Wednesday Update on Promised Love 7th April 2021

Wednesday Update on Promised Love 7th April 2021

Adil coming home. Azaan greets him. Adil tells his name. Razia introduces Adil to Azaan and Shayra. He tells Adil that she didn’t think that he will not come. Adil says he came to respect her, seems like he is meeting his Ammi. Razia asks for a hug and he hugs her. Razia asks Dilruba and Mashuqa to clear the pics from here. Adil asks if someone’s alliance is searching here. Noor says she doesn’t like them. Adil sees Noor looking at his alliance pic and biodata. She says you came here as I rejected you. Shayra says you are the one who had shut her mouth.

Adil says I can do what others can’t do. Noor asks Adil to compete with Azaan for a boxing match. Razia says Adil is our guest. Azaan and Adil are about to begin boxing. Shayra tells Adil that Azaan is a boxing champion. Adil calls her bhabhi and calls Azaan as bhaiyya and tells that he is not less. Noor tells that whoever loses shall be her Servant. Dilruba says their style is similar. Azaan and Adil start the boxing match. Noor cheers for Azaan and says nobody can defeat him. She asks Azaan to punch him again. Azaan punches him and he falls down and gets angry. Adil runs towards Razia, Shayra and Noor and pushes them. He bears the falling pot on his shoulder. Razia tells Azaan that Adil saved them.

Shayra asks Noor to take medicines for Adil. Noor refuses. Mashuqa says if I take the medicines tray for him then will take 3 hours to get ready. Noor takes the tray and turns seeing Adil shirtless. He says you face is not that bad, you can turn. She asks him not to talk and applies medicine on his back while her face turned. He says he is scared of her as she rejects 10/10 guy also.

Noor says I don’t lose in boxing match and asks him to lower his eyes. Shayra tells Azaan that Noor and Adil are looking cute together. Azaan comes inside and reminds Noor of her condition. He then thanks Adil for saving his Ammi and tells that I told you that I will make you lose. Adil says if I have won the heart then there is no regret of losing and calls Azaan as Azaan Bhai. Noor asks Adil to lower his eyes.

On the dining table, Khalid asks Azaan about Adil and asks why is he staring Noor? Azaan asks him to relax and says I hope you will not repeat your mistakes. Khalid says he is weird. Adil tells about his full name and tells about his company. Khalid says it is a reputed company. Adil says you have rejected my proposal. Noor says we have rejected alliance and business proposal too, then also you came. Azaan tells Noor that some fraudsters come from Dubai to marry. Adil asks why they are doubting him. Khalid says why a big foreigner business will come to Bhopal to do charity.

Razia asks Adil not to feel bad about Khalid and Azaan’s words. Adil shows his parents’ pic and tells that both are from Bhopal and he don’t need to act to marry. Razia asks if Zaid Khan is his Dada ji and tells Azaan that he was your Dada ji’s friend. Adil says I feel that whatever happens is for a purpose. Azaan looks at him. Adil asks where is washroom. Shayra asks Noor to take him. Noor asks him to come. He looks at the antique stuff and says he likes it.


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