Tuesday Update on Unforseen Love June 19

Tuesday Update on Unforseen Love

June 19 Episode

Shyam giving medicines to Anjali. He remembers how he had changed medicines. Anjali says she made something for their baby and she plans to show that to Shyam but at the same time, someone rings the door bell. Shyam and Anjali get worried. Shyam says to Anjali, you told me everyone went to temple right. Anjali says, yes they did but I didn’t know they will be back this fast.
At the door, everyone is wondering why no one is opening. At least servant should have been at home. Payal then says that she got an extra key. Inside home, Anjali says what if they have keys. Shyam says don’t worry, it could be someone else. He goes upstair and Payal opens the door. Anjali says that she came to open door just now. Payal says don’t worry, I had extra key. Anjali is sweating and Manorama asks her what happened. Anjali changes topic and asks where is Arnav. Aakash says, he went to office for some work. Dadi then sees two cups of tea and asks if any guest came. Anjali says, first time it was not good so I made again. And then Anjali says that she is not feeling well. Aakash is about to call doctor but Anjali says no need for doctor. They take Anjali to her room.
Anjali is very worried and searching for Shyam. Shyam signals her that he will manage. Anjali tells everyone that she will sleep now so everyone leaves the room.
Break 1..
At Khushi’s house, Garima is telling Khushi’s father that she can’t go in front of Dadi. She says the mistake that she did is in front of her today. She says that she didn’t want to lie back then and doesn’t want to lie this time either. She says, Khushi is my sister’s daughter but I loved her like my real daughter and today, I am ready to do anything for her happiness no matter for that if we have to…. Khushi’s father moves his hand and says he understands. Buaji and Khushi are back to home now. Khushi calls Garima out. Garima comes out and takes out the bags and says she is going somewhere. Buaji asks where. Garima says there is a camp outside Lucknow and she is going there for a week. They have cured many patients like Khushi’s father. Buaji says this is good but why don’t you understand.. it’s Khushi’s marriage. Garima tells Khushi, I can’t miss this big opportunity. Khushi says, I understand.
At Raizada house. Anjali is thinking about calling Shyam and she wonders what if Dadi goes to her room as Shyam is hiding in Dadi’s room. Everyone has gone to drink tea but still Anjali is worried. Anjali says this is the right time to take Shyam out of Dadi’s room and she goes there.
As soon as she opens the door, she sees Payal with a doctor. Payal takes Anjali back inside her room. Dadi finds some phone on the floor.
In Dadi’s room, Shyam thinks about calling Anjali but he doesn’t have his phone.
At Khushi’s house. Buaji says she also wants to see Khushi’s father normal as before. She then says she will go with him as Khushi’s mother should be in her marriage. Garima says, no and says that she must stay with Khushi’s father. Khushi then says that she will tell Arnav to postpone the marriage. Garima says that she doesn’t want Khushi’s marriage to be postponed. Khushi is sad as her parents won’t be in her marriage. Buaji says, I am there na.. why are you getting sad? Buaji tells Garima, before you go at least meet Arnav’s family. Dadi was upset as she couldn’t meet you. Garima says she can’t meet as she has train in the evening. Buaji says then at least call her. Garima says, ok but before that let me pack my bags.
At Raizada house. Doctor asks Anjali if she’s taking care of herself. Anjali says, I am taking medicines regularly that you gave. Doctor says but they have no effect on you and asks her to stop taking those medicines. Doctor says, in fact you look weaker than before and says she will give her new medicines. Doctor then tells everyone to keep Anjali as happy as possible. Doctor leaves. Anjali is searching for Shyam. Payal asks Anjali if she wants anything. Anjali says no and Payal leaves.
Everyone in living room. Dadi says that doctor is right. We should keep her happy. Dadi then says that they should do Anjali’s godh bharai rasam. Nani says that she thinks they should keep both Khushi’s mehendi’s rasam and Anjali’s godh bharai rasam together. Nani says that way Anjali will be very happy. Nani then tells Payal to tell her parents and buaji.
At Khushi’s house. Khushi is sad and sitting alone. Garima comes there and asks her to take off her earings. She then gives her new ones and Khushi is happy now. Garima says that her mother gave her and she wanted to give them to Khushi on her marriage day but.. Khushi says, don’t worry I will wear them in my marriage. Garima says that she is happy because Khushi found very nice guy. Garima then asks Khushi to promise her that she won’t be sad in her marriage. Khushi promises her. Garima says, you look like your mother in this earings, very beautiful. They hug
Anjali coming out of her room to look for Shyam but NK sees her and asks her what is she doing outside her room when doctor told her to rest. Anjali asks him where is Dadi. NK says she’s drinking tea downstairs with everyone. At the same time, Dadi comes upstairs and tells Anjali that she is going to her room and will talk later. Anjali gets worried. NK takes her back to her room and asks her to rest. He leaves to get milk for Anjali.
Dadi comes to her room and Shyam hides behind the curtains.
Payal calls Khushi and tells her that Anjali’s godh-bharai is on same day as Khushi’s mehendi. Garima is ready to leave. Buaji asks her if she called at Arnav’s house. Garima says that she tried but Arnav didn’t pick up. Buaji then tells Khushi to give Garima phone.
In news, they say all trains are cancelled and it will take at least 2 to 3 days for train services to start again. Garima says, now I will have to go in bus. Buaji says, have you gone mad? You will take Khushi’s father in bus? Khushi tells her mother, may be God also wants you to attend my marriage. Khushi is happy now but Garima is tensed. Buaji tells Khushi that you’re very lucky.. for your happiness Arnav can do anything. Khushi says she will be right back and goes somewhere.
Dadi’s room. Shyam is hiding behind the curtains. Dadi says, next time don’t forget your phone, damadji. Shyam comes out now. Anjali also comes to Dadi’s room and watching them. Shyam takes blessings from Dadi. Anjali is shocked and asks you and Dadi together? Shyam tells her, remember you told me once that if there is anyone in this house who can understand us then it’s Dadi and here she is. Dadi is smiling. Dadi tells Anjali , Shyam found me and told me everything that happened here. He told me whatever happened here was a big misunderstanding and I felt like coming here for you. Anjali gets emotional and happy. She hugs Dadi. Dadi says her, so you know now your Shyam loves you so much. Anjali says, I know he loves me a lot. Dadi says, and soon whole family will find that out, I will make them realize that Shyam is a very good husband and a person. Dadi tells them that she will fulfill her promise. Shyam says that he only wants Anjali to be happy. Shyam then asks her what doctor said. Anjali says, I am fine and doctor told me that I don’t need to take medicines that I was taking. Shyam is not happy as he had changed those medicines and now doctor said Anjali doesn’t need to take them. Anjali then tells him that Arnav could be coming here anytime and Shyam should leave. Dadi also says that its not good to meet like this and instead they should go out somewhere. Dadi says, I only want Anjali’s and Arnav’s happiness. She tells Shyam about Anjali’s godh-bharai and says it will be good occasion for Shyam to come here. Dadi leaves now.
Anjali tells Shyam that she can’t believe.. there is someone in this house to support them. She tells him to come back home fast. They hug now. Shyam says to himself, poor Dadi, you couldn’t find out my real intentions. I only brought you in this house so I can come back in this house through you. If you think, everyone will accept me because of this godh-bharai rasam, then you’re mistaken. I will use you when I will do the biggest blast in this house, that time I will need you to be with me. He looks at Anjali and speaks in his mind, because what I am going to do now is very dangerous and everyone will be shocked. And they won’t have any other option beside calling me back in this house and that time they will agree with you (Dadi). Dadi comes back and tells Shyam to leave from back door. Shyam tells Anjali, we will meet in evening at the same place we decided. Shyam leaves.
At Khushi’s house. She’s counting money and says it’s her turn to do something for Arnav now. She says, I didn’t have I am this rich and she calls Arnav.
She asks Arnav, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada what are you doing after two hours? Arnav says, I have a video conference. Khushi says, no.. after 2 hours you’re meeting me in this hotel. And she disconnects.
She calls him again and this time she talks calmly. She asks, you will come na? Arnav says, of course.
Arnav comes home to get ready. Arnav is choosing clothes and NK asks him, you have big date today or what? Arnav says yes. NK asks with who? Arnav says, with Khushi obviously.
Anjali and Shyam are also going to same hotel.
Arnav’s full bed is with his black coats. NK asks him, don’t you have any coats in other color? Arnav then picks up a dark grayish coat and shows him, here it is. Nk says, you should borrow clothes from me. Arnav stares at him. NK says, relax.. You won’t be able to handle my style and you should stick with black color. NK leaves from there.
Arnav sees Anjali going somewhere. Anjali says that she is going to invite some of her friends for godh-bharai. Arnav says, I will drop you. Anjali refuses but Arnav says that he will drop her. He then asks where is she going and then says it’s in my way.. Let’s go. He says, how you thought that I would let you go alone this late. Dadi comes and says, who said she is going alone?