Wednesday Update on Sacred Relationship 20th July 2021


Wednesday Update on Sacred Relationship 20th July 2021

Mishti is cooking. Massi asks her if some guests are coming. Mishti says the reports are due in no time. I will keep thinking about it if I will sit ideally. I thought to cook everyone’s favourite food. Abir signals Massi to be quiet. He wears Mishti’s specs and reminds Mishti of Badi Ma’s advice. Whatever happens in life happens for good. I will accept whatever is mentioned on the report. Mishti smiles. Abir says am I laughing. Am I a cute puppy or your childhood pic? Why are you smiling at me? She hits him playfully. They both say stop it, Ajeeb Rajvansh at the same time and smile. Massi tells them to be happy like this. Everything will be fine.

Kunal asks Kuhu how she is sure everything will be fine. We forced Bhai and Mishti to agree to this idea. They dint ask you to be a surrogate mother for them. We promised them to be responsible. How could you take such a big risk with the baby? She holds her ears. Please don’t be upset with me. Mumma is also upset with me. He agrees. you took this decision by going against mummy. I made a commitment to Bhai. She speaks of her commitment (to Meenakshi) but then covers it by taking Mishti’s name. He nods. We cannot take such a big risk when it comes to this baby. She agrees not to do something like this ever again. She thinks I don’t know why I went outside. Ma and mumma are upset with me. What if I am not pregnant? Kunal clicks her candid pictures and shows her.

Varsha tells Jasmeet to throw everything that belongs to Kuhu. She would have come to pick it up if she wanted it. Rajshri and Vishambhar come there. What’s happening? Jasmeet tells them that Varsha wants to throw everything out. Vishambhar says Kuhu has been calling us since 3 days. She wants to talk to you. Rajshri says a mother is thrilled when she is about to have her first born. Her mother’s mother is actually the happiest. Akshara gave you this happiness.

Ananya has no baby but Kuhu snatched this happiness from me by hiding it from me. Wont someone call me Nani? Rajshri makes her sit down. We don’t think Kuhu is doing the right thing but it is what it is. We have to think that the baby will bring smile on everyone’s face. Kuhu is young. You will get a chance to raise your grandkids soon. Varsha says I doubt it. What if it is a girl and Meenakshi ji insists upon having a boy? What if Kuhu has to repeat the cycle? Vishambhar tells her to trust them. We wont let it happen again. She reasons that this happened once already.

Mami receives the report. Everyone waits with bated breath. Abir keeps the report in temple. This report is your decision for me. We will accept it as it is. No one will try to bother Mishti or Kuhu over it. We must accept it that fate is written by Gods, not humans. Massi assures him that everything will be fine. Abir reads the report. He tells Mishti that she is going to be a mother. Everyone is thrilled. Kuhu turns to Kunal but he runs to hug his brother. Kuhu is in thoughts. Meenakshi tries to hug her son but he hugs Mishti instead. Massi congratulates them. Mishti hugs her. Mami goes to her as well. Kuhu looks on sadly. Meenakshi syas I got everything today. She gives her mother’s bangles to Mishti as her blessing.

Kuhu feels bad. Mishti thanks Meenakshi. They belong to Kuhu. We are together and so happy because of her. We will have a baby because of her. Kuhu smiles. Meenakshi says I gave them to you. Mishti says they are mine now so can I give them to her. Meenakshi agrees. Mishti gives the bangles to Kuhu. Thank you. Abir calls Kuhu best bro. Mishti thanks Kunal. He tells her he does not want anything else as everyone is so happy. Smile, Bhabhi. Mishti smiles. They celebrate with sweets.

Mishit comes to her room. She is surprised to see it fully decorated with balloons and lights. She finds cute notes around the room. I have always cursed my life for small things till date but from now on I will only say thank you. I will say Love you Zindagi. She swirls around the curtains. Abir comes from behind and holds her. he mouths I love you and holds her close. She says it is the best day of my life. I really feel I deserve this happiness. She finds him emotional. He says I tried to crack jokes in front of everyone but I was damn scared. How could Kuhu jump out of the balcony? I don’t remember when I was so scared last time. She says you will be a very protective papa. He says I was always against surrogacy. Anyways, our baby is Kuhu’s responsibility now. I controlled myself this time but I wont be able to do this next time. She assures him it wont happen. I will show my Angry Chorni avatar otherwise. He takes promise from her. She chases him around the room as he puts something on her nose. He lifts her in his arms and swivels her around.

Kunal is fast asleep when Kuhu receives a call. It is the same producer. He has chosen her for their print ads. You can come down to our company tomorrow and sign a contract. He asks her if she is married. She nods. He tells her that there will be a pregnancy clause included in it then. You cannot be pregnant for a year. I don’t think you will have a problem with it. She gets tensed and touches her stomach. She looks at Kunal worriedly. I can be a model!

Next morning, Mishti wakes up with a smile on her face. Everything is same yet it all feels so new and perfect. Thank you, Kanha ji. We are going to have our baby because of Kuhu. I wont let anyone come between the 4 of us. You (baby) did what no one could do till date. Kuhu and I are friends now. She realises she isn’t pregnant. It has become possible because of Kunal and Kuhu. I will make breakfast for them.

Kuhu receives the modelling contract. She starts dreaming about it. What if something happens to this baby? Kunal and I wont get anything from Ma. We wont need anything though if I become famous. Should I sign it? Kunal wishes her good morning. He takes her phone to see what she was looking at.

Mishti is in the temple. Please handle things if anything is about to go wrong. Kunal and Kuhu are making a very big sacrifice for me and Abir. Just fulfil their dreams. I will take care of the rest. She hears Tathastu and looks around. Abir hides.

Kunal asks Kuhu what happened. She cries. I am very scared. He reads the contract. She tells him everything honestly. I dint go there looking for work. He says it is a good thing. She asks him if he isn’t upset with her. He denies. I am so proud of you. She hugs him excitedly. I can sign the contract then. he reminds her of her pregnancy. Everyone’s happiness is in your hands now. It is we who forced them for surrogacy. You cannot back off now. She says it means I will have to sacrifice my dream for them. He denies. We will keep a pause on it for a year. I will help you myself afterwards. Please say no for now. Don’t scare me again by crying. She nods.

Abir acting like Kanha and cheering Mishti. She sees him and smiles. He praises his looks and intelligence. She says he is just so so, he gets caught, I don’t think he is intelligent. She asks him to come, they have to make smoothie for Kuhu. He says okay, tell my baby that I will feed him Aamras and puri when he comes. She says okay, come. Meenakshi asks Kaushal to update the passbook, so that she can transfer 50 lakhs FD. Nidhi asks him to ask her whom is she going to transfer the money. She says use your mind, else she will give everything to her heir. Parul asks what’s this. Abir says special breakfast. Mishti says its for Kuhu. Parul says I will go and call them. Abir says you forgot me. Mishti asks can this happen. She shows the mango smoothie. He asks when did you make it, not bad. She says Abir… the way you shared your pain at night, thanks, you were my strength, I want to become your strength. Meenakshi looks on.

Abir says don’t worry, we will take care of Kuhu, she will not decide to run away from the house. Meenakshi asks him to take prasad. Abir says keep it, I will take it. Mishti takes it and thanks it. Kaushal gets the FD transfer form. Abir looks at them. Meenakshi says I asked for FD renewal form, let it be. Abir goes. Rajshri gets Mishti’s call. She asks how are you. Mishti says I m good, tell me, how is this. Rajshri says great, what’s this, team Kuku. Mishti says Kunal plus Kuhu, I need your small help, I made smoothie for Kuhu, its safe for pregnancy, will it be safe for Kuhu. Rajshri says yes. Mishti says I can never experience pregnancy in life, I want the nine months to get easy for Kuhu, I will call you four times a day.

Rajshri says oh, fine. Mishti says I m worried for Varsha. Rajshri says Varsha is worried for Kuhu, when she knows you are taking good care of Kuhu, her worry will end, take care of Kuhu and call me, I m seeing the motherly glow on your face. Mishti smiles. Rajshri sees Varsha and says I m thinking to send methi laddoos for Kuhu. Varsha says you think Kuhu is doing right. Rajshri says its happening, we have to accept the truth, Kuhu is going to deliver a child, I m not happy, but I will do what I can.

Kuhu says what shall I do of the contract. She stumbles. Mishti holds her. Kuhu asks for Meenakshi. Mishti says she was here, she was talking about bank work. Kuhu thinks I will postpone the modelling contract if mum gives us money. Abir asks all okay. Kuhu says yes. Kunal comes and says I need to talk something imp. He thinks how to tell about Kuhu’s modelling assignment. Abir says Kuhu was also lost, come, this house needs fun. Mishti asks didn’t you like the breakfast. Kuhu says yes, its good. Kaushal sings Piya piya…. Abir and Kunal dress up like girls. Everyone dances. Meenakshi looks on. Kuhu dresses like Kunal and acts to talk to Uma on call. Mishti acts like Abir in his get up. Parul shuts the door and says no one will go anywhere. They laugh. Abir asks did you wear my shirt. Mishti asks why did you wear my dress. Kunal says Kuhu, are you fine. Kuhu says yes. Abir says we all are fine. Kuhu sees Meenakshi and thinks why is she seeing me like this.

Mishti asks all okay. Kuhu says yes. Abir jokes and laughs. Kuhu says everyone is so happy, mum should be happy too. She goes to Meenakshi. She gets Jasmeet’s call and answers. She asks did Varsha agree. Jasmeet says she won’t agree soon, I m making halwa for you. Kuhu says I want mumma to agree, I m not stupid, you will realize I did good, you will praise me a lot. Jasmeet asks what did you do. Kuhu says nothing. Jasmeet says take care of yourself.

Kunal says our client invited us in his new hotel opening, we all should go. Kuhu says I will also come, I will wear my new blue dress. Parul asks will it be fine. Kuhu says yes. Abir says I don’t think you should go. Kunal says it will be better if you avoid the party. Parul says I will be with you. Abir says Mishti and I will also stay back. Meenakshi says Mishti is owner of red pears, she should go there with you. Kuhu recalls Jasmeet’s words. She goes. Abir says we will come back in an hour. They go. Meenakshi says Abir and Mishti’s right shouldn’t look less on the baby. She thinks I will fulfill the promise to Kuhu, but Abir has to understand. Abir and Mishti get ready. He flirts with her. He says we will self quarantine, we will stay safe and close.

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