Wednesday Update on Promised Love 24th February 2021


Wednesday Update on Promised Love 24th February 2021

Dilruba coming to Asgar and Surayya and tells them what he heard. Khalid says he don’t need to say anything to Noor now, as truth will be out. He asks what they will do. Azaan says once the truth comes out, then Noor will take back the condition. Shayra kisses on his cheeks, stops and is about to go. Azaan says I am your husband and says this thing upsets me, fight for your rights. Shayra says I couldn’t fight for my love. He asks how can you give your love to Noor. Shayra says I am an orphan, I never got mother’s love and tells that she got mother’s love from Yasmeen.

She recalls her promise and says love is a big thing, but not big than Yasmeen. She says I promised Ammi to take care of Noor and says I have learnt from you that one can break heart, but not promise given to a mother. Azaan thinks neither heart will break nor the promise, once the truth comes out. She will take back her condition. He says she will realize her mistake and then everything will be fine. Shayra hugs him and cries. Khalid says Noor’s marriage will break. Shayra says you will go to jail and will say Noor Noor there. Asgar asks Khalid to go to Newyork to his khala’s place and says we will handle here.

Khalid says I will not go far from Noor. Surayya says Noor will beat you with chappals when she comes to know. She asks where is your passport and says she will search. She asks Asgar to book his ticket and says she will pack his stuff. Azaan tells Razia that they are coming. Surayya is taking Khalid from back door when Noor collides with him. Noor asks where is he going with the stuff? Asgar comes and asks if he didn’t go, says he is taking the things for charity as we have done mannat. Khalid recalls Surayya’s words and hugs Noor. Noor says I will be here only after marriage.

Asgar takes Khalid and sees Azaan taking Noor. He asks her to see the footage. Noor says Shayra is the murderer. Azaan asks her to see. He calls the experts and asks them to play the footage in the CCTV room. Surayya comes to Noor and says this is the drama to stop your marriage and says this video must be fake. Noor asks them not to do all this and says I have seen Ammi’s death once and can’t see it again. Azaan says just give me a chance to prove my point for our friendship sake. Noor stops.

They watch the CCTV footage and sees yasmeen applying haldi. Azaan looks at Noor. Razia and Shayra look at them. Surayya and Asgar see Khalid, but Azaan and others don’t see. Azaan asks experts to show kitchen footage. They play kitchen footage. Azaan says real criminal will be infront of you. They see fire breaking out by itself. Azaan says how can this happen. Shayra is shocked and cries. Azaan asks them to rewind. The experts who had seen the culprit’s face don’t tell anything to Azaan. Noor says there is nothing in it. Asgar looks at Surayya and recalls bribing the experts and they delete the Khalid part from the footage.


Azaan asks the experts what is this and says you said that there is a good news. Expert says we said that we retrieved this. Noor asks them to leave. The corrupt experts leave. Noor asks Azaan if he is done and says you have restart my pain to prove your murderer wife innocent. She says what did you think that you will not marry me by doing this. Shayra asks him to accept the truth. Azaan says this is not truth, but someone’s conspiracy. Noor asks him to do whatever he can, but he can’t change the truth and her decision. She tells Shayra that there shall be nothing wrong during her marriage with Azaan. Shayra cries.

Noor comes to the room and sees Khalid. She asks what are you doing here? Khalid recalls seeing the CCTV footage from outside and his parents signing each other happily that they have managed. He says I want to talk to you. Noor asks what? Khalid asks her to cancel her marriage. Surayya says you came again to trouble Noor. Khalid says you can’t stop me from telling the truth. Noor asks what truth? CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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