Tuesday Update on Young Love 8th December 2020

Tuesday Update on Young Love 8th December 2020

Pandit ji asking someone to do the ghat bandhan….Krish’s mum is about to come forward to do the ghat bandhan, but Nandini tells Pandit ji that she wishes Dr. Amit to do the ghat bandhan. Pandit ji says okay…Dr. Amit does the ghat bandhan. Pandit ji asks Krish and Nandini to stand up for pheras. They take the pheras/rounds. Krish’s mum feels bad. Abhayram/Kundan thinks how he was beaten by Disa, got arrested by the police, his stay in juvenile home and Akhiraj’s arrest. Abhayram says I will be your husband and sasur, will be waiting for you Nandini…come. Pandit ji asks Nandini to step forward and complete the pheras.

While they were taking rounds, Krish’s mum thinks Nandini has snatched my right and didn’t let me do their ghat bandhan. She thinks don’t know what she will do. Her friend tells her that Nandini will rule on his son and house, as sindoor fell on her nose. Pandit ji asks Nandini to take elders’ blessings. Nandini asks can I take my dead mum and nani’s blessings. Pandit ji says yes. Krish says I have done all the arrangements. Krish’s mum Karuna looks on irritated. Nandini and Krish go inside the room. Nandini looks at Anandi and Dadisaa’s pics and recalls the moments spent with them. She gets emotional and teary eyes.

Nandini says you both are not with me, and asks for their blessings. Krish tells Nandini that she can’t see her tears and tells that he has promised just now. Jamuna thanks Krish for saying this and asks him to take care of their daughter. Krish and Nandini come out and takes Karuna’s blessings. She blesses them. They take Mr. Shekhawat and Jamuna’s blessings. Then Dr. Amit and his dad’s blessings. Nani asks them to go, it’s ok.

Nandini hugs Sudha. Mr. Shekhawat says lets make arrangement for bidaai. Nani goes to Karuna, and says you are looking happy. Karuna says yes, as my son got married. Nani says I pray that your happiness of the house is maintained. Karuna asks what you are saying? Nani says she is inauspicious, clever, and cunning, and asks her to beware of her. Karuna looks on shocked.

Kundan asks his men to play dhol. Nandini leaves from her mayka throwing rice during her bidaai ritual. Kundan dances madly while the dhol is played. He breaks the mirror angrily and says this has happened for the first time, her kid husband is going to be her sasur.. CLICK ON PICTURE LINK BELOW TO READ FROM SOURCE


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