Tuesday Update on True Love 7th July 2020

Tuesday Update on True Love 7th July 2020

Aakash goes out of the room. He in pained to see Meethi’s condition and leaves from there. He is walking in a trance like state while recalling how Meethi was coughing blood. Meethi is shown breathing heavily.

Damini asks the nurse about Meethi. Is she all right? Is she awake? Can I go and meet her? Nurse tells her to ask the doc. Doc comes out just then. Damini asks doc about Meethi. He explains that they weren’t anticipating any internal haemorrhage while doing the operation. She is bleeding a lot because of that. I regret it that she is deteriorating. If she is not conscious in the next 24 hours then she can go to coma. All are shocked.

Kanha is in the police station to enquire about the incident. Police inspector asks him if he has any idea who would do it. Does she have an enemy? Kanha is clueless. Inspector asks him about Aakash. You told me he was there when she was hit. Kanha tells him that Aakash is the ex-husband of Meethi. Inspector assures him they will find the culprit real soon.

Just then Aakash makes an entry saying he knows who is behind this. Name – Agarth Choudhary and he lives in Aatishgarh. Inspector asks for him details and gets curious. Aakash says he is the witness of this whole incident. My uncle Agarth has shot Meethi. Write down the FIR. Inspector doesn’t believe him. Who else has seen your uncle doing so? Aakash replies that there was no one else in that room except me and Meethi. Inspector raises a doubt on him. kanha speaks up now.

Inspector asks him if anyone else has seen it. No right? In that case he is the first suspect. We have seen many cases where people try to put their blames on someone else just to save themselves. Aakash gets angry. Why would I do? Why would I shoot her when she is my wife? Inspector corrects him. She was your wife. You may want to take some revenge from her. aakash tells him to stop his nonsense. Write down the FIR and arrest my uncle in case of attempted murder. Meethi was trying to save me and got hurt herself.

That bullet was shot by my uncle. Kanha too supports Aakash. I trust him completely. He is just a witness. Inspector still calls him a first suspect. He was along at the site of crime. Kanha points out that Aakash is a mere suspect. Court hasn’t declared him a culprit yet and you are already acting with him that way. Inspector gets angry. Now you will teach me law? Aakash retorts we aren’t trying to teach you anything. Kanha calms him. Why don’t you understand this simple thing? Write the FIR and arrest my uncle asap. And if you cannot it then I will have to take the law in my hands.

Agarth comes back in his room. This is the safest place. No one would be able to think that I am hiding in my own house. Plus to reach here one would need to travel the lone 20 miles. Before someone reaches here I would get to know. Kajri comes there with a lantern in her hand and is shocked to see him there. He too gets angry. Looks like you have seen a ghost! He looks at the broken lantern. You will only cause losses. You are inauspicious. I have told you so many times not to show your face to me. Clean this and go from here. Kajri starts picking the glass pieces. He warns her not to tell anyone about him being at home when asked. She nods her head silently. He tells her to go get food for him as he is hungry. Plus close the door after you. She leaves.

Jogi tells Vishnu he is not able to get in touch with someone (sorry I am not able to hear the name clearly but I think it is Kanha). You try and contact once. Doc comes there with a form to sign. We had called a special team for Meethi. They have seen her reports and checked her history too. They have decided that she would need to undergo another operation as the bleeding is going on nonstop. If she doesn’t wake up in the next 24 hours then it would be a problem. They are all taken aback. Another operation? Doc nods. The next 24 hours are very critical. Anything can happen. Vishnu tells him to go ahead. What’s with this form? Doc shocks them by telling that there are only 20-30% chances of Meethi’s survival. Vishnu loses his cool. Jogi calms him down. We cannot understand your technical details but do whatever you have to save her. doc tells him to trust God. We are doing our best. Till someone from her family doesn’t sign on these papers we cannot start the operation. Jogi gives the papers to Damini.

Aakash is on call with Vishnu who tells him half of the things that the doc has shared. Aakash guesses that he is hiding something from him. who is more helpless than me? my meethi is fighting for her life there and I cannot be with her even if I want to. This is the biggest truth of my life. Plus the thing that you are trying to hide from me is wrong. Don’t do it. Vishnu tells him about the second operation, internal bleeding and lower chances of Meethi’s survival. Aakash is stunned. Now we can only pray to God to save her. Anything can happen in the next 24 hours. Aakash ends the call and is in a shocked state.

Damini looks at Meethi from outside. She is crying. She looks away as she cannot look at her this way.

Maiyya and Sankrant are in Kajri’s room. Kajri is scared. Maiyya says I have come here to share my happiness with bhaiya. Because of him my life’s biggest enemy is out now. Kajri is taken aback. Hope nothing has happened to Meethi. maiyya says I have brought Prasad from Mumbai’s biggest temple. She asks for Agarth. Eat Prasad or you want to eat something else? Kajri shakes her head. Maiyya tells Sankrant to stay put while she will go and make bhaiya eat some Prasad. She leaves with Kajri.

Aakash is on a lone road walking in a trance as he recalls Vishnu’s words about Meethi being in a critical state. Sad instrumental music is playing. He recalls how the ward boy had separated him from her. He sits down on the ground. Anni told me to walk out of Meethi’s life. I did so. She told me that till I am in Meethi’s life she isn’t safe. I left her in this state. But why is she not safe now? I am the bad one. Its all my fault. Why is she being punished for my mistakes? He has flashback of when Meethi was shot. But not anymore! I wont let anything happen to Meethi. He gets up with a zeal and look / shouts at the skies. I wont let anything happen to my Meehti. I, Aakash Chatterjee, challenge you that you wont be able to do anything to my Meethi as now I am standing between you and her. My true love wont let you do anything to her. Do whatever you want to. Try however much you want to but you wont be able to do anything to my Meethi. I will go to any lengths to save her. You wont be able to do anything. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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