Tuesday Update on The Frontliners 14th September 2021


Tuesday Update on The Frontliners 14th September 2021

Sid recalling Asha’s words and going away. He recalls his childhood. Young Sid cries and says I don’t have a dad, whom shall I give this card. He gets taunted by some kids. He says I want to meet my dad once, I don’t want to live without him. Sid says I know you have spent your entire life without a dad, I understand everything. A biker passes by. Sid’s imagination ends. Sid and Ishani come and sit on the park bench. Sid says I have seen the baby in sonography. Ishani says yes, I heard this. Sid says I heard the heartbeat, Asha lied a lot, but not this, if I go away, why her baby should get punished, its hard to live without a dad, I married for the sake of baby, I can’t leave the baby, I made promises to you also, I can’t decide this without you, so you also have a right to say, help me. She cries. Saajna….plays….. They hold hands. He asks shall I take this decision by heart or mind. She says sometimes person has to think for himself, he should be selfish, I want to be selfish today, I want to think about myself today, I have a right on your love, Dr. Sid, I want my share of love.

Sid nods. They cry. Ishani says I want the love for myself, don’t let me step back, because this time I will get my right, just I have a right on your heart, I can’t let you make me out of the heart, but the baby also has a right on your life, just go and give the baby your name. Sid goes to her. She holds him and says give all the happiness to that baby, a good family, your name, but just I will have a right on your heart, promise me. Sid says I promise you. They cry.

She shows a pendant Sidisha… She says Sid Ishani… I had made this with a hope that we will unite some day, but if not by relation, we will be together by heart, we will be together living away. He takes the gift. He says I promise you Ishani, I will not let anyone else enter my heart. They cry. Mujhe tujhme sukun mila tha…plays… They hug.

Asha cries and recalls her sister committing suicide. Her sister asks her to just go and get independent. Asha says no, I can’t forget the promise made to you, I have become a doctor, I won’t my career get spoilt, if I have to walk on wrong path, then fine, I won’t look back. Sid comes home and sees Asha. He says just this baby is between us, I can’t throw you out. He goes. She cries. Its morning, a patient Manoj meets Shashank and cries. He begs for help. Shashank asks what’s the matter. Manoj asks how can I pay 4 lakhs, bill is too big. Shashank checks the bill and says I will see what I can do, did Sid recommend the tests. Manoj says yes, Sid did my wife’s surgery two years back, I just have surgery, and such a big bill.

Shashank thinks why did Sid get so many tests done and this bill… Sid comes. Shashank asks him to check the file. Sid says so many tests, bill is not right, I didn’t ask him to get these tests done, I have learnt it from you not to make patients spend money unnecessary, its not my mistake. Shashank asks is this my mistake. Sid says you know what Asha did with me in past few days. Shashank says problem is bigger if you don’t know what’s happening with your patients. He says Manoj, I will make your bill less. Vardaan comes and says nurses told me what happened here, its wrong, I know Sid can’t make such a mistake, he is the best doctor in Sanjivani, he can’t do this unless he is getting commission from this deal. Sid gets shocked.

Vardaan saying relax, I m joking, sorry. He says I will correct your bill, please come with me, be assured we will handle this. He takes the man with him. Shashank says you got saved Sid, because of Vardaan, be careful. Sid goes. Vardaan asks did you see test match, making runs isn’t necessary, you need to stay in the game, Shashank will get a shock when Sid does a big thing, we have to keep Sid and Ishani away, that’s it, you are Sid’s wife, you can do this, and you are carrying a baby, its your trump card.

Asha looks at him. He asks what happened to you. Asha says Sid is a nice person, after so much happened, he kept me at home, you used Sid a lot to take revenge, but its enough. He asks did you really think to become his wife. She says no. He says you know Sid is innocent, good at heart, I m not so much…he had just put red colour on white coat, I will get the coat removed, don’t upset me, you will be losing hopes then, go and do your real work, patients need care. She goes.

Sid comes to her and says you did this right, you will never change, you are still doing this, what did I do. Ishani looks on. She says Asha, why are you playing with a doctor’s career, swear on your baby and tell us, what did Sid do, why are you doing this. Asha goes. Sid says Asha is a cheat, she did this again, its enough now, I will live my life my way, what am I doing, Asha won’t change, she will trap me. Ishani gets in the taxi. She leaves. Asha asks for Sid.

Nurse says he went home. Asha calls him. Vardaan asks her doesn’t she know about her husband. Sid drives the car. He sees Ishani. She sees him. He says listen to me now. She asks what’s all this. He says I don’t want to lose the girl whom I love the most for that liar Asha, she did the same again, you are in my heart, I want you in my life, you are my love, life, you will be in my life. Ishani says stop the car, you asked my answer and I… He says your heart is clean, your love is pure, when I saw Asha’s behavior, I feel she doesn’t deserve this, I promised to give my name to her baby, I will do this, but I will just love you. She asks what do you mean.

He says Asha ruined my career, I m free now, we shall go to Lonavla, just you and me, there won’t be any hospital or staff. She says if you don’t stop the car, then I will jump down. He says we should go away from tension. She says it can’t happen. He says I won’t go away from you, I wanted to do good, what did I get in return, I can’t cheat myself, I made my own rules always, I don’t care for anyone now. She opens the door and says stop the car, else I will jump down. He stops the car. They get down the car.

She asks why are you making our love cheap, when your marriage is valid, people will call our love bad, this is a cheat, I said I want complete love, not these incomplete love, I m sorry. Tu hi meri shab….plays… She goes. Vardaan says I asked you to keep Ishani away from Sid, I will call your dad. Asha stops him. He says you can’t make them away. He scolds her and goes. She says if he really calls dad, then dad will kill me.

Asha is at home. She calls Sid. She says don’t know where did Sid and Ishani go. Guddu plays a game. He says you were happy that you went ahead, but you got bitten by the snake, you did cheating, its bad, Lord doesn’t forgive one who cheats, you can win sometimes, not always, cheater. Asha looks on. She recalls whatever she did. She thinks I was helpless to do this, what if this backfires. Ishani recalls Sid’s words. She says no, Asha is still Sid’s wife, Sid and I can’t be together, I have to handle Sid. She goes to shut window. She sees Sid with card board notes. He writes… please agree, I can’t stay away from you, #Sidisha. Tu hi meri shab….plays…. He wears Sidisha chain. She cries.