Tuesday Update on This is Love 7th July 2020

Tuesday Update on This is Love 7th July 2020

Natasha asking Ishita to ask anyone. Ruhi says she is a liar, don’t believe her. Ishita asks what’s happening. Raman says mum was worried for this reason, someone called him as Raman. Ruhi scolds her. Natasha says I will get my husband Shardul. She smiles and goes. Karan asks Raman and Ishita not to get disturbed, they will sort this out. Sunil asks what happened. Natasha says Shardul and Ishita were shocked when I told them that real Raman donated blood to Ishita, and Raman called his mum, it will be fun, Arijit thinks he is smart, I will prove I m more smart, why shall I wait, we have no time to wait, come. She goes.

Bhuvan hears this and calls Arijit. She says she knows everything. Arijit says I know she will double cross me, find out everything about them,

make Sunil speak up, we have his secret, use it. Ruhi says we will get icecream. Ishita says stop it Ruhi, tell me what was Natasha saying. Sudha says we can talk about it later. Ishita says it means Simmi was lying. Raman asks why did they lie to us, they could have spoken to me. Ishita says just say the truth. Ruhi says I will tell you.
Natasha says I m very hungry, its good we got food packed, what happened to you. He says I m worried. She asks why, we have to separate Shardul from them. She gets scared seeing Bhuvan.

Bhuvan asks her to answer Arijit’s call. She checks and says there is no call. He says maybe network problem, call and ask. She calls Arijit. He says you are fine, why didn’t you answer my call. She says I didn’t get your missed calls, what will Bhallas do, I m doing tandav on their head. He asks what. She says I m fine, okay. He asks her to give phone to Bhuvan.

Bhuvan asks what, I can’t hear you, everything is fine, I will go home. He says he was asking if you two are fine. He goes. Sunil says you think he really came to check on us. She says I don’t care, I m happy, we are going to get Shardul, then we will become billionaire, we shall go home now. They go. Bhuvan calls Arijit and says I got Natasha’s call records, I will find that technician. Arijit says find out soon and don’t make a mistake. He says Natasha thinks she is very smart, I will show her who is smart. Raman says it means someone looks like me, everyone doubts that I m Raman or not, who am I. He asks Ruhi to say, does she not think he is her dad.

Sudha asks him to just relax, no one has seen that old Raman. Ishita says why is this happening. Ruhi says that enemy called dad first and then framed Yug, he is using this matter, its all a setup, I don’t know if she was saying truth, some enemy is behind this, I feel Natasha is behind this, she wants to make dad away. Ishita asks did you meet the technician. Yug says no, she is missing, dad’s life is in danger. Ishita says I got fine, take me home, Raman’s life is in danger, please pack my belongings. Sudha says relax, you won’t have any problem here, we have to meet the technician. Ishita says I trust you, the family is at home, think of them, we can’t stay here for long, send me home please, we will be safe when we are together. Ishita cries. Aaliya asks her to be strong. Sudha says fine, I will talk to doctor. Ishita says we believe you Raman, stay relaxed.

Mamta waits for Natasha. She sees Bhuvan and thinks to leave. Arijit stops her. He asks where are you running, how much money did Natasha pay. She asks who are you, just go, else I will shout. He says fine, you can shout, Natasha is clever and can’t be trusted, you will be going jail for this, tell the truth.

She threatens him. He says fine, you can agree to me, I will give you four times the amount paid by Natasha. She thinks what to do now, he is going to pay double. She says maybe you have a plan to trap me. He says no, its your wish. He gives her money. She asks what to do, tell me.

Appa says no one told me about it. Mihika says sorry. Appa says I m Ishita’s dad. Ishita calms him own. He says sorry, I couldn’t come to see you at the hospital. She hugs him. Mrs. Bhalla comes and hugs her. She says come with me, I need to talk. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita would be worried, let her go and rest. Ishita says I know the matter, Raman is our Raman, my Raavan Kumar, the phone call was made by imposter, don’t think of it, trust Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says he said his life is in danger. Raman says relations don’t change with face, tell me, am I not Raman, you gave me birth.

Raman saying I m your Raman, just identify me. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to close eyes and feel, its same feeling. Raman says when Romi and I used to fight, dad used to take Romi’s side, you used to take my side, dad used to punish me, you didn’t eat food, don’t make me away. Mrs. Bhalla says I don’t know what’s happening. She cries. Mr. Bhalla says he is our son Raman, he needs our love, go and hug him. She gets a call. She gets shocked. She asks where are you, I m coming to save you. Raman takes the call and shouts who are you, come if you dare. She cries and says his life is in anger. Mr. Bhalla says our Raman is here, calm down. She gets dizzy. Yug and Mihika take her to room. Raman says I will go away, I can’t see this. Sudha says don’t blame yourself,

we should go to police first.
Natasha praises Sunil. Sunil says I got Raman’s voice from his old business speech, I got this software to use his voice. Natasha says its not good to fool that old woman, everything is fair in love and war. He says you are doing this for money, you don’t love Shardul. Mamta comes and says save me. Natasha asks how dod you come here. Mamta says police is after me, just save me. Natasha says if Bhallas see you, we all will go jail, get out of here. Mamta says you help me, you asked me to do all this, I will tell truth to Bhallas. She goes. Natasha and Sunil run after her. Sudha tells Inspector that someone called as Raman. Ishita says phone is off now. Mamta shouts save me and comes there. Inspector asks who are you. Mamta says that woman will kill me. Natasha runs. Police goes to get her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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