Wednesday Update on True Love August 1st

Wednesday Update on True Love

August 1st Episode

Tappu kneeling down to pick up her purse when Veer runs behind that Sid ;Veer gets hold of Sid; Both r confused to see each other ;Tappu gets up and sees Veer is nowhere ;After some time Veer comes back and lies to Tappu that he went to the washroom (So now its a secret what happened between Sid and Veer there )

Vee-Tappu then start having the dinner; Veer tries to act all goody goody with Tappu by telling her that this moment will b really special for him ;Tappu gives a smile ;Tappu then tells to herself that thank God Sid went from there but she needs to get rid of Sid soon ;Veer secretly calls up Inspector Avinash and tells him that he wants to meet him tomorrow for some help; Tappu has no idea that Veer talked to Inspector Avinash ;After the phone call, Veer asks Tappu whether she liked the food on which Tappu says yes and so Veer sarcastically comments that now he is aware of all her likes and dislikes

Ichha in her room is crying as usual when Damini comes there with food for her; Ichha starts crying her heart out in front of Damini and tells her that she is responsible for Vansh’s death as she was not able to fulfill her duties as a wife ;Ichha also curses her own self for not listening to Jogi’s words and going ahead with the marriage because of which Vansh had to face death as she was not able to do justice with her duties ;Hearing all this Damini consoles Ichha and tries to explain her that Vansh was sick and whatever happened was destiny’s fault and not her because she gave her best in this relationship;Damini also tells Ichha that even in these times of crisis it was Veer who stood by them and exposed the real truth,so she should apologise to him soon for all those accusations that was put against him ;Ichha is shown hving some realisation now ;Damini then goes on to tell Ichha that “I m aware how a woman becomes lonely after her husband’s death sinse I too went through the same phase but then I got a purpose in life to live because I had to take care of you…same way I m sure soon u will also get a purpose in life to live..tomorrow might bring some hopes of life for u again” (Good dialogue by Damini )..

Next morning Tappu is getting ready to go out somewhere when Veer asks him where is she going on which Tappu lies to Veer that she is going for shopping and whether he will join her ;But Veer denies the offer and tells Tappu that he will remain at home only and work because after bhaiyya’s death,he has lots of responsibilities on him;Tappu then tells to herself that “Thank god the money’s bag is hidden in the car itself…so no problem” (So this means Tappu is gonig to meet Sid today );Veer then asks Tappu to come home early so that they can hv lunch together ;Tappu agrees ;Tappu then tells to herself that “Once I get rid of Sid by giving him this money ..then life will b more simple with only me and my Veer” (This is what u call building castles in the air )..Tappu then leaves and Veer is shown in relaxing mode Ichha calls up Veer on his mobile and says sorry to him for all those accusations ;Hearing this Veer tells Ichha no need to say sorry as it was not her fault but Ichha tells Veer that she did wrong by kept on accusing him without knowing the full facts but still he stood by her and exposed the real truth ;Ichha then asks Veer whether Mai will ever forgive her on which Veer tells Ichha to keep patience as Mai will hv to forgive her one day ;Ichha then puts down the phone.

Jogi and Divya asking Damini about Ichha’s health and whether she is fine on which Damini replies that she is slowly coming out of her trauma and she even apologized to Veer for all those accusations .

Just then Ichha comes there and sits with Jogi-Divya to have some tea together when Jogi gives her strength by telling her that slowly she will come out of her depression as he is sure that she knows how to cope up with her life again ;Hearing this Ichha once again blames her for Vansh’s death and also the fact that she accused Veer but still got her family’s support and this is making her even more guilt conscious ;But Jogi consoles her and asks her to b strong and never give up in life ;Ichha then tells everyone that she will have to now get the forgiveness of Mai,Daddaji and Baba too…

Tapasya reaches a under-construction building’s roof-top area with the money for Sid READ PART 2 UPDATE