Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 6th April 2021


Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 6th April 2021

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Manav defending Ahaan. He asks inspector to search the house and do his duty. Sheetal says is this allegation is proved baseless, I will take action against you. Anita says Ahaan can earn a lot this way, its not bad. Inspector checks Ahaan’s guitar bad. He doesn’t get any drugs. Aparna asks Pankti not to worry, nothing will happen to Ahaan. Inspector says there is nothing inside. JD gets shocked and thinks where did the drugs go. Aparna recalls finding drugs in Ahaan’s guitar bag. She says JD has fallen too low, I will teach him a lesson now. Manav asks inspector did you not get drugs. He starts scolding inspector.

Inspector says maybe Ahaan has hidden drugs somewhere else, we have to search the house, we will start with Ahaan’s room. Aparna goes. Manav asks inspector to come. JD talks to Vikram and asks him to send off his friends. Vikram says my friends have taken the drugs. JD asks him to sort the mess. Aparna comes to Vikram. She sees Vikram having the drugs. Vikram gets shocked seeing her. Police checks Ahaan’s room. Aparna says police can come here anytime, you take your friends and go, I will manage. Vikram and his friends leave.

JD sees Vikram leaving and smiles. Sheetal asks Ahaan not to worry, when he didn’t do anything wrong, his family is with him. Anita says love makes person do everything, what will love make Ahaan do. Aparna hides the drugs and cleans the table. JD asks police to check well. Manav says yes, you can get satisfied. Police goes to check other rooms. Aparna locks the room and flushes off the drugs in washroom. Inspector asks who’s inside, open the door. Aparna cleans the sink. She hides the drugs packets. Police checks the washroom well. Aparna worries. Police doesn’t get anything and leaves.

JD angrily stares at Vikram. Inspector apologizes. Sheetal says no, just show the drugs, don’t say sorry, Ahaan smuggles drugs, show me the drugs, else I promise you, you will see your resignation order soon. Manav asks her to let it be. She gets hyper. JD asks her to relax. Sheetal shouts on police. Aparna asks her to calm down, shall I get inhaler. Sheetal says no. JD thinks who made drugs reach Vikram’s room.

Aparna sees Pankti standing away and praying for Ahaan. She hugs Ahaan and says now I have faith that Mata Rani is with us. JD sees Ahaan. Aparna sees JD. Ahaan hears Pankti hearing for him and smiles. Pal do pal….plays….. Pankti finds Richa worried. She asks why do I feel you want to tell me something. Richa recalls Aparna’s words and asks her to talk to Anita, she is making Ahaan earn ten crores, he is bearing a lot, just end Anita’s madness. Pankti says trust me, I will do anything to end Ahaan’s problems, I swear on Mata. Richa smiles. Pankti leaves. Ahaan looks on.

JD gets a video message about Vikram. He gets shocked. Aparna asks him to come out and talk, Sheetal can come here anytime. They go out. Aparna confronts him for buying Pankti and asking Ahaan for ten crores to free Pankti, for trapping Ahaan in drugs case, for making Ahaan bad. She scolds him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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