Monday Update on Cost of Love 15th February 2021


Monday Update on Cost of Love 15th February 2021

Pankti seeing her dupatta and calling out. Ahaan and Uday leave. Ahaan says we will stop at the restaurant, maybe this dupatta girl’s bus also stops here, we can return her dupatta. Pankti comes to same restaurant. She doesn’t order and gets her tiffin. Ahaan asks are you alone, can I sit here, I m Ahaan Dhanrajgir. She turns to see. She doesn’t see him. Ahaan asks Uday to play video here. She hears him again. She goes to see. Ahaan gets JD’s call and goes. Pankti asks Uday who was he. Uday says he is Ahaan and you… She asks for her dupatta. She asks him not to drive rashly, someone would be waiting for everyone who was travelling in bus. Uday gives her dupatta. She goes. Ahaan is on call. Uday says she said Ahaan’s words. Ahaan says I had to leave, sorry, I have a surprise for you.

JD says what will you surprise me, tell me. Ahaan says my song lyrics have Pankti. JD asks hello, what…. Ahaan ends call. JD says I will prepare to surprise you Ahaan. Ahaan says network is gone. He goes to Uday. Pankti wears her dupatta and leaves. Pankti’s mum Anita gets JD’s call on Pankti’s phone. She thinks what to tell him and answers. JD asks are you with her, its good, you have senses.

Anita says Pankti forgot her phone, she is young, you should have not sent her to spice up things, you should control your emotions. JD says but you are not young, why are you doing big mistake. She asks what mistake. He says to forget to whom are you talking, I m Jayant Dhanrajgir, if I can permit Pankti to fly, I can cut her wings, if anything wrong happens, forget your luxurious life. Purvi asks what happened. Anita gets angry and says Pankti is punishing me this way.

Pankti checks in hotel and gets treated well. She gets a drink and chocolates. She asks is this for me. The lady says yes, its for you. Pankti thanks her. The manager gives her room keys. Uday and Ahaan also come there. Uday says that dupatta girl met in restaurant and took her dupatta. Ahaan checks in. Receptionist says I identify you and makes wrong guesses. Uday asks her to stop comedy, wait for two days and then everyone will know who is Ahaan and what does he do. Pankti likes her room.

Pankti sees an injured pigeon and goes to help. Ahaan sees her and says I think I have seen her. Uday jokes. Ahaan runs after him. They get inside the room. Ahaan says it will be insulting this good weather by working now, we should find inspiration. Pankti hears the pigeon and makes it fly off. Ahaan smiles seeing her. He misses to see her face. She goes to her room. She talks to Anita on call. Anita scolds her for forgetting her phone. Pankti cries. Anita asks her to buy a new phone and call JD.

Ahaan plays guitar. He sees the windchime. Uday asks him to concentrate on song. Ahaan says yes, but first.. Uday says a strong coffee. Ahaan jokes. He hears ghungroo sound and thinks if this is bus girl whose dupatta had ghungroos.

Pankti going to the market and buying a phone. She leaves. Ahaan tries to make the song. He talks to Uday and says I m not getting words, I feel like I couldn’t say Pankti’s hearts. Pankti comes to the echo point. She sees the people. She smiles and thinks that Suhana heard her name when she shouted her name at echo point. She shouts out her name Pankti and hears the echo. Ahaan hears her name echoing in the valleys. He happily jumps. He runs and leaves in his car to reach the echo point.

Pankti sits writing about herself. She pens some sweet lines about love. She writes her name at the end. Ahaan looks for her and runs between the crowd. Pankti goes from there. She leaves her dupatta there. Ahaan runs to see her. Tere bin….plays…. He reaches the echo point. He doesn’t see her and gets sad. He gets to see her dupatta. He gets to read her lines and smiles reading her name Pankti Sharma. He says I was finding her, she has found me, I was trying to reach her and she has reached me, where are you Pankti. He shouts Pankti.

He asks the man about Pankti, she was sitting here. The man says no, I didn’t see her. He asks other people. Pankti smiles knowing the horse name is Ranbir Kapoor. The man asks her to ride the horse. She says none likes to stay following someone. The man says I know you are a writer, you were writing there. She realizes and says my paper and dupatta. She pays him and runs back. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2


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