Tuesday Update on Young Love July 31 Glow Tv

Tuesday Update on Young Love  Glow Tv

July 31 Episode

Gauri and her mother have managed to convince Jagya to visit Bilaria and sprinkle the bibhuti in Khajan’s house. Jagya agreed to do that after a lot of arguments.
anandi and Khajan immerse the ashes of Bhago in the river and Dadisa consoles Anandi and cajoles her to have something to eat. Shiv is looking at the photo of Anandi and reminiscing about her.
Anandi is cooking something and then sees there is no salt in the pot and calls out to her mother for salt an then realises mother is no more. Thats about it. Tomorrow Jagya will pay the visit and then.

Gauri watching Jhalak Dikhla jaa but thinking of Bhago, jagat comes and taps her shoulder and gets scared and hugs her and tells that she is scared and is unable to even close her eyes due to the fear. jagat tries to console her saying that all that he is there with her and not to worry.

Anandi in tears thinking of Bhago. Dadisa comes to her with her dinner and sits besides her. Anandi asks y she is still awake. dadisa says that her child is sitting without eating anything then how can she sleep peacefully. anandi says that she does not feel like eating anything. dadisa states that she is worried about her father and if she wants to take care of her father u have to b strong enough and compells her to eat, but anandi refuses. Dadisa states that she thinks that bhago’s soul is now in peace as after her death her daughter is looking after her father so well, but on seeing her starve will bhago’s peace find peace, and then anadi accepts to eat and hugs dadisa and cries. Khajan is watching all this silently.

Gauri is searching for jagat and is worried where did he leave this early morning. jagat leaves a note saying that he is going to the library to get some books of MS and will b back soon. the doorbell rings and gauri is scared to open, but then takes courage and opens the door to see her mother there. gauri asks how come she b here so suddenly without informing. Maatajee tells that she was tensed thinking of her daughter and hence came. Gauri tells sorry for worrying herand tells how scared she was. Maatajee tells that she knows and hence she met the babajee before coming. Gauri states that she does not beleive in the voodoo. Maatajee takes the Voodoo powder and tells that Jagat has to go to Bilaria and sprinkle this powder at the place of her death and ask for sorry. Gauri refuses saying that wen Anandi and her whole family is in Bilaria neither Jagat will go nor will she allow Jagat to go there and also states that she does not beleive in all these stuff. Maatajee tells that she only thinks of her child’s wellbeing and it is after great difficulty that u got to spend ur life happily with Jagath and all the obstacles have to be removed before starting this new life hence listen to me and do it so that u can spend the rest of ur life happily with ur husband. Jagat was overhearing all this and says that he willl not go. he also says that he wanted to join during the last rites of Bhago but could not go coz he did not know how to face them and wat to say them and also asks Gauri how could she beleive in all these Voodoo stuff and that to wen they are educated. Gauri agrees and defends that despite all these things she is scared of the bad dream which attacks her always and tells her the mistake she did in the hospital and states that all this was coz of bhago’s death and compells him to go to bilaria. Jagat still does not want to go stating that when the whole family and the village is there he cant go and also states that wen his MS classes are going on how can he go. Gauri states that for 2 days cant u go, wen u went to jaitsar also u had ur classes and then u did not care. Now she is asking for only 2 days. Maatajee also starts her Blaah blaah blaah and asks him to go after the 13th day ritual coz then there will b noone except Khajan Singh, and if at all anandi’s father asks him wen there is no relation y did he come then to say that now the relation is not there but it was there once and could not control himself hence came to pay homage. Gauri also agrees with her mother and also states that to sprinkle the powder at the exact place of her death and also at the main door of the house without anyone’s notice. Gauri starts blackmailing by telling about the past, throuygh all odds they fought and reached till here but never asked him to do anything, but this time she is really scared and is unable to forget it and asks him to help, and asks him CANT U GIVE ME 2 DAYS OF UR LIFE FOR MY PEACE OF MIND and Jagat agrees.

Dadisa is looking at the album of ANandi and Bhairo comes to her and consoles her.

Anandi and her father are travelling in the bus for Bhago’s last rites of Asthi Visarjan and does it. Jagya keeps staring at his cell and is confused whether to call anandi or not and if called wat to speak. Anandi is cooking in the kitchen and finds that salt is finished and asks her mother to get the other packet when she realizes that her mother is no more. Khajan is watching this and is equally sad. Smarty (Collector Sahab) is looking at Anandi’s photo and recollecting the memories of Bilaria. Anandi feeds her father and he is remembering the childhood days of Anandi. Both console each other.

Jag is on the way to bilaria with the bhibhuti, recalling gauri n her mom’s instructions. He doesn’t want to go there and thinks may be no one will be there at this time. At khajan’s place, barsi puja is going on. All present there. they r praying peace for bhago’s soul jag reached there and thinks that no one is here,so went ahead. Pandit asks anandi to put a food plate outside the main door to feed crows as to feed the ancestors. Anandi went. Jag is abt to knock the door,at that time anandi opens it and stunned to see jag. Rest too.

One person says see kawarsa came here at least today! And bahgo’s soul will be at peace. They call him. no body like it among the family. Shiv seems very stern. He went inside but khajan commands him to stop there. he tells anandi to put the plate outside and not to stop for strangers who comes uninvited. Then he tells that bhago’s soul will not like ur presence and get out from here. Jag wants to say something. Khajan didn’t let him and says to laugh at their pain. He killed bhago. Jag starts he cant say that, cant blame him and tells anandi to say to her bapusa. Anandi sternly says to jag to go out. And tells her father to complete the puja. Jag is shocked to see anandi like that and back to his avatar and tells they r blaming him without any fault. Khajan pulled him by dragging his collar.He pushed him down in front of bhago’s pic and says if he wants to explain anything abt his deeds then he cant say that now. He blasted at jag and blames him. he destroyed their only daughter’s life and that killed bhago when she came back from haveli for last time. One person tries to say that to behave as he is anandis’ beendh. Anandi says he is no more her hubby. they r divorced. All shocked and says that how can he did that. He must have some faults for sure. They too blasted at him. they blames ds too but anandi stops them. she says they takes care of her and broke all ties with jag. If they wanted then they wud have left her at bilaria but they didn’t. she is now their daughter not DIL. Whatever happen to her, singhs r not at fault and don’t insults them like that! Then she again tells jag to go out from there.

Gauri is tensed at Mumbai that if he will go to anandi then what will happen. His family will take advantage of him at this moment. So she decides to call him. here khanjan throws jag out and his mobile fell down. Anandi stepped on the mobile and receive button. Anandi hears that gauri is saying that jag has to put the bhabhut on bhago’s place as the baba said then only she can have her mental peace back. Anandi shocked. Jag panics. she looks at jagat with disgust!