him. Akash says I wanted to come since a long time but how could I have come knowing. Rathore says how you could come to meet that person who has been charged with murdering your brother.

Akash says I know only one person who saved my sister’s life; who trusted me and helped me in winning over my love that I had lost because I had cheated her. No one else is to be blamed for your condition but. Rathore assures him he is perfectly fine. Meethi and Mukta…my hands are tied but yours are free. Go and do it. Akash says you and I are not much different. I am not able to do anything even though my hands are free. I did every possible thing, tried every possible way outs but Meethi isn’t ready to break this wedding. I am proud of one thing that she bore all the pain on her own for her Anni’s sake. Who does that? I had made one promise to Mukta that if she ever fell in love and would need my help to win it then I would help her. I promise you that I will bring her smile back.

Meethi and Vishnu come and meet Damini. They are late. Vishnu wonders how come everything is so quiet. Damini remarks this is the silence after the storm. Ammo narrates the whole incident. Mukta comes downstairs just then. Vishnu too turns in her direction. Damini calls her to come over and meet / talk with the couple but Nani interrupts. There is no need for Mukta to meet them. She has been with Vishnu for long enough. Vishnu says she went alone to Aatishgarh. Meethi was worried that’s why she sent me there. The roads got blocked when we were returning so we had to stay there overnight. Don’t take it wrong.

Nani comments it doesn’t look good on your part (being married and intelligent) to stay alone with Mukta. It wasn’t your mistake but your wife would have sent you forcefully. Damini says why you are twisting things. Nani warns her to explain to Meethi not to act smart. My Mukta isn’t anxious or eager to take her Uttaran. Even Vishnu (and Damini) are hurt / angry by that comment. You anyways would know it very well why such women send their husbands to other women. You (Meethi) have ruined your life now spare my Mukta. Vishnu says you are elder so I respect you. I request you don’t say anything which is disrespectful to my wife. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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