Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 10th February 2021


Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 10th February 2021

Veer notices the scratches on Rohan’s chest, then questions why he didn’t tell him it reached to such an extent. Rohan notices the scratches. Veer laughs and wonders which wild cat he came across. Mishti regrets. Veer asks Rohan to be cautious at least and shut his buttons. He asks Mishti if he was with her only, did she meet the girl. He asks Rohan if it’s the girl in his camera. Rohan was nervous and tries to flee. Veer forces him sit back and asks for his help to select the card. Veer whispers to Mishti that he will find out anyway which girl she is. Rohan selects a card and leaves. Veer says he knows Rohan in and out, he hasn’t seen him like this before. His heart ache seems deeper than the bruise of nails.

Mishti was irritated. Veer asks whom he would discuss his friend’s problem if not his fiancé. Mishti politely says they must not intervene in Rohan’s love life. Veer says he is his childhood friend, he asks Mishti to find out as well who the girl is. Rohan isn’t Rohan today, he was never so tensed, it seems he got someone of his competition. Mishti now asks Veer to complete the job they came here for. Veer kiss the back of her hand, as her wish is his command.

Mishti comes to washroom thinking about Veer’s conversation, she punches the wall and turns the shower on; bathing herself. She wonders how Veer can be sure Rohan is in love, it was her nail scratch. She can’t even think about Rohan. She couldn’t get Rohan’s thoughts off her mind, his memories flash in front of her eyes. Rohan returns home and hurries into his room. He looks at himself in the mirror and feels the scratches over his chest.

Pari brings popcorns to Mishti and boasts about her clear meeting with the client. Mishti says Pari can’t threaten the client, and deal with the client this way. Their relation with client is extremely complex, and they shouldn’t tell the client about two buffer days. Pari was tensed. Mishti says they must wait for the clients. There was a phone bell, Pari goes to answer. Mishti gets a call from the client, he was appreciative of Pari’s courage. He accepts all the conditions of Pari and says he likes truthful and honest people to work with. His brother always said those who are able to speak the truth without fear, it’s beneficial to work with them.

Mishti promises to compete the project in fourteen days. On the door, a delivery boy gives a flower bouquet and a beer bottle to Pari as Mr. Rawat accepted her deal. Pari cheers up, thanks the delivery boy and walks inside straight towards Rohan’s room. Mishti was happily coming out of the room to congratulate Pari and watch Pari go to Rohan.

In the room, Pari thanks Rohan, and hugs him cheerfully. He asks her to explain. Pari says first they must enjoy the beer. Rohan opens the bottle and takes the sip. Pari tells him she got the deal, she became herself just like he had said. Rohan says I am so proud of you Pari and hugs her. Pari was shocked to see Mishti on the door and remembers her promise to Mishti. Mishti was upset. In the hall, Pari informs Mishti about getting the deal and that Mr. Rawat sent the bouquet and the bottle as well. Mishti says the bottle is already open, how can she celebrate. They two can carry on the celebrations and enjoy.

It was night. Arnav smiles watching Pari’s photo on his cell phone. Sukhmani comes to his room excited for a film and peeks into his cell phone. She asks Arnav why he doesn’t take a step. Even she is confused if there really is something or not. She advices him to move fast forward as per the demands of time. She says the problem isn’t about Pari. She is reluctant of commitment, but he must assure how happy she can be with the commitment to him. He must work hard to get her, tell her I love you, I miss you and show the fire inside him. She must know what storm he is coming across everyday inside him.

Arnav says it’s complicated. Sukhmani says their generation claims everything complicated only after two or three attempts. Arnav warns Sukhmani to keep her advices to herself only, he will tell her when there is a positive response. Mishti was busy on call with Veer to hurry with his wedding arrangements. Pari thinks when words don’t work, food does. Pari comes to her with a champagne bottle with a Sorry note. Mishti ends the call, then tears the note. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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