Wednesday Update on The Frontliners 8th September 2021


Wednesday Update on The Frontliners 8th September 2021

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Asha crying and hugging Sid. Ishani says sorry Asha, I m very sorry Sid. She goes. Asha says everyone blames me. Sid consoles her. Ishani comes to see the patient Utsav. He talks to his wife. He sees Ishani and introduces his wife Shruti. Ishani says your injury…. She asks Shruti can I talk to you for a while. They go aside. She says actually, Utsav….. She tells something. Shruti cries. Utsav asks what is it, tell me.

Ishani says there is a blood clot in the tissue, we may have to amputate your leg, we should not lose hope, its not necessary that this happens, we may first heal the wound. Rishabh says no, I have seen your case, we have to cut your leg, else you will have a threat to your life. Rishabh asks Ishani to put the case on priority. Utsav says no, I won’t let this happen. Shruti says he is a footballer, he can’t live this way. Ishani goes to talk to Rishabh. He asks her to do his work.

Asha says Rishabh is saying that he will perform the surgery. Ishani says we can save the leg in such case also, Sid would have… Asha says yes, he may save the leg by the surgery. Ishani says no, Sid should stay away from all this, I will try to talk to Rishabh, I hope he understands. She goes. Asha thinks Ishani, it won’t be fun without involving Sid. She calls Vardaan and says its time for Sid to become a hero, his goodness will ruin him. Ishani says we can treat the clot by antibiotics, we can save the leg.

Rishabh scolds her. He says I m just trying to save his life, he will die if infection spreads to his body, we will do this surgery in an hour. She goes to talk to Shashank. Vardaan asks what happened, Shashank is in OT, are you okay. She says there is a case, they will have to cut off the leg, I wanted to have a second opinion from Shashank. Vardaan says Rishabh thinks its the best option. She says we will talk to Shashank once. He says Shashank is busy with surgeries, Rishabh is a senior doctor, he must have thought well, let him do his work. She goes.

Sid reads books. He thinks there is no patient or surgery, I didn’t get time before. He recalls his work. Asha comes and says there is a critical case, just you can save the patient, Vardaan has commercialized this hospital. Sid asks her to say clearly. She tells about Utsav. He checks the file. He comes to meet Utsav. Asha asks Sid to say, Utsav’s life will be meaningless if he loses his leg, he is an orphan and helps orphans, now he can’t earn and help, there an be some way to save his leg. Sid says yes, I can do this. She says great, but then why do Ishani and Rishabh want to cut his leg, why didn’t they think of the solution, they are doctors, they can’t risk someone’s life. He thinks you are right.

Sid comes to Ishani. He says I can save that patient’s leg, Asha told me everything, she is with us. Ishani asks are you sure, talk to Rishabh or Shashank. Sid says they won’t listen. She says stay away from this case. Sid says we can use antibiotics to heal the wound. She says I will find a solution. He says you have done a lot for me, Rishabh doesn’t know about the case, I can save the patient. She says its about your career also, even a small mistake can ruin your career. Sid says that patient is just married, he is so young, I can cross the line to save his life, I didn’t a doctor to earn money, don’t worry, we can save him by doing a minor surgery, don’t think much. He goes.

Ishani takes Utsav. Sid thinks thanks Ishani, I knew you will help me, we have to get saved from Vardaan so that I can save Utsav’s career, I don’t care for my career. Vardaan and Asha look on. Vardaan says Sid will start the procedure, I will catch him red handed, Sid and Shashank will be gone.

Ishani says I know its imp but… Sid says we are doing the right thing, we must try to save the patient. He gets ready. He thinks of Vardaan’s words. Vardaan thinks Sid, its time for you to bid final goodbye to Sanjivani.

Sid asking Ishani to leave, she will get in risk if anything goes wrong. She says no. He makes her out and says sorry. Vardaan says we should have an entry now. Sid starts the surgery. Vardaan comes there. He thinks I need to act, I m happy but have to keep serious face, its shocking incident. He goes in and sees Ishani. He asks what are you doing here with patient. Ishani says no, its his surgery today, I came to check. He says of course, you will check your patient. He goes and checks behind the curtain, under the bed for Sid. He says sorry, I disturbed you, carry on. He goes. Sid comes back from window. Ishani asks are you fine, you had to hang outside the window. She says its good you sent me out, I have seen Vardaan coming.

Sid completes the procedure. He says now we won’t need to cut off the leg. She says you are the best doctor in Sanjivani. He says I just hope that this works and we don’t need to cut his leg. She says I hope so too. Rishabh checks the patient. Ishani asks about it. Rishabh recalls Vardaan’s words, the patient’s leg has to be amputated. He says we have to do his operation. Ishani asks why, his leg is healed. Rishabh says no, we have to do this. Vardaan comes to Asha and says Sid wasn’t there in that room. Asha says Ishani is with Sid, don’t know how she comes when Sid is in some problem, is he a doctor or an antaryami. He says this is called true love, but I won’t let their love story ruin my plan, I asked you to keep Ishani away from Sid, better throw this rented Mangalsutra, forget the imp surgery I had given you. He goes. Asha gets angry.

She says I will make them away, I have to do something that they never unite. Sid is restless. He thinks to go and see if the patient got fine. He says no, I can’t go there, focus. The coffee falls over his shirt. He removes his tee and wears the shirt back. Ishani comes and hugs. She says Rishabh said there is no need to amputate, if recovery goes fine, then everything will be fine. Sid says thank God, we can have a hope. Sid hugs him. She looks at him. She says we are not in gym, but in library. He says actually.. She says hot doctor tag, patients will lose senses if they see you like this. They argue. She slips and falls over him. They laugh. Mujhe tujhme sukun…plays….

She buttons his shirt. She says we should control our heart. He says I m still the same. She says no, you are someone else’s husband, I m sorry. Asha looks on. She comes and says Sid, you saved that patient’s leg, I m lucky that you are my husband, Vardaan has seen it, he will make it a big issue. Sid asks how did you know that Vardaan came there. Asha says I had seen him going to room. Ishani asks why didn’t you stop him. Asha says I wanted to talk, he doesn’t listen. Ishani says you should have called us to warn. Asha says I called, I couldn’t connect, its not my mistake. Sid says everything is fine now.

Ishani thinks. Rahil comes. She says Asha is my good friend, she is Sid’s wife, I asked Asha about her involvement, I told sorry, I m not thinking wrong, we told Neil and you about Utsav after treatment, just Sid, Asha and I knew about it, but Vardaan came there to catch Sid, he was checking everywhere, like he knew there is someone with me, he knew Sid is with me there. He says it means Asha…

She says yes, Vardaan called Asha a lot of times, Guddu told me about Asha, it wasn’t good, Asha wanted Sid to take Utsav’s case knowing the risk, I can’t take a chance, I want to find out, Asha is my good friend, trust me, I just shared this with you.

Rahil says if you see same symptom again and again, we should check it out, talk to Sid about it, its imp for him to know. She says you are right, I will tell him now. She goes to Sid. Asha comes. Sid looks on.