Tuesday Update on Strange Love 31st August 2021


Tuesday Update on Strange Love 31st August 2021

Astha hugging Shlok. Shlok looks at the goons angrily. They sign each other and leave. Shlok’s staring got them scared. Shlok sits in the car. Astha too sits. She says she wants to say something. He increases the volume and she lowers it. She asks you hate me, so why did you not go leaving me. He says your name is linked to mine. She says yes, it will be for seven births. They leave after arguing. Varad gets a message from Mansi saying she is sorry. He sees Sojal sleeping and replies its ok, I m sorry too sweetheart. He looks at Sojal and thinks. He goes out silently. Sojal wakes up and looks at him, thinks where is he going at this time. Varad goes. Sojal gets up and thinks is he going to Mansi.

Anjali cooks food and waits for Astha. She says she will heat the food and keep here. Astha comes and says she came. Anjali asks did she come alone. Astha says no, your son was with me, he is rude but has a good heart. She says he is like you and pulls her cheeks. Anjali says you are joking at the time, have food. Shlok comes. Astha says he did not have food. Anjali asks her to call him. Astha asks Shlok to have food as Anjali made hot food. He goes. Astha says we had light food in office, I will keep this food in office, you go and sleep. Anjali goes. Astha keeps the food and looks at him standing near the stairs.. She thinks Shlok, forget everything, can’t you hug me.

He thinks she loves him so much, can’t she apologize to Baba, you know I can’t live without you, why are you troubling me like this. Astha and Shlok look at each other. She goes to her room and Shlok goes to his room. Mansi hugs Varad and they have a talk. They apologize to each other and understand themselves. She asks him to go home now, as she does not want Sojal to come here finding her. He says he will stay here tonight and hugs her. She says I don’t think I can do this anymore, I m not ready for this. We have problems already, I don’t want you to be upset, we will be as we were before. He asks are you sure. She says yes. He says he will leave.

She asks him to reach there and call her, He says fine, please rest now. He kisses her on her forehead and leaves. She says bye and shuts the door. Mansi says she won’t let go her happiness, I will fight for it, but differently. She goes to the stair and bell rings. She says Varad, I knew it and opens the door. She is shocked seeing Sojal and her smile goes. Sojal cries and looks at her angrily.

Mansi asks Sojal you here. Sojal comes inside her home and slaps her angrily. Sojal says this slap is for the anger which you gave me, you have failed me and my daughter, are you shocked. Even I was shocked to see your pics with Varad, a wife can’t bear that her husband is having an affair with someone else, do you think I m a fool that I won’t know, are you not ashamed to do this, do you know what such women are called. Mansi says enough, I m warning you, don’t shout, this is my house, even I can shout.

She says I tolerated you enough, if you loved Varad, why did you make him realize this, you should have tied him to your saree knot. Mansi says you did not keep him happy, I can tell the same thing to you, you are wife just for name saking. Mansi gets angry and says the slap made the sound, but the slap which I will do will not sound, but will echo. Sojal scolds him and insults Mansi. She asks since when is she trapping Varad. Mansi says excuse me, why will I trap your husband, he gets happy spending time with me, which he does not get with you, and whatever you want to ask, go and ask Varad, but I highly doubt he won’t be interested to answer you, don’t come to my home, its your house matter, you sort it out at your home.

Sojal says you are the second woman in my husband’s wife, you can’t get my place. He says we Indian wives can get husband from Yamraaj too, then what are you. She leaves. Mansi calls Varad and he thinks what happened, we were together just now. He takes her call and Mansi tells Sojal has come here. He says what. She says I m worried now. She tells him everything. He is shocked. Kalindi talks to Avdhoot about Ankush and cries. She says he just came two days before and see what he is doing. He says enough now, don’t take tension, its fine. He says Ankush has put water on fire on time and saved Ajju. She says yes, but anything could have happened. Don’t know what will happen now. He asks her to be patient and understand his situation, he has anger since childhood, we have to find the way to calm his anger.

She says the way of life is not fine for him, what will we do when out patience breaks, I don’t want you and Ajju to bear the punishment of my mistake. He says I married you and promised to be with him in happiness and bad times, I love you a lot, this thing will make our relation more strong. I m with you. She hugs him. Its morning, Varad comes home and is tensed to face Sojal. Sojal sits down on the ground near the bed corner crying. She holds his collar and asks how did he do this with her, what did he get, how can he cheat her, she has taken care of their marriage for years, she did everything for this house, and took care of Kavya. He asks why did you go to Mansi. She asks him to answer her.

She says I will not answer, you have to answer me, I did not do any mistake, yes I went to her to find about your affair with her. He scolds her for checking his phone and following him. He says he is fed up of her stupid acts, he is suffocated being with her, yes you did all this and did not think about me, you don’t care about me, just others and yourself. He says you did very wrong.

Sojal getting angry on Varad and asking him the answer. He says he does not need to tell her anything, I have done all duties towards you, you hold your limits till home, whatever happened is because of you too. He says you did not understand me ever, when I try to talk to you, I get to hear such world gossip, you don’t think about me. He says do you care for all this. She says you are asking me this, and cries. He leaves. She says she won’t be quiet, she will talk to Niranjan and he will stop Varad. Ankush comes home on his bike. Kalindi scolds him asking is this the place to park the bike here. Ankush argues and says he will park here only. He races the bike to trouble their ears.

He goes to his room. Aankush fills water and washes the bike in the living room. Ajju sees this and is shocked. She asks whats all this, how can be you out in the house. She scolds him and he turns a deaf ear. He laughs and taunts her. He asks Ajju not to be angry as he will do something. Kalindi comes there and sees water on the floor. Ankush makes a paper ship and puts in the water. Ajju and Kalindi looks on. Ankush says see, you can go now in this and roam the city. He laughs. He says don’t sit in it else…….

Ankush laughs misbehaving with Ajju. Ajju scolds him. Kalindi feels ashamed. Ajju says one day your pride will make you fall. Ankush falls and Kalindi worries for him, He says stay back. She gives him a lecture that if you do bad, you will get bad in return. Ankush taunts her back and says you left a small innocent child and now giving lecture to me. He leaves. Kalindi cries. Astha talks to man and asks him to show the land for the college. The man asks will you come alone or with Shlok. Shlok walks in and hears them. She says she will come alone. The man says sorry, I heard Shlok and you have problems. Shlok gets angry and scolds him. He kicks him out. Astha asks why did you do this, I was talking to him.

He asks her to come. She says how can you do this. They argue and walk into the lift. The lift goes down and she asks him not to interfere in her work, else………….. He says what. The light fluctuates and the lift stops. Shlok says watchman has switched off the mains. She is stunned. Astha says what will happen now, it means we have to be here tonight. He says no, book a room in 5 star hotel. Shlok calls out the watchman for help. She smiles and says you have to be here all night, that too with me. He holds him and asks him to go, she won’t stop him. He backs off her and calls for help.

She says relax, don’t take tension, I m with you, don’t get afraid, I have solution of everyone, just wait and watch. She calls on intercom. It does not connect. Shlok looks on as she keeps trying. He says is it over, shall we go now, did you call watchman? He says the phone is off since two days. She says what, it means we are really caught and shouts for help. He says don’t shout, your voice won’t reach there, even we won’t network. She checks and says mine too. She says help, I m feeling suffocated. He says don’t take tension, I m here. The light fluctuates, Astha gets worried and says Aai hugging Shlok being scared……

Anjali worries for her at home. She calls him. Anjali tells Niranjan that Astha and Shlok did not come till now. He says he will come soon, he is responsible, don’t worry about him, I don’t care if Astha stays here or not. Niranjan goes away and says Shlok and Astha did not come, are they together. Shlok and Astha hug. He looks at her. She moves away. Shlok removes his jacket. She asks what is he doing. He says what every man does, taking advantage of the situation. She asks what. He says he knows her mind, she might be thinking naughty, he is feeling hot so removed it. She says I m feeling suffocated, do anything. He says don’t expect me to be a hero.

He says there is not even network to call anyone for help. Astha asks the watchman to open the door. He says he won’t hear her, he is sitting very far. He sees the fan and holds Astha. She says what are you doing, we are stuck and you are thinking romance. He says yes, that’s remaining you, we have to open the fan so I m lifting you. She says how will I do, am I an electrician. He says fine, then you lift me. She says did you see your size, do yourself. He says nothing can happen of you, you are mad. He jumps to reach the fan and could not.

She holds his hand onto her and asks him to lift her. He lifts her and she puts her phone in his pocket. She says you said women did not use the mind, see I have smartly opened it, you will know it when I win the project. He says I will win it. She says its done and smiles. Shlok gets an idea to leaves her, while she hangs to the fan inlet. She says Shlok, I will fall.