Update on True Love October 10

Update on True Love October 10

Tappu coming in the kitchen and telling Mai that she wants to hv some kaddu ke koftas now on which Mai tells Tappu that she will prepare it for her but Tappu insists Ichha to prepare the koftas since she does it well ;Hearing this Ichha gives a nervous look and seeing this Mai sarcastically tells Tappu that she will only prepare if she is genuinely interested from heart ;So Ichha tells Tappu that her gas cylinder in finished and so she will prepare the koftas tomorrow on which Tappu asks Ichha to come to Mai’s side of the ktichen and cook because the gas is available there ;Tappu then gives lecture to Mai by telling her that Ichha is after all the bahu of this house and so she too has the right on this kitchen ;Hearing this Mai gives permission to Ichha to come to their side of the kitchen and prepare koftas for Tappu (So Tappu is trying to b mahaan in all’s eyes now…whats new );So then Ichha like a robot comes to this side of the kitchen and happily starts preparing koftas for Tappu ..

At Jogi’s house a pandit comes to meet Nani and Divya to see Tappu’s kundali and predict her future ;Pandit tells them that Tappu has a RajYog for sure but she will hv to struggle a lot to achieve it ;Pandit also tells that some family member of the house will hv to keep 20 days Monday Vrat for Tappu’s good future on which Nani decides to keep the vrat for Tappu which leaves Divya a bit confused ;But Nani tells Divya that she is doing it all for Tappu ;Divya as usual is convinced in the end .

At Bundela house,Chanda comes to the kitchen after her vegetable marketting and is shocked to see Ichha cooking in their portion of the kitchen ;So Chanda as usual goes to Mai to do her brainwasing act against Ichha but Mai tells Chanda that she is forced to do all this for Tappu’s happiness ;Chanda is not too convinced with Mai’s reply here ..

Ichha prepares the kofta and serves it to Tappu ;Tappu tastes it and showers Ichha with compliments ;Just then Veer comes back from the office when Ichha asks him how come he is back so early on which Veer gives some excuse like the meeting got over early ;Veer then is about to go to his room when Tappu offers those koftas to Veer by telling him that Ichha has prepared it but Veer refuses to hv it from Tappu’s hand on which Tappu tells Veer that even though she is offering him the koftas but its prepared by Ichha after all and that too in Mai’s side of the kitchen ;Ichha is standing there like a status as usual ;Hearing Tappu’s words Veer feels happy that Ichha cooked in Mai’s side of the kitchen today but still he tells Tappu that he will hv the koftas later and goes inside his room ,.

In the room Veer tells Ichha that he is finding Tappu’s behaviour very fishy because she will never do anything without any purpose (thank god Veer’s brain cells r still intact );Before Ichha can react to Veer’s words,they both hear Mai’s voice from outside the room near the corridoor where Mai is shouting for Tappu since she has closed the door from inside (Another drama of Tappu starts );So then Veer-Ichha too come towards Tappu’s room when Mai tells them that Tappu has closed the door from inside and so she is scared on which all starts calling for Tappu

Tappu finally opens the door and once again does some drama of indigestion by going inside the bathroom and making noises as if she is vomitting there ;So then Mai in a worried tone asks Tappu whats wrong and whether she has eaten anything wrong;Veer and Ichha too r confused and wait for Tappu’s reply there ;So then Tappu tells that in the afternoon she ate koftas and after that she is not feeling well ;Hearing this Ichha and Veer r shocked while Mai in anger asks Ichha repeatedly about what all she has mixed in those koftas ;Ichha is shocked to hear Mai’s accusations.

Mai yells at Ichcha, asking what she added in Tapu’s food. Veer screams at Mai for yelling at Ichcha. He asks why she would do such a thing. Mai tells that Ichcha is jealous since Tapu is pregnant with his kid. He reminds her that Ichcha is the one that brought Taps home. He leaves with Ichcha and tells her to not do anything for Taps in the future.

Later Mai is sitting with Taps, who brings up the topic of Nani again. Gunwanti remembers Tapu’s earlier request and calls up Nani right away and asks her to come help take care of Taps. She is reluctant at first, but ends up agreeing. She hangs up. Damini overhears as Pushkar tells Nani that hopefully with Nani’s entrance there, Tapu will achieve their goal soon. Later, at the dining table Divya tells Jogi abt Mai’s request. Damini interrupts, asking if it is proper for Nani to stay at Tapu’s sasural.

Chanda brings spicy food for Taps to eat. Veer sees this and tells Chanda to bring some moong dal water and plain khichdi instead. She leaves. Taps thanks Veer for caring abt her. He tells her to not be mistaken, and he doesn’t care for her. He tells her sorry for stealing tasty food from her mouth. Veer tells her that he knows nothing happened to her yesterday, and tells her to continue being Mai’s laadli, because she can never fool him. He leaves, telling her to enjoy her food.