Tuesday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 10th August 2021


Tuesday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 10th August 2021

Mariam shouting for help. Her friends look for her. Mariam thinks of locking Rifat in washroom. She hears her friends and talks to them via the window. They ask what are you doing there. She says Fawad has locked me. They think of helping her. She says the door is locked, its no use to come upstairs. They get a ladder for her. She gets scared and controls her fears. She walks down and loses the balance. She hangs to the ladder and then gets down. She says I will go and bash up Fawad. They come to Fawad’s house. Mariam says we should find a way that we don’t get caught.

Rifat asks the ladies to come. The lady says I m seeing such a party for the first time. Rifat says we all will get busy in Ramzan. Akshay sees the juice and takes it. Rifat gossips with the ladies and taunts a lady. The lady asks when will your bahu come, will anyone get their daughter married to your son, his one foot is small. Rifat gets angry and says Zain is flawless, the girl who marries him will be lucky, I will get him married within one week after Eid. Mariam hears her. Rifat asks the lady to leave. Mariam and her friends enter Fawad’s room and lock him in the washroom. They check the video games and toys. They anger Fawad and ruin his toys, when Fawad calls them beggars. Fawad shouts to them. Rifat says I will surely come with Zain’s wedding card, you don’t stress yourself. Fawad shouts open the door, my mum will not spare you all. Mariam sees Zain and Fawad’s pic. She recalls Zain. She gets clueless.

Madiha asks about Mariam. Driver says Meher and Mahira have come home. She says where did she go, I will go and check at Lallu’s house. Lallu’s house comes to ask about Lallu. Madiha says where did they go. A lady comes. Rifat asks the guests to have food. Lallu gets under the table. He gets stuck. Mariam goes to get him. Lallu says I m very hungry. Mariam also eats snacks. She picks up the snacks. The lady sees them under the table and asks what are you doing under the table. The lady says this isn’t my daughter, she is at home. Mariam says that’s my mum. She gets shocked seeing Rifat. Fawad calls out his dad. Servant opens the door. He sees his room messed up and shouts mom…. Rifat asks what are you doing here. Fawad comes and says she has locked me in the room, she broke my video game and ruined everything. Mariam says is this lady his mom. Rifat slaps Mariam. Mariam sees Madiha’s pic there. She gets shocked.

Everyone worrying for Mariam. Meher and Mahira say they couldn’t find Mariam. Majaaz says I will check at school, Omkar come with me. They see Mariam and friends coming. Mariam and kids lie to elders. The kids go. Madiha scolds Mariam. Mahira says we had to go on shopping, we got late. Mariam says we shall go. Mahira says you won’t come with us. Madiha says you are getting spoilt, you won’t go anywhere, we are going for shopping, you won’t step out of the room. They leave.

Mariam gets sad. Majaaz asks Mariam to stay with Aijaz, don’t trouble him. Aijaz hugs Mariam. Mariam talks to the tortoise and tells about Fawad. She says Zain’s pic was there, how did it reach there, if I go there, I will get punished. She smells some perfume and goes to see Aijaz. She asks are you going out, leaving me alone. He says no, a special guest is coming to meet me, I need to discuss something imp, go to room and study, don’t come here. She says you are old, you need someone to to take care of you. He gets a call from his friend and flirts. The lady comes to meet him.

Dadda stops her and scolds the lady. They argue. Aijaz looks on. He says she is my special guest, don’t interfere in my matters. Dadda says she can’t enter the house till I m here, she is eyeing this house, this can’t happen as it belongs to Madiha. He asks the lady not to go. The lady cries and goes. He says you insulted my guest, I won’t get peace till I insult your guest.

Amna asks Mariam to go to her room, as its Madiha’s order. Mahira sees Rihaan in the market. She says I will get pictures clicked for passport. She makes an excuse and goes to meet Rihaan. Zain goes to a photo shop. The man asks what type of photo do you want to be clicked. Zain says I gave my pics for developing. Mahira asks Rangeela to click her pics for passport fast. Rangeela goes to her. Zain waits there. He sees Mahira posing. He gets mesmerized seeing her. Hawayein……plays…..

Rangeela goes to Zain. Rihaan asks Mahira to come with him on a date, last time Meher spoiled it. Mahira asks Rihaan not to be upset and just smile. Zain says I know her, I will meet her. Zain goes in and doesn’t see her. She goes with Rihaan. Zain gives the photos to driver. He then sees Mahira’s pics. Driver picks the pics. Zain says no, give me the pics, I will deliver it myself. He gets Fawad’s call. Fawad complains about Mariam and cries.

Zain asks him to say loud, network is weak, he can’t hear him. Fawad says Mariam and her friends came here and ruined everything. Zain asks what’s their names, who did this. Rifat says her name is Mariam Khan. Zain gets shocked. Mariam thinks of Zain’s pic in Fawad’s room. Zain comes to her house and asks is anyone there at home, is Mariam there. The servant says just Mariam is here. Zain says I have some work, tell her that red car’s good boy has come. Servant asks him to come. Mariam swings on the door. She sees Zain and stops. He says these are for you. She gets glad seeing pics. She says no, I will see this with everyone. He gives her a gift. She says mum has punished me and told me not to step out of the room. He laughs and asks who else stays here. She says I will tell you about my family, then you have to tell about your family.

She says my dad is my fav, my mum scolds me, my grandpa is my best friend. He asks who reads these books. She says my sister, I have two sisters, one good and other witch, Meher is nice, she loves reading books, she always tops the class, she loves me, Mahira is also nice, she goes to college and passes with cheat, she looks good, but she looks like a witch without makeup. He shows the pic and asks who is your good sister in them. Mariam does mistake and shows Mahira’s pic. He says thank God. He goes. She says I forgot to ask about his family, how does he know Fawad.

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