Wednesday Update on A Magical Love Story 8th September 2021


Wednesday Update on A Magical Love Story 8th September 2021

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Roshni stopping Aman from seeing the milk bottle. He asks from where is this sound coming. She says its wind. He says windows are shut. She says that window is open. She sees a flying shoe and takes it. He asks what is it. She says nothing. Shayari talks to her aunt. She says I can’t come home, I got a job by mistake, I have to pay kids fees, don’t worry, I will send the fees on getting the salary. Aunt says take care, none should know you are here. Shayari says I didn’t tell anyone, I can’t come home, I miss you all a lot. Aunt says everything will be fine, smile now. Shayari wipes her tears. She sees Rehan. Na jaane….plays…. She smiles.

She says he has crossed all the limits today, if I didn’t need a job, I would have answered him. Roshni says hanky, it flew by mind. Aman asks her to show. He gets a call and goes. Natasha gets close to Rehan. He thinks I know there is jinn shikari’s mark on him, I have to check the mark and confirm. Rehan gets away. She says I missed you so much. He says its my office. She says so what. He says I don’t want anyone to see you, hide there. Shayari comes in and sees him.

She asks shall I go, I finished my work. He says okay. She says you are behaving strange. He says I have much work, I m busy. Natasha falls down. Shayari sees her and says your imp work fell down, pick it, have a good day. She leaves.

At home, Shayari complains about Rehan. Roshni says I don’t think Rehan is such, girls are too fast, they are after him. Shayari says he is not innocent. Roshni says no, he has much manners. Shayari says he was finding something in my bag. Roshni asks what. Shayari says he was stealing samosa from my bag, he was pulling my dupatta too. Roshni asks why. Shayari says there was a bee on my dupatta. Roshni says he is lovely, polite and decent. Shayari says no, he is a dynamite outside. Aman asks what are you saying. Rehan says yes, she acts innocent.

Aman says that girl who dropped tea over you, you are doubting her, you will regret. Rehan says she is clever jinn shikari. He asks are you sure. Rehan says I swear on my moustache. Aman says then you have to cut your moustache if you fail. Rehan says I will prove it. Roshni says Rehan is simple and innocent. Shayari says no, I will bring his truth out, man’s intention and woman’s pregnancy can’t be hidden. Roshni sees the baby clothes flying. She says I have to make a call. She runs to get the clothes. She asks magic world not to do this, Aman may know it. She puts it in the room. She says Baazigar may tell it to Aman. Aman sees an egg in the nest. Dadi asks what is this egg doing here, I have seen such an egg when you were in Parveen’s womb, Baazigar was born when that egg hatched and he became your friend. Aman says maybe some new member is going to come. Dadi asks who is pregnant now. They think. Roshni hears them. Aman sees her and says Roshni…. They smile.

Shayari says why did Roshni go, I should meet her once, I will call her. Her candy bottle falls. She follows it and goes into Rehan’s room. Rehan sees her pic and says I will find your truth. She gets shocked hearing him. He says you can’t get saved from me. She goes out. He sees her. Aman says we made a mistake, we missed something, you know the meaning of this egg, you know a new member is coming. Dadi asks Aman to get the car. Aman says we should go to doctor. Roshni says doctor just checked me. He says we will go again. Tabeezi says its for me, I m doing an experiment to save Rehan from jinn shikari, I m making another Baazigar.

Aman says I felt…. anyway you are right, another Baazigar will take care of Rehan. Rehan stops Shayari. He asks what are you doing in my room. She asks why are you seeing my pics. They argue. Shayari says Roshni is my friend, I can come anytime. He thinks I know why you had come here, jinn shikari. She thinks Roshni finds him decent. She goes. Aman sees her. He comes to Rehan. He says Shayari was going out of the room. Rehan says she came to spy. Aman says you are still wrong. The spy bug keeps an eye on Rehan.

Tabeezi asking Roshni why didn’t you tell Aman that you are pregnant, because you promised to give your first child to Kaala jinn, I read in Ilme jinn that just Ayana can save a jinn from jinn shikari mark, you have saved Aman with your powers. Roshni says you got to know it. Tabeezi says Aman will also know it, how could you think that you can hide this from him. Roshni cries and asks how shall I tell him that he is going to become a father, but Kaala jinn will have right on our first child, I couldn’t do a mum’s duty. Tabeezi says you know, if you break this promise, Kaala jinn will take Aman’s life. Roshni hugs her and says I know but how shall I tell this to Aman, I need some time and your help, I can’t tell anyone about the pregnancy, I need your guidance. Tabeezi says yes, just follow whatever I tell you. Roshni nods.

Hamlal spies on Rehan. Natasha fails to see the mark. She says I have caught 36 jinns by now, you are clever Rehan. Tabeezi sees the egg and says how did this come. Shayari talks to the school principal. He says we won’t keep the kids. She requests him. He says I will give you one week time. Rehan sees her and thinks to expose her. Tabeezi asks Roshni to lift the egg. Roshni keeps it near the plants. The buds bloom. They smile. The flower bursts. Roshni asks what’s happening. Tabeezi says I was afraid for this, Roshni, just one of your twins survived. Roshni cries. Rehan comes to Shayari and calls her. She enters his cabin and sees the decorations. She asks what’s all this. He recalls Tabeezi’s words.

Roshni hugs Tabeezi. She says I want to tell truth to Aman, but it will be a lifelong sorrow for him. Tabeezi asks her to be strong, a woman can lose courage, but not a mum. She says your life is in danger after this miscarriage, you have to visit a doctor, I will come with you. Roshni nods. Rehan says don’t act innocent, we both know what we want from each other. Shayari says I didn’t understand. He says there is no one here, accept the truth. He walks to her. She asks what are you doing. He thinks focus. He holds her hand and says the time to hide is over. She gets scared and recalls someone molesting her. She cries and shouts leave me alone. Rehan leaves her hand and asks are you fine. She runs out of his cabin.

Roshni talks to doctor. She says Tabeezi, I have taken an appointment, Aman shouldn’t know it, he may get adamant. Tabeezi says take care, go. She thinks how to handle it. Rehan thinks what did I do that she reacted like this, maybe her past has some wound that I have freshened. Natasha comes and walks into his cabin. The zangemarmar glows by the candle light. Rehan comes back to his cabin. Natasha hides. Rehan recalls Shayari. Tabeezi keeps pillows in Roshni’s room. Aman comes. She gets scared. She says Roshni can’t come out, her foot sprain is aching, let her rest, come. Aman says fine, come. Rehan goes to see Shayari. Shayari sits crying. She sees him and scolds him.

He checks her pendant. He recalls Zangemarmar’s pic. He says its nothing like that, I just wanted to see your necklace. He removes his coat to give her. She gets away. He makes her wear his coat and goes. Aman says Roshni didn’t eat food since morning, I will take food for her. Tabeezi says I m hungry. He asks her to have food. She says I want to have something else. She thinks to ask for icecream. He says its there. He asks her to have it. She says no, not this icecream, I want to have jamun icecream. Dadi says you are talking like a baby, I mean pregnant women get such craving. Phupi says Tabeezi is pregnant, congrats. Tabeezi says no. She asks Aman to get icecream from market.

Aman does the magic. He asks Tabeezi to have the jamun icecream. Tabeezi thinks how did I forget he is Jinnat king. He asks her to eat it. He takes the food for Roshni. Tabeezi asks him to stop. Khanna says its Shayari’s full and final settlement, you need to sign on it. Rehan asks why. Khanna says she left the job.