Thursday Update on Sacred Relationship 22nd July 2021


Thursday Update on Sacred Relationship 22nd July 2021

Mishti saying we will go and come soon, then we will spend time with Kuhu. Abir says fine. Kuhu says everyone is enjoying a lot, I wish I could enjoy. She sees Meenakshi and says you said you will give much to Kunal… Meenakshi says stop, I was busy to handle the business, which you want me to give it to Kunal. Kuhu asks do you remember your promise. Meenakshi says yes, you don’t be foolish again, else I may forget my promise. Mishti says Kuhu, we will be back soon. Abir and Mishti ask Parul to take care of Kuhu.

Parul says Mishti looks pretty, she has a motherly glow on her face. Kuhu thinks of Jasmeet’s words. Kaushal asks Abir to forget his annoyance on his mum. Abir says I have no expectations from mum, don’t worry, I m fine. Mishti calls him out. They go. Kuhu says I hope mum keeps her promise. Parul comes. She shows her childhood pic and says Mishti got this, so that the baby is just like you. Kuhu smiles. They see Abir and Mishti on the tv. Parul blesses them. She says no one can give such a big sacrifice like you, Kuhu, bless you. She goes.

Kuhu says I m doing this to get Kunal’s share, but mum is stubborn, she will do what she wants, am I wasting my time. She gets a message… are you sure you don’t want to sign this contract, maybe you don’t get this chance again. Its morning, Kuhu does yoga. Kunal comes to talk to her. Abir and Mishti come and see Kuhu upset. Abir asks Kunal to dance for Kuhu. Mishti says no, I m enough to entertain Kuhu. She gives movie tickets. Kuhu says you booked the entire theatre. Mishti says yes, I have moved away the crowd for Kuhu. Kuhu asks Kunal to learn from her. Mishti asks are you happy now, wear your blue dress. Kuhu says I m happy. Kaushal calls them out. They see a new car. Kuhu says I m getting a new car. Kaushal says your Nanu has sent it for Mishti. Kuhu looks on. Kaushal says he said he will become youngest and coolest great grandpa. Kunal asks Mishti do you like the new car.

Mishti says you can have it, take us to the theatre first. Kunal says no, I have to go for board meeting. Kuhu says let it be, I don’t want to see the movie. Kunal says problem sorted. Abir and Kunal joke. Kunal goes to change. Mishti says I know everyone is happy for the baby, why am I getting all the gifts. Abir says you are saying about Kuhu. Mishti says Kuhu likes gifts, its just the start, still nine months are there. He says I will talk to Nanu, don’t worry. Nidhi catches Kaushal and says no one is seeing us. Kaushal says you can’t stay away, right. She asks him to find about 50 lakhs. He says I won’t find out.

Kunal catches them. Kaushal says we weren’t doing anything. Nidhi says yes, we were talking. Kunal teases them. He asks Kaushal to carry on. Kaushal runs away. Parul says Nanu has sent this gift for you. Kuhu asks for me? Parul says yes, the boy said it will massage your legs, I didn’t see such a chair before. Kuhu says its called massage chair. Parul says you are doing a big thing. Nidhi comes and says wow, you are getting more gifts than Mishti. Kuhu says Nanu has sent a car for Mishti and massage chair for me, you think about the gifts. Nidhi says Meenakshi is going to give you 50 lakhs FD. She goes. Kuhu says mum didn’t tell me, maybe its for Mishti.

Mishti comes to Kuhu and says I was thinking you should do modelling. Kuhu says you want to joke, models have size zero, my size will increase now. Mishti says I was thinking you should model for maternity clothes, take a pic with the car. Kuhu says its your car. Mishti says you keep it. Kuhu says I don’t want your favor. She argues. She goes to talk to Meenakshi. Mishti asks her to stop it. She says we have become good friends, don’t talk immature things, I offered the car when you liked it. Kuhu says everything is yours, even the baby is yours. She falls. Abir holds Kuhu.

Everyone comes. Kuhu gets a sprain. Doctor checks her and says she got a sprain, she will be fine, its better she avoids the stairs. Abir says we will rest for some days, Kunal will do all the work. Meenakshi says its not good to take the stairs, shift to any room on the ground floor. Parul says my room. Kuhu says no. Kunal says we will manage. Meenakshi says let Parul help you, its better to be cautious. Parul says yes, I shifted to that room when Kunal was getting born, then I liked the place and stayed there, this may happen with you also. Kuhu says never. Mishti says I will never fight with you, sorry.

Rajshri asks is Kuhu fine. Mishti says yes, she needs bed rest. Varsha hears Rajshri and worries. Rajshri says I m worried for Kuhu, you all are with her. Kuhu talks to Jasmeet and says I m in Parul’s room. Nidhi gets her stuff. Jasmeet asks who has put you there. Kuhu says its a long story. Varsha says she got a foot sprain. Kuhu says yes, doctor asked me not to go upstairs, Meenakshi wants Kunal and I to stay here until baby comes, baby will be safe, I have no problem, talk to me and talk. Varsha says she has to pass nine months, difficulties will come, Meenakshi just cares for her heir. Kuhu cries.

Kunal seeing Kuhu crying. He asks what happened. Rajshri asks Mishti not to argue with Kuhu, she knows Kuhu well. She asks her not to let it happen again. She says Kuhu is kiddish, its not easy to deliver someone else’s child, its not easy for her, take care of her. Mishti understands and says very sorry, I will be careful. Abir comes and asks did you fight with Kuhu. Mishti says she is pregnant, I m such a big fool to answer her. He says I agree, you will get punished for the mistake. Kunal says you are not immature, but a superstar, so you are making a big sacrifice, Nanu gifted Mishti, you can’t go on a drive in pregnancy, he cares for you, he has sent massage chair, you may have swollen feet. She says I guess. He says its my responsibility to get everything for you, I will be your Santa claus now. She jokes and laughs. He says talk to mumma, I know she is upset, she will talk to you, when she is with you, this time will be easy. She says she isn’t ready to talk to me. He says she will talk in some days.

Kunal comes to Abir and Mishti. She asks how is Kuhu. Kunal says I have calmed her down, she got much sensitive, I know she tells wrong things many times. Abir pacifies Mishti. Nidhi takes care of Kuhu. Kuhu asks did you see Meenakshi. Nidhi says no. Kuhu gets director’s message. She smiles seeing her beautiful pics. She gets his call. He says you got the sample pics, real photoshoot will be better, no one gets such a big break, you shouldn’t leave this chance. Kuhu thinks I m pregnant. She says I want to think more, thanks. He says answer me by evening. Parul says your new room is ready. Kuhu gets angry on hearing Nidhi. Kuhu goes to Meenakshi. Meenakshi gets FD papers. Kuhu thinks who is getting the FD. Abir asks why do you look so worried. Kuhu says I came to have some fresh air, I will just come.

Mishti says many people share their pregnancy experience online, I m sure Kuhu is the most fashionable pregnant women, she can go online, she will get famous, her lifelong dream, I tried to talk to her Kunal. He says I don’t want her to think that she is sacrificing her dreams because of pregnancy. She says we won’t let it happen. He says there is a special connection between you guys, thanks, your idea is good. Meenakshi gives the FD slip. Kuhu asks what about business share. Meenakshi says you should have thought of it when you ran from balcony.

Kuhu asks how long would I hear these taunts. Meenakshi says until I want. Kuhu says I don’t want charity, its less for me. Meenakshi says its much for me, your doings aren’t right. Kuhu says you told me that you will give Kunal’s property share on the day I get pregnant, if you don’t keep your promise, it won’t be good. Meenakshi says fine, think I will not give anything to you and Kunal, what will you do. Kuhu says I will tell everything to Kunal. Meenakshi asks what, you dealt with me for this baby, you want me to give Abir’s share to Kunal, you are a girl in front of me, you don’t look good threatening me, just three months, I will wait, I may give you something if you take good care of baby. She goes. Kuhu cries.

Mishti says we have to keep her pregnancy a secret for three months. Abir asks for whom are you see these clothes. She says we will wear the clothes on three months anniversary and gets pics clicked. Abir says she wants us to wear matching clothes. Kunal says sorry, I have imp meeting that day, you wear the good clothes, you are becoming dad. Meenakshi comes and says Kunal is right, its your baby, Abir, business needs Kunal. Abir says I need Kunal, baby is of all of us, when mum needed your help, she came to you, now it will happen what we want, your wife needs you, you won’t go to office for few days. Kunal asks what. Meenakshi goes. Abir says Kuhu needs you. Kunal nods. He says Kuhu isn’t at home, she went to talk to Varsha. Mishti says you did right, once she convinces Varsha, everything will be fine.

Kuhu says Meenakshi is doing wrong. Varsha says you have seen the result now. Kuhu says I will tell everything to Kunal, he will take my side. Meenakshi asks why, when he knows that you got pregnant for your greed, not to help family, will he support you, I will tell Kunal that you want Abir’s share, will he stand by you. Varsha says its all your mistake. Meenakshi says its your mistake. Kuhu cries and says why shall I sacrifice my career, I will have my identity if I become a model. Meenakshi says Abir will not be annoyed when he sees the baby. She gets a call. The lady says your bill is cleared from insurance company, we need your sign. Meenakshi says I will come to the hospital.

Kuhu comes to meet the doctor. She recalls everyone’s words. Doctor asks her to think again, if she really wants this. Kuhu thinks and says yes, I m 100% sure that I want to terminate this pregnancy. Meenakshi comes there.