Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 7th April 2021


Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 7th April 2021

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Pari was in her room, thinking about Mishti and Rohan gone and lying together. She thinks about flower bouquet being found from Mishti’s wardrobe, then Mishti’s claim that she could never love Rohan. In the room, Radhika stood in front of family photos. She thinks if flowers belonged to Pari, why Mishti gathered them and kept them in her car.

Mishti was in the cab, and thinks about Pari’s love for Rohan, then Veer’s apology. Mishti thinks its getting complex no matter how much she is trying to handle the situation. Rohan was driving the car, recalling the good times with Mishti. He thinks Mishti was afraid because of Sukhmani, but she could have handled the situation in some other way.

The next morning, Mishti comes to the balcony where Pari was having tea. She wish Pari good luck. Pari says Dadi told her Mishti had gone for two days. Mishti says she didn’t enjoy much there and returned. Pari asks who Nirja is, she never discussed about her. Mishti says they were social media friends, then Nirja attended her yoga classes as well; so earlier acquaintances turned friends. Pari says Mishti didn’t mention about her, and she didn’t even tell her about the bachelorette yesterday. Mishti says we are sometimes so busy with work, they don’t get time. Pari says she is impulsive and carefree, but Mishti never forgets or overlooks things.

Mishti appreciates that Pari has also got a lot mature. Mishti says she wasn’t even sure she would go, she didn’t want to leave Dadi alone but then it was Dadi who convinced her to go. Mishti gulps as she spots the bag of flower petals. She teases Pari that she couldn’t live without this. Pari says Dadi needed an ID, and the bag was first thing which fell off. Mishti says she knew these flowers would be the first thing Pari will look for, and planned to tease Pari with these. Pari silently thinks she had been overthinking, Mishti cares for all of her belongings. Mishti thinks she has to lie so much for that single lie, that she doesn’t love Rohan.

Radhika comes to inform Pari about her friend Gattu’s arrival. Radhika watches the flower bag. Mishti says the flowers were drying up, she thought about keeping them in cupboard. Radhika says this is nature, flowers have to dry up; only the feelings associated with them must remain fresh. After Radhika has left, Mishti calls Veer and plans a meeting at his office.

Pari and Gattu sat in the lounge. She asks him about his marriage, he says he got married six months ago. Pari says she plans to marry really soon. Gattu asks Pari about her boyfriend. Pari says he is a fashion photographer. She spots Rohan enter the house and thinks this is love, she just took his name and he is here. Rohan comes to greet Gattu. Both were shocked to see each other. Gattu introduces himself as Gautam Mehra. Pari wonders what’s so shocking. Mishti also comes to the hall, and was shocked to see Gautam.

Pari asks what’s so strange about this meeting, if they met earlier as well. Gautam says sometimes it feels we know some people. Pari says Gautam is lucky, else Mishti had to arrive tomorrow. Mishti thinks Gautam is the same inspector they had met last night. Rohan nods at Mishti and takes a leave from Gautam. Gautam says he would like to meet Rohan again. Mishti comes to greet Gautam and offers to be comfortable, she had to leave for an important meeting.

Rohan gets a call from Mishti. She was furious that Rohan had claimed in front of Gautam that Mishti was his wife. She forbids him to say another word. What if Gautam had told the truth to Pari? Even Sukhmani spotted him there. Now she must take all the steps and think about everything. Gautam also takes a leave from Pari as he has to reach work by 10am. He promises to meet her. Gautam turns around and asks Pari if Mishti is married. Pari teases he has no chance as he is married. She tells Gautam that Mishti is not married, she was engaged but called it off. He shouldn’t discuss about it with her. Gautam leaves thoughtfully.

Mishti panics that what if Sukhmani tells Pari about him being in the hotel. She regrets that everything was going wrong. After the call, Rohan blames himself for forcing Mishti, she wasn’t happy and they shouldn’t have lied. Gautam stops Mishti in society’s parking. She walks to him. Gautam says he knows Mishti since childhood, and she couldn’t ever bear Pari’s pain.

Mishti had always been their role model, who would get them reconcile after a fight. Pari is a very good friend of his, then why Mishti betrayed Pari. Mishti says Gautam is unaware of the truth, but she might not be able to explain it to him. He must trust her for one more time, like in childhood. Gautam says Mishti is now a changed person, that guy is Pari’s boyfriend. Mishti must stop herself in good time, as Pari blindly trusts her. She shouldn’t snatch Pari’s life from her.

Pari comes to Rohan’s room and asks about his shoot. Rohan was left speechless. Pari thinks when he was away he sent her flowers, why he doesn’t express his heart now. She asks if he has to say something. Pari says she asked by the way. She offers Rohan a treat tonight. Rohan shows excitement and suggests they would go to her favorite restaurant. Rohan thinks Gautam must surely not have told Pari about him and Mishti. He wonders why she expected him to say something. Pari takes his attention back. Rohan asks Pari how long she knows Gautam. Pari says he is her childhood friend, but why did Rohan ask. Rohan asks if he said something. Pari was happy that Rohan is jealous but won’t show. She tells Rohan that Gautam is her childhood friend and was married six months ago. Rohan was relieved and thinks about informing Mishti, Mishti had been terrified. Pari thinks Rohan is visibly jealous. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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