Wednesday Update on Young Love August 1st

Wednesday Update on Young Love

August 1st Episode

Shiv comes to the haveli. He talks to B&B and DS and they all talk about Anandi’s grief and her promise to her mother. DS asks Shiv to get his family to Jetsar to meet the Singhs as they should not delay all these proceedings. Shivu doesn’t look very happy. Anandi comes there looking like a zombie. DS suggests that Shivu should take Anandi somewhere out to get some fresh air. Anandi walks out and Shivu follows.

In Mumbai, JB reminiscing Khajan’s words and Anandi’s words. He is very upset and thinks to himself that Anandi was not at fault for her behaviour this time.

Anandi and Shivu sit near some stream. Shivu says he can understand Anandi’s grief. Anandi tells Shivu to listen to DS and to marry her as soon as possible. Shivu is shocked. He tells Anandi that all these talks can wait. Anandi tells him that she is only marrying to fulfill her mother’s wishes. Shivu says he respects her promise but suggests that she should not be deciding the fate of her life based on such promises. She should only marry him when her heart tells her to. He tells her that she can take all the time she wants and even if she is not willing, he will understand. Anandi does not relent. She says on her own she will never to get married her whole life. In order to fulfill her mother’s last wish, she has to marry Shivu.

Shivu tells her that he would be honored to be her life-partner, but he doesn’t want Anandi to forcefully enter any relationship and then regret it later. Anandi says she wants to fulfill her mother’s wish and she needs his help for the same. She requests Shivu to marry her. Shivu agrees.

Back in the haveli, Suguna and kids visit the haveli. Gehna talks to Suguna. Suguna tells Gehna that they should not bother sending Sinjara for teej next day as Anandi is in so much grief. DS definitely send Sinjara for teej and they should go ahead with the festival. gehna is worried for Anandi, but DS says Anandi knows her duties very well. Anandi then enters the haveli with all the things for teej. DS is touched and very proud of Anandi. DS tells Anandi that at such a young age she is so mature and responsible, she has every right to live her age and to not behave so grown-up. She should indulge in superficial happiness and enjoy her life. Anandi then asks DJ if she should fast for teej.DS tells Anandi that the vrat should be kept despite the divorced (makes no sense). Anandi leaves. DS then tells Suguna that this time Anandi may not have a true teej, but next year Shivu will be with her.