Tuesday Update on True Love 2nd February 2021

Vishnu and Akash see Aslam’s video wherein he gives proof against KHanna that he has killed his sister and her entire family. Vishnu is grateful to Rani for solving their problems. We should leave for police station asap. They both leave.

Meethi comes to talk to Mukta. Remember how you reacted when you were told to share this room with me for the first time? Mukta recalls how angry she had been back then. we had so many misunderstandings between us. That confusion when you loved someone but his name actually got associated with me. all those misunderstandings have been cleared and we started loving each other like real sisters. Mukta dint mind it as it was her, not Ambika. You are a part of our family. I cannot accept Ambika or her mother ever.

Meethi reminds her that she is Tapasya’s daughter. We have been given the legacy of Iccha and Tapasya’s friendship. Your mother used to hate my mother for years but eventually that changed into love. their friendship strengthened. They both couldn’t stay without each other. Today my mother’s heart is beating inside your mother. Their friendship was this strong. We have to take care of those relations, that legacy only. The relation between a maid’s daughter and an owner’s daughter is so strong. This is our ideal. We must learn to accept from our mothers. We are the daughters of Iccha and Tapasya. What have we learnt from our mothers if we cannot forgive anyone? don’t you think that we should do something that will make our mothers proud of us. Flashback of little Iccha and Tapasya sharing a hug is shown. Similarly, Meethi and Mukta also share a hug.

Akash and Vishnu are at the police station. Khanna too comes there. He thinks that the police has been successful in nabbing Vishnu (for the crime hawala scam that Khanna had falsely framed him in). Have you brought your friend (Akash) here for help? He turns to the inspector. One should not spare such criminals. Vishnu should be punished for what he has done. Inspector agrees with him. he holds Khanna’s collar which shocks him. Vishnu explains that he is not the culprit. You (Khanna) are the criminal here. Khanna tells the inspector to leave him but Akash tells him to calm down. This is a police station. You have already been charged under one crime; another will pile up if you will shout like this.

Khanna is confused. Akash shows him the pen drive. You killed Aslam for this only. Your entire act has been caught on this pen drive. Inspector explains Khanna why he has been brought here. We will find Aslam’s dead body very soon. He tells the constable to put Khanna in the lockup. KHanna shouts at Akash and Vishnu that he will not spare them. nothing will happen by this arrest. Remember Akash Chatterjee, Nandini will ruin you! Akash smiles. He gives the pen drive to the inspector as proof.

Mukta hugs Ambika. Nani is worried for her. hope you are not making any mistake. Mukta denies. this is what my mother and Iccha Ma had done – they had kept all the relations together. I am doing the same thing. Ambika promises Meethi and Mukta that she will not repeat the mistakes she has made in the past. I will bring up my kid with your values.

Rani is hungry. She decides to eat apple. She picks up an apple and heads upstairs.

Malvika hugs Ambika. How did you get me out of jail? Ambika tells her to see who all have come to meet her. Malvika is surprised to see Meethi, Mukta and Nani. Ambika knows that it isn’t easy to believe but it all happened because of Meethi. she has even cleared away all the differences between me and Mukta. Nani says when the kids have accepted one another then we elders should make our hearts big too. You were Raghuvendra’s wife. I respect him a lot which is why I am accepting you. this family is yours from today onwards. Malvika thanks them, but I don’t think I deserve to live with all of you. I don’t have any problem with relations but I don’t want to affect Ambika or Mukta in ay wrong way.

I want Ambika to realise her mistakes, understand the difference between what’s right and wrong, and becomes a good human being like Meethi. If I will stay with you then the past will knock at our doors every now and then. I don’t want that. She turns to Mukta. Whenever you meet your papa, tell him that I am really sorry for what all I have done. If possible, forgive me. I apologize to you people too, especially Meethi. I was very wrong about you. I have changed now. I have now understood how good you are. Ambika cries. Malvika tells her not to cry. I wont let any of you forget me. I will keep coming to meet you. She hugs Meethi and then Ambika.

Rani brings Manav to her room. She busies Manav with all the toys and sits down to eat. Rani takes a bite of the apple but finds something odd, yet she continues to eat it. Blood starts coming out of her nose immediately. She is shocked, tries to get up but the apple starts showing its effect. She calls out for Meethi Ma but then falls unconscious.

Meethi and Mukta come there. They are shocked to see the kids in this condition. Mukta comforts Manav as he has been crying while Meethi tries to wake up Rani. She notices the blood coming out of Rani’s nose. She tries to wake up Rani but in vain. She calls out for Akash but there is no response. She even tries his number but in vain. She finally calls the doc.

Doc checks Rani. I have given injection to Rani. It will help in lessening the effect of the infection. What did she eat in lunch? Meethi shows her the apple which Rani was eating. Don’t know how the blood came out after which Rani fell unconscious. Maiyya is in deep thoughts. Doc thinks maybe this happened because of indigestion. Meethi is concerned about Rani who wakes up just then. what has happened to me? Meethi assures her that she is perfectly alright. Maybe you got tired / exhausted and passed out. There is nothing to worry about. Doc asks Rani if she ate anything other than the apple. Rani denies. doc leaves. Meethi tells Rani to think again. have you eaten anything else too? Rani shakes her head. don’t worry I will be fine soon. meethi nods. She pats Rani’s head so as to put her to sleep. Maiyya and Meethi are thinking though!

Next morning, Maiyya prays to God to not punish Rani for her sins. Save her. Akash comes there to comfort her. God and I know it very well that you have changed. Why are you thinking about past? You always tell me to think of present and future. Now there will only happiness in our future. Rani will be laughing and playing real soon. maiyya nods. He hugs her so as to comfort her.

Nandini is having trouble sleeping because of the mosquitoes. Guru Ma calls her. nandini is irked with her as her black magic is useless. Guru Ma tells her to be careful but Nandini tells her to speak up fast. I don’t have time to waste. Guru Ma asks her if she gave that fruit to Meethi. Nandini is clueless as she was thrown out of that house. Guru Ma has got a sign which is telling her that Meethi has eaten the fruit. Your work is done. Nandini gets happy. Now I will sleep peacefully. Guru Ma looks at the black flower in her hand.

Rani wakes up but starts having pain again. she calls out for Meethi Ma while she screams in pain, and finally falls on the floor. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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