Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 24th February 2021

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Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 24th February 2021

Veer says to Misty that he want that Ruhaan and Pari take all responsibility of their marriage, after all they both planned Misty’s birthday so well.. He further add that he don’t want Misty to take tension of their marriage, since 2 months are left and he want her to be free.. I hope you don’t mind?? Misty says yes, shocking? Ruhaan, Pari smiles?… Misty and Veer goes from there..

Radhika come with buttermilk and ask about them?? Pari relexs her saying everything is fine.. Radhika offer Buttermilk? to Ruhaan and say thank for resolving their fight, but Ruhaan is seem lost.. Radhika ask him again and he say No and look sad and frustrated. Pari says Veer and Misty are love Birds??,who can fight but can’t live without each other..they are each other world? and she is happy.. Ruhaan goes, when pari ask where he was going?? Ruhaan reply to meet friends and goes from there..

Misty is standing in balcony and think?now everything is fine and agreed for everything, but why I feel not happy and right.. Veer come there and hug her from back..she jerk him off.. Veer enquire about her changed behaviour and ask is she still angry???? Misty say no. He ask then why she doesn’t look fine?? Are you fine with Ruhaan and pari working together?? Misty fakes her smile? and say yes, they both have good tuning and understanding.. Veer look at her and she ask what is he looking?? Veer again say she look changed?? Misty say everything is fine and turn her face..


Pari, Misty, Radhika are having lunch when Ansh arrive and ask about food cooked??? Everyone act angry and strange.. He ask for plate from Pari, Radhika and Misty but they don’t act.. He is about to go when Misty serve him lighter and ciggratte!! He look at her suprise?… Misty says we have warned you once and you are in such age where every boy want to try everything out of curosity, but everything has set age to do all things, we can tell you what is wrong and what is right, but you have to take decisions and you will be owner of your decision solely…

Just than Ruhaan comes and ask Radhika, if its ok he is late in return as he has some work?? Radhika say no issue.. He is about to go, when Ansh ask him to make family understand that he said sorry even!! I will not repeat it again.. Ruhaan smile? and say they know best for you and goes!!
Misty bring beer? and say to Ansh to have 4 ciggratte and bear? thinking as chapaties and buttermilk, your complete meal.. Ansh say sorry again and hold pari and misty leg and ask for forgivness.. Misty hold his ears..

Ansh say I know these things are not right and I shall throw them in dustbin, Pari, Misty and Radhika smile? and ansh take them towards dustbin, he silently keep 2 ciggratte and lighter in his pocket and throw beer? and 2 ciggratte in dustbin.. Veer and Ruhaan are drinking beer?.. Veer talk to Ruhaan that how Misty changed his life completely and its beautiful.. And ask about his dream girl?? Ruhaan divert saying that story has no future..

Veer say I think you are in love that girl and some day I shall find her definately.. I know you since childhood and we are best friends, I always share my heart but you not, he further add that either you know it that you are in love or its complicated that you haven’t realised till now.. Ruhaan say Yes I love her.. And remember? his and Misty moments… Veer say I knew it!! And ask about girl details?? Ruhaan say I can’t share with you and can’t call it love even.. Veer say you told this and I shall find rest.. And both drink beer? and see moon?..

Next morning, misty is cleaning house?, and she scold ansh for not to play football or play outside and pari for talking? to clinet while roaming here and there.. Just than doorbell ring and pari see from key hole that its Veer and his family.. All 3 siblings rush and set house?.. Radhika is about to open door when pari inform her that its veer and his family.. Ruhaan come and ask why no-one is opening door??? Pari ask him to open and all rush inside to get ready..


Ruhaan open door and hug veer and greet His Mom and Dad.. Veer ask why no-one was opening door?, is no-one at home?? Ruhaan say everyone is inside.. And take them inside.. Ruhaan serve them water?.. When Veer tease him saying just veil is missing and he will become newly wedded bride.. His mom ask not to tease friends like this!! Veer say he is friend thats why I am teasing him.. And ask him to keep it up, it will help in future.. Ruhaan say shut-up..

Veer ask about misty?? And goes inside, just then misty arrive with veil.. Ruhaan is suprised? to see her like this.. Veer hold her and Misty feel uncomfortable, which is noticed by Ruhaan.. Ruhaan think? he never seen Misty this way.. Misty greet Veer’s parents.. Radhika appologise for keep them waiting..But veer’s mom say its fine.. Actually their is good news that Misty and Veer wedding cards are being printed.. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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