Tuesday Update on Young Love June 19

Tuesday Update on Young Love

June 19 Episode

Anandi tells suryabadal rescuing prices story to nandu shagun, later she dreams of a horse rider, wakes up disappointed that she couldn’t see his face.. Next morning anandi is specially dressed up for the felicitation ceremony , dadisa gets emotional remembers how she came to haveli as a child bride.. Anandi seeks everybody’s blessing after praying before devima idol..
A huge crowd has gathered outside the haveli with huge band playing dhol nagaadaa and they throw flower petals at anandi,.Bharav asks anandi to ride in the flowerdecked horse carriage but anandi is reluctant ,says her success is only due to the vilagers.lalsingh says she is their leader hence she must ride to the mela in the carriage .Finally sumitra suggests dadisa join her and both ride together in carriage with rest of family in jeep.. At mela dadisa leaves the carriage ,just then nandu varun burst crackers scaring the horse. The startled horse runs off with anandi still in the carriage before basant bhairav can help..She is scared but tries to gets the stirrups to controll the horse but she falls back in the cariage..She cries out for help… Just then a SUV starts tagging along,a dashing stranger opens the door and drives the suv along the horse carriage..Then he jumps straight into the carriage,after some struggle manages to get stirrups and stops horse,but the carriage crashes and both fall and roll downwards…
The stranger sees anndi is a bit bruished,gets her chunri and covers her ,extends his hand to help her get up..Anandi describes what had happened and he realizes she is the sarpanch.They have no means to go back to mela so the stranger goes near the horse and asks anandi to ride along with him.Anandi is curious what he said to calm down the horse,he says,”i said in horse’s earits not easy to run off with the sarpanch” .. At some distance they see the singh family and nandi tells dadisa how the stranger rescued her..dadisa thanks devima but before he is able to thank him the stranger disappears.. At mela CM is welcomed ,he is very appreciative of anandi and invites her to the dais,sumitra is overjoyed seeing anandi seated besides CM.He praises the young woman sarpanch who contributed immensely to jetsars development,gives her special trophy and as a recognition to her social work declares jetsar village a district ..
Update 2
Rajasthan CM presents award to Anandi for all her achievements. They request Anandi to say a few words. Anandi recites some poem she learnt in school as a kid. The poem describes a girl’s dreams and how the dreams are broken. She says this poem depicts the evils of bal-vivah. This is what has inspired to come forward in life. She declares that all Jetsarians deserve the award along with her. She thanks all the people who have helped her in her endeavors. She thanks her teacherji, DS, Sumitra, Bhairav and all others. Anandi says she will strive to abolish Bal vivah as much as she can and also to educate all girls. She also vows to make Jetsar an example to the rest of the country. Everyone is happy and applaud.
CM then announces that he has appointed a collector for Jetsar who will help in Jetsar’s development and progress. He calls out Shivraj Shekhar, the new collector of Jetsar. Everyone turns around to see who it is. Anandi is shocked to see her savior walk toward the stage flanked by security guards. DS too realises Shivraj saved Anandi. DS tells Bhairav and Basanth that Shivraj saved Anandi. Shivraj says that first time in his career he has been posted to a place, which went from village to jilla in a matter of minutes. He hopes to have the villager’s support and says that with a sarpanch like Anandi, there is no need for him.
DS tells Bhairav that she thought the collector would be a khoosat, but he is in fact a jawaan-baaka chora , who is so handsome. Bhairav chides her and tells her he knows what she is thinking. but its possible Shivu is married. DS wonders who is the lucky girl is who is married to Shivu. Shivu tells everyone they can approach him anytime. Everyone applaud. They announce Anandi’s school girls’ programme next. The girls dance. Anandi and Shivu glance at each other and smile.