Tuesday Update on Promised Love 16th February 2021


Tuesday Update on Promised Love 16th February 2021

Shayra coming to Noor and asks about the gift which she was talking about. Noor asks her to wait and shows the knives and rope kept in the box. Shayra asks what is all this? Noor says you have given me this death. Surayya tries to hear them. Noor asks what do you want, my death or your husband. Surayya understands and thinks this is the khichdi between them. Noor asks Shayra to decide and says my marriage will happen soon. They leave. Surayya thinks Noor is using Khalid for her plan and determines to expose her, but her cat comes to the cupboard and it gets locked. She thinks who did this? Cat says meow. Surayya thinks she would have pet dog instead of pet cat.

Dilruba asks Mashuqa why did you stand on the stool? Mashuqa says to commit suicide and was searching for rat poison. She says begum sahiba has fixed Khalid’s marriage with Noor and asks what is the use of living now. Dilruba takes her down and asks do you think Khalid will marry you. Mashuqa says she is very beautiful and young than Noor. Dilruba says Servants get salary with difficulty and tells how love will get and thinks of Asgar. He asks her to drink 4-5 bottles of poison. Mashuqa runs behind him.

Shayra comes to the Dargah and thinks if she leaves Noor’s hand then she will die and if she leaves Azaan then he can’t live and asks God to show the way. The priest comes there and says God shows the light. Surayya is still locked in the cupboard and hears Razia making Noor ready for marriage. She says you are looking very beautiful. Saba asks why is she sad and says you will eat our brains after marriage also. Razia tells Noor that yasmeen’s blessings are with her in this dupatta. She makes Noor wear it. Surayya thinks how to get out from here. Noor says I will come in sometime and thinks of blackmailing Shayra emotionally. She thinks she is going to her Ammi. Priest asks Shayra what is bothering her. Shayra says she is stuck between his duty and love. Priest asks her to do her duty and says love is of God’s problem. Shayra thanks him and takes a decision. Priest thinks it is difficult to walk on this path.

Azaan calls Shayra and thinks where is she? Asgar thinks where is Surayya? Khalid asks Azaan where is Noor? Azaan asks him to get habituated to wait for her. Surayya knocks on the almari and says someone please open the door. Razia brings Noor and makes her sit infront of Khalid. She asks Azaan about Shayra. He says he will call her. Razia asks Asgar about Surayya. Asgar says you know her anger. Razia says if she had come then she would have been happy. Qazi Saheb asks Noor if she agrees to marry Khalid and tells that the Mehr amount is 5 crores Rs. Noor thinks Shayra doesn’t agree to my condition.

Just then Shayra comes there and asks them to stop. Razia asks where was you and what happened? Shayra tells that she wants to talk to Noor and asks her to come. Razia says Qazi Saheb was doing her marriage. Shayra says she will not take much time. Surayya tries to come out of cupboard. Shayra takes Noor away from there and tells her that she agrees to her condition. She says I am ready to give you Azaan. She says I have failed in duty and love’s jung, my duty has won and my love has failed. Noor asks her if she is not doing any joke with her. Shayra says my life has become joke, I can’t live without Azaan and can’t see you dying. She says I am ready to divorce Azaan so that you can marry him.

Noor asks really? Shayra looks on. Razia comes there and asks what happened? Noor says everything is fine and says whatever was not fine, Shayra made everything fine. She hugs Shayra and asks her to stop this marriage and says you took so much time to agree that things went out of my hands. Razia asks what is the matter that you brought her here. Saba says Qazi Saheb is calling us. Noor goes. Surayya tries to open the cupboard. Noor comes back. Shayra, Razia and others come. Khalid asks Qazi Saheb to do their nikah. Qazi Saheb asks Noor if she agrees to marry. Shayra thinks how to stop this marriage. Noor is about to say Qubool Hai when Surayya comes there. Azaan beats up Khalid angrily. Asgar and Razia try to stop Azaan. Azaan asks how dare you touch Noor. He beats Khalid for touching his Noori. Surayya asks someone to call Police and says Azaan has gone mad. Razia asks what is this madness? Azaan says he did a cheap thing and tried to molest Noor. Noor looks at Shayra. Shayra recalls messaging Azaan about it. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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