Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 3rd February 2021

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Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 3rd February 2021

Two young girls were playing in the yard. Pari fell into the swimming pool. Radhika also comes there and laughs as Mishti jumps behind her to save her. Two young men accompanied Radhika.
In the room, the elder among the two boys discuss what was the point of fight today. Mishti complains that she already demanded a vintage look stage. Pari says it was a vintage look, and had favorite colors of Mauli aunty. Mishti argues that the vintage look would be of 1902, not 1952. Radhika mediates the fight as all the sweets and other things are exactly like Mauli’s choice. She now asks the girls to leave for home.

At home, Radhika enjoys videogame with the younger of the two boys. There was a door bell, it was Bua who wished to meet Pari and Mishti. She gives the children a warm hug. She inquires about the bachelorette party. Radhika asks Sukhmani not to discuss about any party, there is a lot of engagement work left. They hug and greet each other. Sukhmani wants to be called Su; and claims herself to be still hot. Radhika gets a call from Mishti’s mother in law. She tells the girls her mother in law and Veer would come over in the evening, they must timely return from club. Mishti asks Pari to recheck all the delivery packing for the club; she doesn’t want any mistakes. Radhika boasts that club has granted them a hall for engagement for half rent.

Inside, Radhika mistakenly dials Mauli’s number, then cries that it seems God also wish Mauli to know her daughter has grown up and is getting engaged. Sometimes decisions are extremely hard to make. She recalls Mauli had gone to airport and stopped Ishaan. She inquired Ishaan if he wanted to run away from her complicated life. Ishaan explained he didn’t want Mauli to put in a situation where she had to choose between him and Kunal. Mauli said they are both extremely important, one taught her love and the other taught her to live with love. That day she wanted to select herself, she thanked Kunal for teaching her to go through all the tough times. She wanted to spend her life with the person who would go to every extent to love her; she turned to Ishaan.

Ishaan’s love was selfless, she could realize the true love only by the way he loved. She requested Ishaan to hold her hand, although the path had to be difficult with her complicated life. Ishaan held her hand. Kunal congratulated Mauli, he had apologized her for what he did. He requested her to keep Mishti and be her Buddy if she allowed; and Mishti wished. Ishaan said Kunal was an important part of Mauli and Mishti’s life, and he would be important for Pari. If they won’t stay together, they would be injured. He conditioned that Kunal will have to come and meet Mishti, they would come to meet Pari. They only have place for love, not hatred.

Mishti, Pari and the young boys stand and pray in front of photos of deceased Kunal, Mauli, Dida and Kunal hung by a wall. Pari unlocks her necklace and asks Nandini to bless Mishti get the kind of life she wish with Veer. She wish no matter who comes in their lives, they continue share the same relation with one another. She cries besides the photos of Mauli and her Buddy Kunal. Radhika had gained huge courage and takes them into a hug. Mauli and Ishaan’s son, Ansh (the younger of the two boy) complains of forgetting him. They take Ansh into the hug as well.

In the club, Pari and Mishti check the list at club. Pari teases Mishti by ticking Veer’s love as well. Mishti smiles and says she is happy she and Veer are similar to each other. Pari discusses she thinks differently, there must be a considerate distance in love. Mishti says she understands Pari holds some phobias, but she must not be afraid of love. What if she fell in love as well? Pari says it can’t happen to her at any cost.
A young man with arrogant and bad attitude did photography on the beach. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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