Tuesday Update on Sacred Relationship 20th July 2021


Tuesday Update on Sacred Relationship 20th July 2021

Abir saying I had promised Varsha. Mishti says we have to tell her that Kuhu is at fertility clinic. Jasmeet asks what. Rajshri asks them to come. Jasmeet says Varsha was relaxed that Abir explained Kuhu, but she is at clinic. Abir says we tried to explain them, but couldn’t say anything. Varsha says you promised me that you will convince Kuhu. He says yes, I m very sorry. Rajshri asks why did you say yes. Abir says they said they will shift to Dubai if we don’t agree. Varsha scolds him. She says I will not believe you now.

Mishti says Kuhu really wants to do this, she was being emotional and mature. Varsha says I don’t want to talk to her, I will do what I find right. Abir says but she needs you. Varsha says she doesn’t need me. Kuhu says mum used to get angry and I used to hug her, now that trick won’t work, mumma won’t talk to me. Kunal jokes and makes her laugh. He says this smile is the best, keep smiling, don’t take stress. She nods. He says your fav restaurant is opening near our house. She says they make world’s best salads and pasta. Mishti says then we will go together. She gets some gift. Kuhu asks where is mumma, what did she say. Mishti signs no. She says you didn’t do right by hiding this. Doctor asks are you ready Kuhu.

Varsha cries. Rajshri says Kuhu called many times, talk to her. Varsha says no, she has already decided, she didn’t think its necessary to tell me. Varsha gets angry and cries. She says Mishti would have never done this. Rajshri says don’t compare them. Meenakshi comes and says they shouldn’t be compared, Kuhu did a big thing, we should move on by forgetting everything. Rajshri says we don’t blindly follow any customs.

Meenakshi says then you should see and be proud of Kuhu. Rajshri says we are proud of both our girls, they assure the family that everyone is fine, Kuhu has taken a tough decision. Meenakshi asks them to have sweets. Rajshri says we left the sweets. Meenakshi leaves. Jasmeet says we should go to clinic before they ruin our girls’ lives. Varsha says she is right, I should go there. Rajshri agrees. Kuhu says I will design clothes for hospital after the surrogacy goal. Kunal says great idea. Kuhu likes Mishti’s gift, solitaires earrings. Kunal asks what was the need. Kuhu says just guys talk such silly things.

Mishti says this moment is special for me, we are together and happy, big thanks to Kuhu. Kuhu takes selfie with them. Abir says you guys are doing a big thing. Kuhu goes. Rajshri and Varsha try calling Abir, Kunal and Mishti. They say no one is answering, the line is busy. They come to clinic. They hear doctor telling about Kuhu’s procedure. Varsha cries and says we got late. Kuhu says I m doing this for our future. She messages Meenakshi …. pregnancy procedure completed, doctor needs to confirm. Meenakshi replies…let confirmation come, I will fulfill my promise. She drops the phone. Mishti comes.

Kuhu thinks Mishti can read mum’s message. Mishti picks the phone and asks whom are you messaging. Kuhu says mumma isn’t talking to me, but I m okay. Mishti says I will talk to her, she would be missing you. Kuhu asks why didn’t she come. Mishti says she would be in shock. Doctor comes and says procedure is completed, Kuhu has to come after two weeks, we will check she is pregnant or not, she needs to rest. Kuhu asks can I order food from my fav restaurant. Doctor says no, this pregnancy isn’t normal, surrogacy is tricky, take care. Mishti says we will not let her move off the bed. Kuhu asks what. Mishti says don’t worry, I m there. Kuhu thinks fine, two weeks, I hope this sacrifice is worth it.

Abir comes to Mishti and teases her. He hugs her. She says I know what you mean to say, go from here. He asks her to say. She throws powder on his face. He runs. Kuhu hugs Kunal. Kunal says I have work stress, but you come before work, did you take medicines, you get careless. She says you spoiled my mood. He says I will just come. They see Abir and Mishti running. Mishti jokes. Kunal smiles. Kuhu says they are having all the fun, I can just rest. Kunal asks why, we can have a photoshoot for your followers. She says yes, you got smart.

Mishti and Kuhu do yoga. Abir and Kunal look on. Ladki beautiful….plays… Kunal gets the salad for Kuhu. Abir makes him away. Nidhi gets kada for her. Mishti makes it for her. Kuhu hugs her. She messages Varsha. Mishti surprises Kuhu. Nidhi clicks their pic. Meenakshi calls Kuhu and gifts a necklace. Kuhu dances. She says when will my lockdown end. Meenakshi asks her to go and rest, you will get desired fruit if you keep patience, I mean happiness of helping sister. Mishti says once pregnancy gets confirmed, I will ask doctor to make restrictions less. Meenakshi asks Abir if he is so upset with her. Kuhu reads about SRK’s shooting. She sends Mishti. She thinks pregnancy confirmation will come tomorrow, SRK won’t wait for me. Meenakshi asks Nidhi to take the sweets for Kuhu. Abir agrees. She thinks I will see how long he stays upset after baby comes.

Mishti is looking at herself in the mirror as she holds the maternity dress. She looks at the cushions on the bed.

Abir tells his Mami to feed laddoos to Bro herself or he may not eat them otherwise. She agrees.

Mishti wears the maternity dress and has kept a pillow over her stomach. Abir enters. She quickly wipes her tears. He holds her hand. I know how tough it must be for you. She tries to make light of the situation. I ordered this for Kuhu as you know how boring she is. I was just checking the fit. He asks her if she is completely fine. She nods and looks away. Your questions are as Ajeeb as you. It’s a fresh wound hence the pain is a little too much. He gets emotional. She assures him she is fine. He hugs her tight and says I love you to her. She says I love you too. My work is done now you have to plan the outing. He nods. Mami calls out to them just then. She tells them that Kuhu is not at home. I have checked everywhere.

Kuhu has escaped from the house to go to the production house.

Abir and Mishti reaslise something and panic. They all come outside and notice the rope dangling next to the pipe. Mami calls out to Abir’s mother and her husband.

Mami tells Abir’s mother what happened. She is about to question Mishti when Abir answers that Kuhu is not a kid and Mishti is not supposed to be her guard 24×7. She wouldn’t have been so tensed if she knew. Mishti tells him to relax. They track Kuhu’s location in some studio and decide to go there. Abir tells his Mamu they will bring Kuhu home. No one has to do anything behind our back. He leaves with Mishti. Mami tells Abir’s mother that Abir was saying that for her. Her husband manages the situation. Abir’s mother is not happy over what Kuhu did.

Varsha is packing some stuff and crying. Jasmeet tells her to speak to Kuhu but Varsha refuses. Vishambharnath and Rajshri come there. Varsha hugs Vishambharnath. He says we never thought that Kuhu would agree for surrogacy. Jasmeet says she might have been pressurised but Vishambharnath is sure no one can do that to Kuhu. Something is going on in that house that we don’t know of. Abir’s Mami calls Jasmeet just then. Jasmeet keeps it on loudspeaker. Mami tells her how Kuhu escaped from the house today. We were going to find out today whether she is pregnant or not. Varsha ends the call.

Rajshri assures Varsha Kuhu will be fine. Varsha says Mishti said that Kuhu has become matured but look at what she is doing. What if she is actually pregnant? I don’t understand what Nikki is up to. I am very scared.

Kuhu reaches the set with her friend. Her friend keeps asking her about her diet and how she has been maintaining herself. Kuhu finds out that SRK has left for the day. Her friend suggests going home but Kuhu refuses to go back just like that. She drops a prop by mistake. Everyone looks at her. She is again told that SRK has left for the day. A producer gives her his card and tells her to send her pictures to him in case she wants to become a model. She is thrilled at the idea.

Abir and Mishti are on their way to the studio. Mishti begins to say something when he reminds her that she is the actual stuntwoman who has been jumping out of the balcony. Nothing will happen to her or to our baby. I will speak to her to make sure she wont repeat this again. She tells him to be nice to her. She is already making such a big sacrifice for us. He nods.

Kunal calls Abir. He is at the studion but could not find Kuhu anywhere. Mishti checks the tracker. She is there only. Abir tells Kunal they wilk reach soon. We will look for her together. Kunal finally finds Kuhu and her friend. Kuhu was about to spill the beans about her pregnancy but stops. Kunal covers up for her. Kuhu’s friend leaves.

Kuhu tells Kunal if he had to show her friend he is angry. He asks her if she had to elope like this. She replies that she cannot stay locked in a house. He asks her why she agreed for surrogacy then. You know that the pregnancy confirmation is due today. Everyone is sitting there with a hope and here you have risked the life of the baby too. She asks him to say it loudly. Not everyone has heard you yet. He asks her if she is giving him attitude. She is upset with the way he is talking to her and tells him that.

Abir and Mishti reach there just then. Kuhu says sorry to them. I cannot be kept locked inside the house. You (Mishti) know that SRK is my first love. How could I lose the chance of meeting him? Plus, Kunal is scolding me. Mishti says the main problem is that you jumped out of the balcony without telling anyone anything. Abir nods. Next time bring Mishti along. Both the girls look at him. Abir speaks of how Mishti used to jump from the balcony before their wedding just to meet him. Kuhu is surprised. Abir gives more examples to make light of the situation. Mishti smiles. Let’s go home now. Abir signals Kuhu and she hugs Mishti. I am sorry. Mishti says I knoe doctor has put many restrictions but we will all go out once we get the reports. Kuhu gets excited. Mishti adds that they will use the door instead. Kuhu nods and hugs her.

The kids return home. Mami tells them that she called Jasmeet as she was worried about Kuhu. Mishti says we had found her already though. Massi asks them to eat Kuhu’s favourite ice cream first. Abir smiles. Kunal heads to his room to finish some work.

Kuhu asks Mami why she called Jasmeet. She would have told the entire neighbourhood by now. She goes to speak to Varsha. Abir says people do have a problem with those who say the truth. Let’s drown our sorrows in the tub of ice cream. Mami nods. They see Mishti eating ice cream from the tub. Mami says we will be able to do it only if we get some. Abir walks up to Mishti. I know this is a family pack and that you are my family but there are others in the family too. Mishti realises and starts pouring it in a bowl but Massi tells her it is ok. You were so worried. Mishti nods and hugs her. I don’t want to think about it anymore though. Abir’s mom overhears everything. Abir tells Mishti she us right. Kuhu is home now. Think about your calorie intake. Mishti asks Massi if reports have come. Massi denies. Abir gives the tub back to Mishti. Carry on.

Kuhu speaks to Jasmee on phone. I want to talk to Ma. Jasmeet tells her that Varsha is very upset with her decision. Their argument continues. Meenakshi comes to Kuhu’s room. What if I throw you and Kunal out of the house? Kuhu says I did what you told me to. I am fit and fine. Meenakshi says you promised to be a surrogate mother and take care of Abir and Mishti’s baby. I made these papers for Kunal and I can very well tear them. You have seen what I can do to get my rightful heir. If the life of that kid is in trouble because of you then you don’t even know what I can do. Kuhu reasons that the report is due today. Meenakshi tells her to pray that the report is positive. That will decide your and Kunal’s fate.

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