Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 23rd March 2021


Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 23rd March 2021

Veer moves towards Mishti and Rohan’s car, but a troller comes in between and the car moves on. Veer thinks mom was right, there is someone else in Mishti’s life; but he wonders who he was.

Sukhmani asks Radhika why she called her so urgently. Radhika takes Sukhmani’s promise that she won’t tell anyone about it. She says when she returned, Pari’s foot had been hurt. She saw Rohan taking care of her.

Naina requests Mrs. Arora not to believe in the rumors, as they have always known each other. Veer comes there. Naina tells Veer that someone told Janvi’s parents that he went to jail, they do not want the proposal anymore. Veer takes a bat and goes downstairs, knowing who did so.

Sukhmani asks Radhika if the children told him anything. Radhika says she didn’t discuss anything with them. She will ask Mishti about it.

Rohan stops the car in parking. Mishti says she feels something bad is about to happen. They watch Veer come downstairs with a bat and breaks the car of his neighbors. Rohan strictly forbids Mishti to come out of the car till he says. He comes to stop Veer, then takes him inside. The neighbor comes downstairs and inquires the watchman and sends him to bring CCTV footage. Mishti was worried that this way Veer will have to go to jail. She tries Rohan’s number.

Rohan and Veer come home with Naina following behind. Veer tells Rohan to go.

Downstairs, Mishti comes out of the car and tells the neighbor that there is no need for CCTV. She was taking a reverse and the car got hit. She was ready to pay for any repairs. The lady takes Mishti’s keys while she goes to get money from ATM worth Rs. 25000/-

Rohan tells Veer he won’t get anything by running away from him, he must discuss why he is angry. Veer shouts at Rohan and his mother to leave him alone. Veer insists he doesn’t want to speak or listen to anything and locks himself into his room. Rohan leaves the house.

Mishti pays the money to the neighbor. The lady recognizes Mishti to be Veer’s girlfriend, Veer told her that the problem was in Mishti. She was a gold digger. Mishti curtly replies that it’s none of her business. Rohan comes downstairs, the lady recognizes him as the one who got drunk with Veer. Mishti doesn’t let Rohan reply to her, she isn’t worth it. They leave together.

In the car, Mishti tells Rohan she never saw Veer so angry. What if she is the reason of his fury? She is guilty of breaking his heart. Rohan tells Mishti not to blame herself. And there is a proposal for Veer already. He will be fine soon. Mishti gets a call and had to leave to see arrangements of a function. Rohan offers to drop but Mishti replies, they live in Mumbai- a city that never sleeps. Pari gets down to hire an auto. Rohan looks into the back view mirror as Mishti was kidnapped. The goons tied her hands and taped her mouth. Rohan chases the car. A troller passing by the road blocks his view, the car was lost. Rohan cries that how could he.

Mishti struggles against the goons and ropes.

Rohan’s hands tremble while he tries her cell phone number.

The goons take Mishti inside, throwing her sim card away. They take her into an old godown.

Rohan drives ahead, looking around for Mishti. He reaches around the old godown, stops his car and wonders where he must find Mishti. He walks out of his car. He feels Mishti’s presence around and wonders why she can’t be seen.

Mishti was brought to the godown. The goon gets a phone call, they tell the other person they couldn’t get out of city. The man on other side tells them to frighten the girl till next morning, they can then leave the city in morning. They slaps Mishti, pulls her hair and points a gun towards her.

Rohan stood outside his car. He tries Mishti’s phone call.

One of the men sit near Mishti and tells them to arrange for some food, he will stay with her last night. He holds Mishti’s legs while the others leave the godown.

Rohan was outside when he spots a car passing by. He notes the number, then thinks what if the men are members of the same gang. He chases the car. The goons were alert. Rohan tries to keep pace with the men. They stop their car in front of Rohan’s blocking her way, and questions if he can’t see. Rohan argues if he can’t even overtake without their permission. Rohan says if they have much problem, let’s go to police station. The man attacks Rohan. He fights back. The fellow brings a stick from the back of car’s seat and hits at the back of Rohan’s head. He fells unconscious. They check his nerves.

At home, Pari was tensed and tries Rohan’s number. The others were busy enjoying the movie. Pari tells Radhika that she can’t connect Mishti’s number, been trying for one hour. She calls the client and tells everyone that Mishti didn’t reach the meeting.

The goons bring Rohan’s body to the godown and ties him on a chair.

Radhika was tensed. Pari tries Rohan’s number but couldn’t connect. Pari was also crying that Mishti hasn’t been irresponsible. Arnav asks Pari about Rohan, what if they have a plan. It may be a coincidence that their phones are off. Radhika goes unconscious.

The goon throws a glass of water over Rohan. Rohan wakes up. The goon asks Rohan why he was being a hero. Rohan furiously asks if it was his father’s road. He says he lost his way, and was looking for a way out. The goon tells Rohan to spend the night here like this. Rohan thinks if there is nothing else, Mishti must be here.

Pari sprinkles water over Radhika to wake her up. Pari assures Radhika that Mishti must be fine. They decide to go to police station.

The goon spills rose around Mishti’s mattress.

The inspector hears Pari’s story, then says they can only file a report after 24 hours of missing. And the matters seem to be a love affair. Pari was aggressive, as he was abusing the character of her sister. Radhika says Rohan isn’t an unknown person, he is the friend of their son in law. The inspector inquires about the whole story. Sukhmani tells him the details.

Mishti resisted, as the man tries to assault her. The fell goons had brought beer.

The police arrive at Veer’s house. They come inside and says Mishti ran with his friend, if he knows something. Naina says Mishti was a shrewd girl, she must have run away with someone. Veer defends Rohan. Naina strictly replies she has nothing to do with Rohan now. May be Rohan has kidnapped them. The inspector questions how she can blame the girl she once held a relation with, the doubt can go on her as well; what if she got her kidnapped. Veer tries to warn the inspector, but he replies to Veer that it’s his duty.
The goons were now drunk and moves towards Mishti.