Tuesday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 31st August 2021


Tuesday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 31st August 2021

Mahira seeing the groom. She thinks Rihaan didn’t remove the shoes, its good that I will not marry Zain. Qazi asks about Meher amount. Rifat says we are giving her 20 lakhs as Meher. Wasim says the same. Mariam says Meher is my sister’s name. Madiha smiles. Qazi asks the groom Zain about his consent. Zain says Qubool hai thrice. Everyone smile. Qazi asks Mahira about her consent. She says Qubool hai…..thrice. Madiha and Meher get glad. Everyone prays.

Qazi says this Nikaah completes, congrats. Everyone hugs each other. Rifat says a rasam is left. Madiha says when groom and bride see each other after marriage in a big mirror. Mahira and Zain see each other in the mirror. Mahira gets shocked seeing Zain. She cries. Zain asks what happened to you. She thinks what did Rihaan go, I was present in wedding as Rihaan promised he will be in Zain’s place, where is Rihaan.

Rihaan knocks the door and shouts Mahira, open the door. He says Mahira’s Nikaah is over, no, she is just mine. Rifat says we shall leave now. Majaaz says Omkar and Gauri will do Mahira’s bidaai as per their rituals. Rifat says yes, the real fun is in rituals. Majaaz says Omkar, you have to do Mahira’s kanyadaan. Omkar hugs him. He gives Mahira’s hand to Zain. They do Mahira’s bidaai. Mahira hugs everyone and cries. Mariam hugs Mahira and asks her not to go, she won’t fight with her now. Mahira says I don’t want to go. Everyone cries. Rifat sees Aayat and says congrats for Mariam’s departure, just give me haveli papers. Aayat says don’t say this, I have no papers now. Rifat blackmails her. Aayat says what’s this new drama. Rifat gives her some time and threatens her. Aayat gets angry.

Meher recalls getting Mahira’s phone from Mariam. She messages Rihaan to meet. She confronts him and scolds him for taking Zain’s place. He says you are making a big mistake. She locks him and goes away. Mariam and her friends free Zain and return his shoes. FB ends. Meer comes to Rihaan and sees his hand bleeding, with the room ruined. She asks him to leave. He takes a rod. She gets tensed. He shouts to attack.

Rihaan crying and asking why. He goes. Meher looks on. He sees Mahira’s bidaai and thinks of her. He cries. Mahira cries and leaves with Zain. Everyone gets sad thinking of Mahira. Mariam talks to her friends. She sees everyone sitting sad. She tries to entertain them and makes them laugh by her talk. She asks her friends to be with her family members. Akshay says Madiha, don’t scold me every day. Madiha says mum is called Ammi, not by her name. He says I can’t do this. Majaaz hugs Mariam and says you have no substitute, the one and only Mariam, my life. Aayat looks on. Its morning, Madiha wakes up Mariam. She thinks of Mariam. Majaaz asks Mariam to wake up, she has to do packing today. Mariam gives them gifts. They smile and see cute gifts. Majaaz says I got a gift for you. He gives her a camera roll. She gets happy and hugs him.

Mariam says I will take camera to Pakistan. Aayat thinks today none can stop Mariam from coming with me. She gets a call. Rifat threatens her of spoiling her game if she doesn’t get haveli papers. Aayat gets angry. Madiha gets hurt and cries. She says I m worried thinking I will be getting separated with Mariam, I wish you both don’t go there, the trip gets cancelled, don’t go. He says its matter of some days. Everyone sees the cute gifts. Meher gets boxing gloves. Aijaz gets dentures. Mariam says I broke it last time by mistake, so new teeth. He hugs her and says you care for me so much, who will take care of me so much. Mariam says my friends are like me, don’t get sad, me and dad will make Aayat fine and come back soon. Majaaz hugs her. Madiha says I have packed halwa and pickles for Mariam. Aayat asks her not to worry, she is with Mariam.

She says I have kept Mariam’s ticket and passport, you take yours, call Mariam, we are getting late. Mariam comes and says I m here. Meher laughs and asks what’s this. Mariam says its foreign’s fashion. Omkar and Gauri come to meet Mariam. Mariam says I won’t go without meeting my friends. Her friends shower flowers and poppers on her. She gets glad. They give her gifts. Aayat gets angry. Akshay says Mariam can’t go from here. Servant says car tyres are punctured. Majaaz asks him to get a taxi. Rifat comes with family.

Zain and Mahira hug Mariam. Mahira stays angry with Meher. Mahira hugs everyone. Rifat asks Aayat for haveli papers. Aayat gives her papers. Rifat gets happy and says we will always remember you. Aayat says we shall leave now. Madiha makes Mariam wear taweez for protection. She hugs Mariam. Aijaz says I will pray you get completely fine, I m grateful that you saved Mariam’s life, don’t do anything that Lord doesn’t forgive you. Aayat looks on.