Update on This is Love October 10

Update on This is Love October 10

The Episode starts with judge asking Ruhi to give her statement. Suhail smiles. Ruhi says Papa and Ishi Maa did not know blackmailer calling me and asking big amount, he called me to isolated place, Suhail and I went there to give him money, that man started threatening me and pushed me, Suhail and he started fighting, the blackmailer got his gun, I got scared and tried to take the gun, I shot him, I did that murder, Suhail did not do anything.

Lawyer asks why did you not say this before, did you make fake story after Pihu has seen Suhail shooting that man. Ruhi says maybe Pihu has seen Suhail taking gun from me and assumed wrong, even the counsellor said Pihu is imagining things. Raman and Ishita shout Suhail has brainwashed her, she is lying. Suhail says why will I do this, I don’t
want Ruhi to go jail. Raman angrily beats him. Romi and police stop Raman. Judge asks inspector to take Raman out of court room. Raman shouts Suhail I will not leave you.

Abhishek asks inspector to leave Raman. Raman asks Abhishek why did you let Ruhi meet Suhail, I told you not to make them meet, now Ruhi is accepting the crime. Abhishek says I stopped Ishita, but she said Ruhi knows the truth and she is in bad state. Raman says Suhail played bad game. Abhishek asks him to come along. Simmi talks to Mihika and says I don’t know when did Ruhi go to court. She sees Ananya running to room. Gaurav comes and asks Simmi to teach some manners to Ananya. Simmi says Ananya is well mannered girl, she does not react like this. He says she behaved badly with me, she thinks her Papa is a nice man, its high time, you should tell her about Parmeet. Simmi asks why did you tell her about Parmeet, just because you saw him with a girl. He says he is characterless, he did not leave even Ishita. She asks who told you, I did not say this. He says people talk and I got to know, think if Ananya knows this, her heart will break, its better you tell her, its none of my business, it was my duty as a friend to tell you. He leaves.

Judge declares Suhail is innocent, as he did not do the murder, Ruhi did the murder, she is 17 years old, she will be sent to remand home now, she will be sent to central jail when she turns 18, court announces 10 years of imprisonment to Ruhi Bhalla. Ishita and Mihika get shocked and cry. Ishita shouts Ruhi is not the culprit, Suhail is the culprit. Suhail smiles and acts, that Ruhi did not do anything, don’t do this. Ishita cries and runs to Ruhi. Ruhi is taken by police. Ishita asks Ruhi to say truth, why is she ruining her life like this.

Raman and Romi get shocked seeing Ruhi in custody and run to her. They cry. Raman asks where are you taking her. Inspector says we are taking her to remand home, she got 10 years of imprisonment. Raman asks are you mad, no one is taking Ruhi. He asks Abhishek to tell them. He holds Ruhi. Abhishek stops Raman. Raman says Suhail should get punished. Ruhi sits in the police van and is taken away. Raman runs after the van and falls down. Everyone cry. Romi and Ishita hold Raman.

Raman rages seeing Ishita, and asks her to move her hand away. They all look on. He says I told you that Ruhi should not know about Suhail, what did you do, you made my daughter meet Suhail, she will get rotten in jail and I can’t do anything here, only because of you. She says listen to me. He asks did you listen to me. Ishita says I took Ruhi to meet Suhail because…. He says don’t touch me, I won’t leave you. Mr. Bhalla slaps Raman and says why are you blaming Ishita for this. Raman says her mistake is she has sent my 17 year daughter to jail, she likes to take her decisions, she does not think what others bear by her mistakes, I have forgiven her many mistakes, this time she has ruined Ruhi’s life, we lost Ruhi, we did a lot to get her, think because of her foolishness, I lost Ruhi. Romi stops Raman. Raman says what wrong am I saying. He begs Ishita to spare them, she did a lot, profit and loss, what else can you do.

Ishita says Raman please…. Raman leaves. Romi and Mr. Bhalla go after him. Mihika consoles Ishita. Suhail thanks his lawyer. Raman beats up Suhail. Lawyer shouts for help. Raman says I will kill you. Police comes and stops Raman. Raman says Ruhi is in jail because of you. Suhail says leave him, he is not much bad, I have no risk from him. Inspector leaves Raman. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to come home. Suhail says you maybe angry, I got angry as my Papa committed suicide because of you, you ruined my sister’s life, you rejected her, today happiness rejected you, your 17 year old daughter went jail, you could not do anything, its just beginning, see what I do, your daughter will get rotten in jail, do what you can, you can’t get Ruhi out.

Romi holds Raman back. Ishita comes and slaps Suhail, asking who are you to threaten, you are saying about relations by ruining Ruhi’s life, Raman did not know about Niddhi and apologized to your family, that did not happen intentionally, what did you do, you did serious crimes, MMS, blackmailing, murder, wrong will happen with you, we will get Ruhi out by right way, this is my promise. Suhail says I don’t want to hear your nonsense, I did what I had to, now you will know hat me and my sister went through, even Lord can’t save Ruhi now.

Raman asks for car keys. Romi says I will drive. Raman takes keys and leaves in the car angrily. Ishita asks Romi to get other car fast. Mrs. Bhalla stops her and asks her to be away from Raman, else he can’t calm down, go to your mum’s house for some days. Mr. Bhalla asks why. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi took this step because of Ishita, see Raman’s state now, why did Ishita take Ruhi to Suhail, Ruhi has accepted blame, this time Raman is not wrong, its Ishita’s mistake this time. Ishita says Ruhi was crying madly for Suhail, she was ready to give her life, I explained her a lot, she wanted to meet Suhail once and promised me that she will end all ties, I did not take her intentionally. Mrs. Bhalla says I know you love Ruhi a lot, your mistake is you did not ask any of us, you did not ask Raman once, you do what you decide, what you feel right, you did this always, this is your mistake. Ishita says there was no time, how would I wake anyone at night.

Mrs. Bhalla says Raman told you Suhail is clever and asked you to keep Ruhi away. Romi says leave it, Ishita did right what she felt that time. Mihika says no, Mrs. Bhalla is not wrong, Ishita should have not made Ruhi meet Suhail, I can understand why Raman is behaving this way, its better you maintain distance from Raman till his anger calms down, we have to think how to get Ruhi out of remand home. Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi to go and check Raman. Mr. Bhalla asks them to come home. Ishita cries.

Raman goes to remand home to meet Ruhi. Constable asks him to come tomorrow. A lady comes and asks was it your daughter who was just taken inside, take her month, nothing changes here, my daughter is also here, don’t know what will be her future. She cries and leaves. Raman cries in worry.

Mrs. Bhalla, Mr. Bhalla, Ishita and Mihika coming home. Simmi asks them about Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to ask her. Ishita also goes. Simmi asks Mihika where is Raman. Mihika says Ruhi is sent to jail. She tells everything. Simmi gets shocked and cries. Adi hears this and gets shocked. He asks Mr. Bhalla is this true, where is Papa, tell me. He shouts. Mr. Bhalla hugs him. Adi cries. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Mr. Bhalla asks Adi to go to Ishita.

Ishita calls Raman and is worried as he is not answering. Adi comes to her. He asks how did this happen, Ruhi is in remand home, how, where is Papa, do anything, get Ruhi out, she can’t stay there, you know how is that place, I stayed there in childhood, do anything, get her. She hugs him and consoles. She says Suhail
has brainwashed Ruhi, we are trying, she is not listening, we will free her, she is innocent, calm down. Adi asks her to get Ruhi. She says we will do everything.

She gives him water. She says don’t know where did Raman go. He says I will find him. She says no, Romi went to find him, you go to Pihu, just see her, I will call Raman, he will come. Adi goes. Raman comes. She asks why were you not answering, I was worried. He asks her not to worry for him. She asks him not to take any rash step. He shouts enough. Everyone hear him shouting. Raman scolds Ishita and shouts that Ruhi is not your daughter, she is my daughter, you lost the rights. She asks how dare you say that, you can’t snatch this right from me. Mr. Bhalla stops Mrs. Bhalla from going to them. Ishita says we have to think rationally, Suhail and Niddhi want us to get separated from Ruhi. He asks did you remember this now. She says we don’t know what happened that night. He gets angry.

Pihu comes and asks where is Ruhi, why are Papa and Ishi Maa fighting. Mihika says no, they are not fighting, we will go downstairs and have your fav pastry. Pihu refuses to go. Shagun comes home. Pihu hugs her. Shagun asks Pihu to go on shopping with Mihika. Pihu refuses and says Papa and Ishi Maa are fighting. Shagun asks her to get gifts for them and their mood will get fine, they will not fight. Pihu agrees and leaves with Mihika. Simmi thanks Shagun.

Shagun asks shall I go and talk to Ishita and Raman, I need to talk. Raman says I will kill you. Shagun comes and asks Raman to stop it. He asks why did you come here. She says my two daughters are here, their lives got spoiled. He blames Ishita. She asks him to stop blaming Ishita for everything. He says I don’t want to see her face. She says you have lost it and takes Ishita with her.

Ruhi is in remand home and cries. Raman and Ishita come to her and cry seeing her. Ruhi hugs Raman and cries. She says I knew you will come. She hugs Ishita. Ishita opens the tiffin and says see what we got for you. Ruhi smiles seeing her fav food. Raman says you like it. Ruhi says yes. They smile. Ruhi takes food in hand and is about to feed Ruhi. The lady constable pats Ruhi’s face, and her imagination breaks. The lady asks Ruhi to come with her and not ask anything.

Ruhi sees Abhishek. He asks how are you, I got homemade food for you by much difficulty, guess what’s in this tiffin, its your fav food. She smiles. He asks why don’t you say truth, your life will be ruined, you are talented, don’t do this, when you turn 18, you will be shifted to central jail. She says take the food back, I don’t want this, you have come to brainwash me, go. He calls her out and says you are making mistake, listen to me. She goes crying.

He gives tiffin to Ishita and says Ruhi did not eat food. She asks did she say anything. He says no, Suhail has brainwashed her. Ruhi goes to cell and says sorry, I had to show I hate you Papa and Ishimaa, but its not like that. Ishita says I have to meet her, its imp for her to say truth, let me meet her once, once. Abhishek says you need court permission, they are strict, I had to use contacts to take food, you request remand home officials, else there is no option than going court. She says I have to meet Ruhi. Raman requests the officer to allow him to meet Ruhi. He says I know she accepted crime, but she is a young girl. Ishita comes and asks for permission to meet Ruhi. The lady says but Mr. Bhalla said…. Raman says yes, I said Ishita is not Ruhi’s mother, this happened because of her. Ishita asks what, I m her mum, I have to meet her. They argue. The lady asks them to come when they have permission papers. Raman says fine, I will talk to my lawyer. He scolds Ishita and goes.

Shagun says I made Pihu sleep, did Raman message or call, did he meet Ruhi. Simmi says no. Mrs. Bhalla says he is not answering, he is worried. Romi says I spoke to him, he is with lawyer. Shagun asks where is Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t take her name, I always supported her, this time she did too much, when Raman told her not to talk to Ruhi, why did she take Ruhi to Suhail, Ruhi was trapped because of her, she is in remand home now. Romi says Ishita loves Ruhi a lot. Shagun also defends Ishita and asks Mrs. Bhalla why is she behaving like Raman, you always blame her, what’s her mistake if children did wrong. Mrs. Bhalla asks since when are you taking her side, I don’t want to talk, just do your work, you looked after Pihu, now leave. She goes. Shagun asks Romi to inform her about Raman and goes. Ishita comes home crying and recalls Ruhi. Tere dil ka…..plays….. She thinks I failed to do my duty.