Tuesday Update on Promised Love 23rd March 2021


Tuesday Update on Promised Love 23rd March 2021

Qazala thinking that Dilruba helped Aladdin last night. A fb is shown, Aladdin asks Dilruba to take the trunk to his room and goes. Dilruba thinks it is heavy and thinks to take road roller’s help to take it to Aladdin’s room. She recalls how she tricks Razia to come out, making the walking stick sound and then when Razia comes out to check, she hits her on her head and makes her fall down. She then pushes the trunk in the pool. She says I was about to get caught because of you. She sees the trunk moving. Azaan calls Qazala while coming. Qazala hides the trunk with curtain and comes to Azaan. Azaan asks her to have food and medicine. Qazala asks as good and asks about Razia. Azaan says Ammi is better and apologize to her on Shayra and Noor’s behalf. Qazala says they are kids and says I have forgiven them both. She asks him to cheer her. Azaan says no misunderstanding can come between us. He asks her to have tablets and goes. Qazala comes to the trunk and frees Aladdin, asking him not to ruin her work again. Aladdin apologizes to her. Qazala asks him to do the work for which she brought him here. She then tells that Azaan shall cheer his wife, don’t know if Allah will give this chance again or not.

Razia asks Shayra where is Azaan? Shayra says he went to bring Dadi Ammi’s medicine. Razia says ok. Shayra asks if someone pushed her. Razia says she doesn’t know and she is relieved that the trouble came on her and not on them. Shayra asks why Dadi Ammi was staying far from home. Razia asks her not to scratch old wounds. She says Azaan shall never know what Asgar told me that day. Noor comes and tells Shayra that Dadi Ammi must have done this before also and asks Razia why she is not asking her to go. Razia says she is elder in the house and talk about manners. She says I will bear her until I am her only target and tells that she will ask her to return if she targets her children. Aladdin hears and informs Qazala. Razia asks about Azaan again. Azaan comes there and says don’t know what happened to me yesterday, Dadi was crying and I couldn’t see her crying. He says if we can’t give her happiness in this age then we shall not trouble her too. He says Dadi sent me today to talk to you. Razia gets worried hearing Azaan.

Asgar tells Surayya that he didn’t do anything with Razia. Surayya asks where did you go then? He says to keep something. Surayya asks who did this with Razia. Asgar says Razia’s saas Ammijaan. Just then Qazala comes there and hears them. Surayya hugs her and asks what she is going to do with Razia next. Qazala says I will show you and takes her out, pushes her down. Azaan asks what happened? Qazala tells that Surayya is accusing her to be guilty and says I have stopped them from going to Sultanpur. Azaan says I trust you fully. Qazala says Razia, Shayra and Noor doubt me too and before they kick me out, I will go to Sultanpur with Asgar and Surayya. Surayya says she don’t want to go to Sultanpur. Qazala says Asgar was to do farming and you have to pick the cow dung with your hand etc. Surayya says she has done manicure just yesterday. Qazala taunts her. Noor says she has said good thing after coming there and says she will help them pack their bags. Azaan asks her to stop. He tells that there is issues between his Ammi and Dadi which is unsolved and says Dadi will not go anywhere until it gets solved. He says we will stay here happily. Qazala says my happiness will complete when my family completes, you don’t know what storm is going to come. Later Surayya appreciates Qazala for her good acting. Qazala asks her to be careful and asks if she did anything in life rather than trapping her son Asgar. Surayya says it is impossible to separate Shayra, Noor and Azaan and they are tied together by Razia.

Qazala asks Surayya to massage her feet and says she is reminding her value to her. She asks her to see what she does in night about those three.

Azaan telling Razia that Dadi and he thought to keep party at home. Qazala says she thought to start afresh. She says choti Razia shall not think that the house environment got spoiled after Dadi came. Shayra and Azaan say that it is not like that. Qazala says I came to know how Shayra got agreed to Noor’s wrong demand and says she did that as she is an orphan. She then taunts Razia for throwing her husband out and then sending son abroad. She tells that they shall thought about the celebration. Razia says Noor and Azaan are not divorced yet and says if people come then they will talk. Qazala says Azaan and Shayra are not bothered of people’s thoughts and Noor is best to reply them. Azaan says today is party, that’s decided. Surayya comes there. Qazala asks Azaan to call guests and gives responsibility to Shayra for the arrangements. She asks Surayya to cook food. Razia thinks Ammi doesn’t like dawat and thinks something is going on in her mind. Surayya comes to kitchen. Dilruba asks her to make tasty biryani. Surayya scolds him. Qazala taunts Surayya and asks her to make food fast. Mashuqa calls her Dadi. Qazala scolds them and says she will break their teeth. Aladdin comes and collide with Mashuqa and Dilruba. They both look at him. Ishq wala love….plays…… He helps Dilruba stand. They look at him and leave. Qazala signs Aladdin and says well done. She says honest Servant is Owner’s strength and that’s why we shall keep the Servant away from owner.

Azaan talks to Shayra. Shayra says why will I go against Ammi for Asgar and Surayya. He says you trust people easily. Shayra says she has forgiven Noor as she knows that she is not bad at heart. She says she don’t feel the same for Asgar and Surayya. She is about to tell him about that day, but stops thinking about Razia’s words. He apologizes to her. Shayra says I want your trust and not apology. Qazala hears them and thinks don’t know what will happen between them in future. Shayra comes out of room. Qazala asks if she had a fight with Azaan and tells her that she has done such a bad thing and brought his second wife home. She says a woman will forgive her husband’s 100 mistake but husband won’t. She gives her dress for Noor and her and says she will tell Noor later that she gave it. Shayra gives clothes to Noor and informs her about party. Noor says I will not bear if she does something wrong. Shayra goes. Noor opens the box and thinks will I wear these clothes. She thinks to talk to Shayra. Just then she hears Aladdin talking on phone and telling about costume party. She thinks to wear the dress. Aladdin tells Dadi that she heard. Razia tells Azaan loves his wife Shayra very well and his wife is sympathetic for Noor. She says Azaan forgave Noor for Shayra and says today this bandhan will break and everything will change, and this will start today infront of all guests with Noor’s humiliation. She says Noor will think Shayra responsible for this and because of this, Azaan and Shayra will have a fight again. She says Noor and Shayra’s relation will burn. She burns Razia’s pic and says the fire will burn everything. She says she will play last trick.

Azaan asks Dilruba and Mashuqa to help him convince Shayra. Qazala meets a guest and tells that Razia is bahu begum and will take time to get ready. Razia comes there and tells Qazala that a woman decides how much she shall deck up and says the woman who don’t have their husband have to do husband work too. Qazala asks Azaan to meet Ismail, his father’s friend. Azaan greets him. Ismail asks if Ayub is coming. Razia looks on. Shayra tries to come out of room and finds it locked.