Tuesday Update on True Love July 31 Glow Tv

Tuesday Update on True Love  Glow Tv

July 31 Episode

Umed and Kasa Kaka doing some work when Sid enters the house as Veer’s London friend who came to meet Veer to congratulate him for his marriage.

Umed then calls Tapasya who comes downstairs and is shocked to see Sid inside the house ;Sid gives one sarcastic smile to Tappu and does Namaste to her ;Sid then goes near Tappu and tells her that he is Veer’s friend and he came there to get his money back ;Tappu is scared now when Sid twists his words by telling Tappu that Veer took some loan from him years back and so now he wants the money back from Veer ;Umed is confused as usual (Sid came there to ask for those 5-crore rupees but in front of Umed he twisted his words and gave the indirect message to Tappu );

Tappu too indirectly tells Sid that as soon as Veer returns home,she will talk to him and then he will get his money back ;Sid then gives one gift to Tappu and tells her that this is Veer and her marriage gift After Sid leaves, Tappu comes to her room and opens the gift-box;She is shocked to see her photo taken during Vansh’s murder along with one letter inside the box; In the letter Sid has written that this time he came to her house with this gift ,next time he might come with videos and many more such stuffs ;Tappu is now really worried and wonders from where to get full 5-crore rupees (I guess she still couldn’t manage to get full money even after selling her jewelleries and stealing her father’s money ..so time for her to do some bank robbery maybe )

At Jogi’s house, Veer is shown telling the truth to Jogi-Divya-Nani and Damini about Vansh’s death;All r shocked ;Jogi wonders how come Vansh was so angry with himself that he committed suicide ;Jogi also recalls the day when Ichha suddenly came to their house but then left without telling him anything ;Veer then asks Jogi if he could meet Ichha and clear these facts out ;Jogi agrees

At Bundela house, Tappu is looking at some jewelleries in her room when Mai comes there and tells her that someone has stolen God’s jewelleries from the mandir ;Tappu is then shown looking at those jewelleries which she is trying to hide inside the drawer thus indicating to the viewers that Tappu only did the stealing business again (Gosh how low can she stoop down now );Mai then wonders if they should call the police but Tappu stops Mai from doing so by giving her the excuse that just now Vansh’s case is shut,if they call the police again for this matter, then things might get complicated for Veer again ;After hearing Tappu’s reply,Mai decides not to call the police ;One of the jewelleries is shown fallen down on the floor but before Mai can see it,Tappu quickly picks it up and hides it ..

Tappu once again starts brainwashing Mai against Ichha regarding Vansh’s death by telling Mai that it was her fault because she only suggested Vansh and Ichha’s marriage which should hv never happened ;Hearing tihs Mai supports Tappu by telling her that “You r not at fault..in fact u r only binding this family together with your dedication” (Someone please open Mai’s eyes before its too late )

At Jogi’s house Jogi takes Veer to Ichha’s room and requests Ichha to listen to Veer at least once regarding the real truth behind Vansh’s death ;Initially Ichha refuses to hear anything from Veer as Veer’s presense gives her suffocation but then Jogi requests Ichha by telling her that “Even I can tell u the truth now..but I want u to hear it from Veer’s mouth because u think Veer is the culprit..so its better if u hear it from the culprit’s mouth only and I will pray that God gives u the strength to digest this bitter truth” ;Hearing this Ichha agrees to listen to Veer ;Jogi then goes out of the room and Veer starts telling Ichha the facts about Vansh’s death..

Veer then tells Ichha that he din’t kill Vansh and now even the police got the proofs regarding Vansh’s death;Veer then goes near Ichha and further tells her that “I don’t care if society or police thinks I m the culprit..but its very important for me to prove my innocence in front of u sinse u r Bhaiyya’s wife…I always wanted Bhaiyya’s happiness..I always tried my best to keep Bhaiyya away from the shadows of darkness…then u came like a ray of hope in my bhaiyya’s life and I was happy to see the smile back in my bhaiyya’s face…yes when I lost you,I was sad but I was more happy about the fact that u gave a new life to my bhaiyya…if u remember we both wanted to tell the truth to bhaiyya but we could never do so and this resulted in his death today..Bhaiyya was sick but we always ignored his mental condition..so in a way we all were responsible for Bhaiyya’s death but as per police investigation, its now proved that nobody killed Bhaiyya” (Hmm so Veer gave a good and logical explanation to Ichha here..I loved it );Hearing all this towards you” ;

So then Veer tells Ichha that “Even I don’t know why Vansh was pointing a finger towards me…he wanted to tell both of us something..dunno what..But Before u arrived there,Bhiayya was telling me that we both r innocent,..I know he told u that he saw someone’s real face..but I hv no idea who is that person..the fact is that Bhaiyya killed himself” ;Hearing this Ichha is shocked (Why Veer is acting like a tubelight again ..When he knows that Tappu was present there, then why can’t he guess that Vansh saw the real face of Tappu there )

Ichcha is shocked hearing what Veer is saying and at first doesn’t believe him. He reminds her about Vansh’s previous suicide attempts and also tells her that Taps witnessed the suicide so only she knows the full truth and he vows to find that out. Nani goes to Ichcha’s room and screams at her for still blaming Veer. At the Bundela house Mai and Umed argue about Vansh’s death and Ichcha’s fault in it. Veer listens in on Taps phone conversation with Sid and overhears that he has called her to the Tropical Island Restaurant. Taps tells Sid that she cannot come there tonight and tells him to stop bothering her. Veer acts like he didn’t hear anything and tells Taps that he feels like taking her out for dinner tonight. He ends up taking her to the same restaurant Sid had called her to. Taps realizes this and becomes restless when she sees Sid sitting a few tables away. Veer notices text msgs coming in and notices Sid at another table sending them. He sees that when Taps msgs him back, Sid recieves the msgs. He puts the pieces together. Sid gets up and leaves as taps msgs him and promises to meet him tomorrow. Veer pushes Taps bag off the table and as she bends to pick the contents up, Veer rushes after Sid. Taps gets up and is confused seeing Veer missing.