Monday Update on True Love 7th December 2020

Monday Update on True Love 7th December 2020

Meethi helps Kajri in getting ready. Kajri is looking really beautiful. Sankrant will be all mesmerised by you today. Malvika offers to help Kajri but Meethi wants to do it herself today. I don’t want any shortcoming. Malvika tells her that the priest has come plus Maiyya is calling you downstairs. Give me some responsibility as well. Meethi is reluctant but Kajri tells her to go. I will come in 10 minutes. mauli ji is here to help me. meethi finally leaves. Malvika eyes Kajri evilly.

Mukta is all ready to go. Vishnu goes to change. Mukta asks Rani to go change too. Rani is not in a mood to go but Mukta talks well about Meethi and her family. she is my best friend. Rani doesn’t want to go. let me look at the pictures. Vishnu wonders what happened. Mukta tells him that maybe Rani is not feeling like going. She tells Rani to let it be and explains it to Vishnu. We cannot force her after all. Vishnu dint like the way Rani spoke to Mukta. If she stays here then she can cause negative effect on us and Manav. Mukta cannot help it till Rani’s mother comes back. She suggests him to go and offers to stay back with the kids but he tells her to go instead. In case Rani changes her mood then we too will join you. She reluctantly agrees. Vishnu and Rani stare at each other.

Malvika calls Kajri lucky. In our society, a widow’s life is really tough but you are getting a second chance for yourself, a better life. Kajri gives its credit to Meethi. Malvika plays her cards nicely. The way Ambika came and gave divorce papers to Sankrant, yet you agreed for the wedding? Nice! But I feel that it has affected Sankrant in some way. What do you think? Kajri knows it already. He has a very nice heart and he cannot see anyone in pain. Plus I had a word with Meethi regarding it. she has told me that everything will be fine with time. No one has forced him after all. He has willingly agreed for this marriage. Malvika says it is good if you feel so or I was thinking that I should not say some bitter truth today. Kajri is taken aback. You cannot overlook what you see.

In his room, Sankrant looks at his phone. He thinks about the other night and writes a message to Ambika. Please forgive me for that night. It was a mistake. I apologize for that night. Before he can send the message, Akash comes there. Sankrant drops the phone hastily. Everyone is waiting for him downstairs. Akash makes him sit so that he can tie pagdi (turban) over his head.

Kajri asks Malvika to explain. Please finish what you had started. Malvika finally agrees to tell her everything. Ambika and I used to live in the same locality. That day when she had come here I recognized her. I dint know that she was the DIL of this house. But when I saw Sankrant and Ambika in front of each other I recalled something. I had seen a man going inside Ambika’s house one night. It was none other than Sankrant. Kajri is super shocked to know this. Malvika continues, earlier I dint know anyone and I could misunderstand Sankrant to be someone else but now I know everyone. He was at her house for a really long time. Don’t know what they both were doing inside, the lights were off, the doors closed. He left just before the dawn broke. Kajri is all shaken up.

Malvika is clearly enjoying it. let it be as it is old news but we cannot decline what happens between a man and a woman at night, behind closed doors. People generally decline about it in day time but night comes every night and the memories are bound to come too. Anyways, let it be. I thought that it is wrong either ways, to tell or to hide. But now the divorce is also done. Forget Ambika. You are about to get married to Sankrant. Get him in your control so that his mind stays at one place only. These rich guys are like that only. You look really beautiful. Let us go downstairs. Everyone is waiting for the bride. Kajri stays rooted to her place. You have told me so much. Can you do one more favour on me?

Akash explains Sankrant to hold life’s hand when he gets a chance. Don’t look back ever. Ambika’s words continue to haunt him while Akash continues talking about the present. Your past will stay in the past only once Kajri comes in your life. I know she will bring loads of happiness in your life. Your life will completely change and you too will change along with it. sankrant is all set and lost. Akash shakes him out of his reverie. The brothers share a hug. Akash tells him to come, we will bring the bride. They both leave. The phone is on the bed, the message is still open, waiting to be sent.

Damini compliments Ekadish’s outlook but Ekadish acknowledges it to be Meethi’s idea. Damini is proud of her Meethi. Only Iccha’s daughter can think like this. Anjum Nani agrees with her. Kajri will get a new life now. mukta tells them to stop talking as it is almost time for the wedding. I am waiting to meet Meethi too. Maiyya asks about Vishnu. mukta tells her that he had to stay back because of Manav. He wanted to come but could not. Anyways, where is the groom?

Sankrant and Akash make an entry right then. Snakrant sits in the mandap. Priest calls for the bride. Meethi brings Kajri with her. everyone is really happy to see them. sankrant looks blankly at Kajri who looks all tensed. Malvika walks up to Kajri and signals her that her work is done. Meethi takes Kajri to the mandap. Kajri takes her seat besides Sankrant. He is not even looking her in the eye. Meethi does their gathbandhan. Malvika is all smiles. Gomti brings garlands for the bride and groom when priest asks for it. Groom has to go first. Sankrant is all lost in thoughts while holding the garland in his hand. He finally does it on Akash-Meethi’s saying. Kajri can read his face clearly. It is her turn now. Malvika knows that Kajri will be all shaking now. Even Kajri stares blankly. Gomti remarks that the bride and groom are lost in their own world. Meethi, Maiyya and Akash ask Kajri to put garland around Sankrant’s neck. She is still thinking about Malvika’s words. Priest points out that the auspicious time is slipping by. Do it fast. Kajri shocks them all by declining to put garland around Sankrant’s neck. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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