Tuesday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 14th September 2021


Tuesday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 14th September 2021

Mariam asking how will we send letter to dad. Jibraan says I will send it. She asks are you a magician. He says you can think so, do you have his fax number, or any card. She says yes. They go. Farhaan comes and sees blueprint missing. He gets a call. The man scolds him and asks him to send blueprint. Farhaan worries. Rifat comes to Mahira’s room and spreads clothes. She keeps Rihaan’s note there. Jibraan says we will send fax to your dad, I will show you magic.

Rifat books an online ticket to show Madiha. Jibraan sends the fax to Majaaz. Farhaan comes there. He asks did you take any paper from my room, it was very imp, give it to me. He worries. Mariam gives it back to him. She says we saw dad’s pic on it and made a good card on it, we have sent it to dad. Farhaan gets angry on them. Aayat comes and asks what’s happening. Farhaan says nothing.

Aijaz cuts the cake. Rifat and everyone sing. Rifat taunts Madiha. Madiha looks for Mahira. Majaaz comes to room and starts fax machine. He gets Mariam’s card. He smiles. He says I also love you Mariam, I miss you a lot. Mahira meets Rihaan and says why did anyone lie to me about your accident. He asks why did you call me here. They get puzzled. He says I don’t have my phone, you have sent note by Fawad. She says I don’t understand. Mariam and Jibraan play. Mariam wishes to call home. Nawaaz looks on. He asks whom do you want to talk, take my phone, you can talk as much as you want. Mariam stops seeing Aayat. Nawaaz says you have done a lot for Jibraan, we can’t pay for that favor. Mariam says no, I m doing this for my brother.

Aayat goes. Aijaz and Omkar come. Majaaz says Mariam has sent fax. They smiles. Majaaz is about to turn paper. He gets Mariam’s call. They talk to Mariam. Mariam asks did you like card. Majaaz says its lovely. Aijaz says I saw your sweet video, I liked it a lot. Mariam asks for Madiha. Farhaan worries. Madiha comes to Mahira’s room and gets shocked reading note. Rifat comes and says Mahira has run away with Rihaan. She takes Madiha to Rihaan’s room and says they have booked tickets, they have run away, we shall go and see them. Majaaz comes and looks on. He says Madiha is busy, I will make you talk later. Mariam says fine, come soon. Madiha cries. Mariam says my dad liked card, thanks Jibraan and Nawaaz. She returns phone. Nawaaz asks her to play and do what she wants. Mariam smiles.

Mahira says Zain told me that he will get us married, he is with us, not against us. Rihaan asks really, it means he is a nice person, if he is with us, we don’t need to get scared, we will tell everyone, I don’t want to cheat your dad, I respect him a lot. They hug. She says no one can separate us now. Everyone comes there and stares. Madiha slaps Mahira. Farhaan gets shocked seeing the man and apologizes. The man slaps and scolds him. Farhaan says Majaaz didn’t know it, he spoke to Mariam. The man says he may know this and tell indian intelligence, I will not leave you, just think how will you stop Majaaz. Mariam and Jibraan come there and see the man.

Rifat, Wasim and Madiha scolding Mahira and Rihaan. Mahira says I got a call about Rihaan’s accident, Zain I wasn’t running away, I told Rihaan that you are with us. Rihaan says I was tricked into coming here. Madiha shouts on them. Majaaz says I want to know the truth. Rifat says they are liars. Omkar and Wasim say we shall go home and talk, everyone is watching us. They leave. Jibraan asks Farhaan who is this man. Farhaan says he is my friend, go out and play. Mariam and Jibraan leave. The man asks is that girl Majaaz’s daughter. Farhaan says yes. The man says we have to use Mariam to trap Majaaz. He tears Majaaz’s pic. He threatens Farhaan and goes. Rifat scolds Mahira. Wasim says you have made our wounds fresh, why did you do this. Mahira says I didn’t do anything. Aijaz blames Rihaan.

Mahira says sorry, I wanted to tell you truth, Rihaan was going to apologize to Zain. Rifat asks her to stop it. Aijaz says we can solve this matter later, make Rihaan out first. Rifat asks Rihaan to get out. Mahira asks Majaaz to explain, they aren’t lying. Madiha stops her and cries. Zain says enough, I want to say something, I trust Mahira, she won’t break my trust. Wasim says you may realize mistake later. Zain says no, its my mistake, I didn’t talk to Mahira before marriage, I didn’t try to know her consent, I m wrong. Majaaz says I didn’t believe Mahira can do such a thing that ashames us. Meher says Mahira can’t do wrong, if she wanted, she could have run away with Rihaan, she kept family first, I m with her. Rifat asks them to believe evidence, Rihaan called Mahira. Rihaan says how can I call when I don’t have my phone. Zain calls on Rihaan’s number. Rifat checks the phone. Zain sees this and asks whose call is it. She says nothing. Zain asks her to answer his call on Rihaan’s phone. He gets the phone. He says you have staged all this, they were not running away. Majaaz says so you have done this, Mahira is not a liar, you are a liar, many lives could have got ruined because of your lie.

Madiha says why do you hate us so much, our enmity ended after years, you wanted to make us enemy of Mahira. Zain says I can’t call you mum today, you were ruining lives, don’t call me son now. Rifat gets shocked and cries. She goes and thinks Zain got angry on me because of Mahira, she has to pay a price for this, her lover…… Mariam comes to Jibraan. They play. Jibraan says its our operation tomorrow, aren’t you scared. Mariam says yes, but I can do anything for you, Aayat will be happy, its a noble deed to make someone happy. Farhaan asks the man to get blueprint from Majaaz. Rifat sees news. She hears a servant saying about some terrorist, who got much insult in the village. She takes servant’s phone and calls Rihaan. She asks do you want a flat at low budget. Rihaan says yes, you called at right time. She calls him in morning to see flats.

He thanks her. Majaaz gets ready. He says Zain and Mahira’s relation is weak, I don’t want to leave them. Omkar says we are with them, get Mariam soon. The goon comes there is disguise. Madiha asks who is he. Servant says he came to take junk. Madiha says fine, go. The goon sees blueprint and takes it. Someone takes the blueprint and goes. Goon pays money and goes. Majaaz shows card to Madiha and says you have given this to junk. Madiha says I didn’t remember. He sees the card’s back side and gets shocked. He thinks its a blueprint, why is my pic on this, Mariam has sent this, is she in any problem. Farhaan sees Mariam.