Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 10th February 2021


Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 10th February 2021

Ahaan talking to Pantki. She asks him to leave. He says its surprising, we met twice in two days, I m just trying to help, you fell from car, maybe you were with your husband. She recalls. Jayant talks to doctor and gets angry knowing about Pankti. Pankti says I like to get jerks, just leave. Doctor comes and asks Ahaan is he her husband. Ahaan says no. Doctor asks is he her BF. Ahaan says no, her mum is coming. He asks Pankti not to think suicidal, its wrong, don’t have much icecream next time. Her mum comes and asks how do you know she had icecreams. She identifies Ahaan and thinks how does Pankti know him.

She scolds him and asks him to leave. Ahaan goes. He thinks its strange family, her mum made me out, they are not a normal family. Pankti’s mum gets her home and scolds her. Purva tries to say. Her mum asks Pankti to swear on Purva and say she won’t do this again. Pankti swears. Her mum asks her not to talk to any guy again. She scares her of JD and sends her to room. Her mum thinks its good Pankti didn’t know Ahaan much, if Ahaan stays around her, it will be big trouble.

Ahaan sings a song and plays guitar. JD looks on and asks him to include him in his song, then song will get complete. Ahaan says Bade Papa…. JD asks him to sit and relax, who is that girl. Ahaan says no one. JD tells him how a special meet inspires an artist. He asks who is that lucky girl. Ahaan says no one lucky, she was a strange girl, she had much in her heart. JD says there is no man who can say no to him. Ahaan says no, she was a special girl. JD asks and what…. Ahaan says I don’t know her. JD asks where did he see her.

Ahaan says don’t know, her mum was acting strange like she is her mum in law. JD says it means that girl is married, we are respected people and can’t cross limits. Ahaan says but I can like her. JD says why to see her if you can’t make her yours, if you do a crime, you have to bear punishment. Ahaan asks him to save him. JD says anytime and goes.

Purva feeds the food to Pankti. Pankti says I feel better now. Purva teases her about JD. Pankti laughs and says Purva is very caring, she should get married. Purva says once your poetry gets published, I will go away from here. Their mum comes and scolds them. She asks Pankti to wear the dress and come, Jayant wants to punish her and take her to Malhotra house. Pankti refuses. Her mum says you have to go there. Pankti says please, I can’t do this. Her mum asks her to start drinking, then she can do anything, get ready for the party. Pankti cries.

Ahaan is with his friends in the party. Ahaan says I will not perform today, I will just enjoy, I m just a kid within. Pankti’s mum bring her to Malhotra house. JD meets her and introduces Pankti. The man asks JD is he going to launch her. JD says sure, she will present something in front of you all. Pankti cries and sees her mum.

The man says you are public figure, but you are exposing her, if anyone tells your wife then… JD says I have much to tell others’ wives, but I don’t want to tell anything such. JD asks Pankti how did she like this party, she was getting hurt to come close in private, now she will get exposed in front of everyone. She asks her to see how many people are seeing her badly. He asks her to sing and perform. Pankti cries and sings Tu meri ho…..

Her mum signs her to smile. Ahaan sings the same song and sits with the kids. He hears Pankti singing. JD gets a call. JD calls Pankti’s mum Anita and says Sheetal has urgent work, I have to go, if Pankti does any mistake then… She says she won’t do mistake. JD goes. Ahaan comes there while hearing her. A man holds Pankti’s hand. She runs outside and collides with Ahaan. He looks at her. The guards come. Ahaan gets her behind and signs the man to stop. He protects Pankti and beats the guards. Ahaan gets beaten up. Pankti gets shocked. Ahaan falls down. The guards take her back to the party. Ahaan forwards hand.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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