Tuesday Update on Love or Poison 1st June 2021


Tuesday Update on Love or Poison 1st June 2021

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Vrinda compliments Sitara for being so quick. Sitara says you gave me the clue but tell me if this is enough or there is more to it. Vrinda says I am your mother but I wont spoon feed you everything. Do some hard work. I was thinking that you are smart but you don’t work hard. You have time only till tomorrow. What if you are unable to think of it by tomorrow? Sitara is certain she will solve the riddle and throw them out. Vrinda advises her to focus on finding out their mission. She heads inside. Surili asks Vrinda why she is challenging Sitara and giving her clues herself.

Vrinda says she has chased us a lot. It is our turn now. She is a very smart and sharp girl. She will find out about our mission sooner or later. It is better to send her on a path on which we can twist her according to our mission. She will become a danger for us if she finds out about it earlier than planned. Surili is worried that Sitara might solve the riddle but Vrinda is confident that Sitara wont succeed.

Rani Sa tells the ladies about the ingredients required for puja. Sitara comes with the ingredients just then. Ratan addresses everyone. Sant Ghori will visit us today like every year. He will hold a paath. Vishkanya’s panic. Surili asks Vrinda if she knew about this. Is this why you gave that clue to Sitara? Vrinda declines. Padmini asks Ratan why this Sant comes here every year. Why do you get so happy whenever he visits us? Ratan replies that he can read everyone’s faces and figure out what is going on in their minds. He can find out the evil in everyone’s hearts. Vishkanya’s panic that this might cause difficulty for them. Sitara wonders if this Sant is connected to the clue given to her by Vrinda.

Sitara paces wondering about the Sant. Everyone has forgotten about Vishkanya’s but what if this Sant is able to figure out that I am a Vishkanya. I will be thrown out of the house! But what if he is the clue I have been looking for? What should I do? Viraj comes there. He shares that all the ladies have kept fast for their husbands. It is said that with this fast one gets a husband like Shiv ji. Dint you keep this fast? She tells him she does not believe in such things. She turns to go but he holds her hand. You are acting strange since some days. You dint even react to my proposal. What is happening? She tries to free her hand but he does not let her go. Don’t tell me you don’t love me. I know the truth. What is the problem? She tells him that love is not everything. There are responsibilities too and I cannot turn my face away from them! Saying so, she walks out of the room.

Ratan checks on the preps and asks a servant to be ready to welcome Sant ji. Sitara thinks to make sure Sant ji is unable to find out that she is a Vishkanya. Ratan asks Vrinda and her sisters where they are off to. Vrinda lies that they are going to a particular temple (atop a hill) for puja. Yamini points out that that is Devi Ma’s temple. It is Bholenath’s day today. Rani Sa advises them to go there tomorrow. Ratan also asks them to stay for the puja. Sitara and Viraj second them. Samrat adds that this is a very big puja in their house. You will miss a lot if you miss this puja. Vishkanya’s are stuck.

They hear Sant ji’s voice and go to welcome him. Sant ji walks towards the palace followed by a small procession of Aghori’s. Ratan and Rani Sa greet Sant ji and welcome him inside. Sitara peeks at them from far. Sant ji stops outside the entrance for a moment. Ratan asks him why he stopped in his tracks. Sant ji shares that a big danger is looming on this palace. Someone is plotting a big game. Someone does not want to see the royal family happy. Albeli says he dint step inside and understood everything already. Chabeeli says we must not come before him. Sitara too thinks to avoid coming before him but she is bound by her duty. I must not be afraid of Vishkanya’s will never leave. Ratan asks Sant ji about the danger. Sant ji tells him he will find out everything after the evening puja. He chants a shloka. Vishkanya’s wonder what they will do now. Sant ji steps inside the palace.

Chabeeli tells Vrinda to do something. He must not know our truth. Ratan invites them for the puja. Vrinda feigns a stomach ache. Ratan leaves them alone to look after Vrinda.

Padmini asks Sitara to come downstairs for the puja. Sitara asks her if the guests are coming in the puja. Padmini denies. Vrinda ji is unwell so Bade Papa let her rest. Her sisters will also stay with her. Sitara smiles. Go ahead. I will join you soon. Padmini nods and goes. Sitara wonders what she should do now.

Vrinda decides to kill Sant before the paath ends. We will be able to hide our identity then only. They ask her how it will be done. Vrinda tells them to come with her. I will show you.

Sant ji is telling the Halahal story to everyone. Aghori tells Rani Sa to get raw milk for Baba. His throat becomes dry while talking. Rani Sa says he must be on fast today. Aghori tells her that he fasts every day. He would need it. Rani Sa asks him to come with her. Vrinda and her sisters overhear it. Vrinda thinks to use the milk to kill the old man. She adds her poison in the raw milk. Rani Sa and Aghori are still on their way to kitchen.

Rani Sa gives the bowl to Aghori who carries it outside. Vishkanya’s are hiding behind the curtains. Rani Sa misses seeing them and walks out.

Sitara comes downstairs. Vrinda and her sisters also stand at a distance. Sitara notices the poison in the milk. Sant ji coughs while talking. Vrinda asks Sitara if she is trapped in her own game now. What will you do? If you go in front of him then your truth will be out in open. If you don’t, then he will die. You have very less time. You have to act fast. If Sant ji drinks that milk then he will become a story himself. Sant ji is about to drink it but Sitara takes the bowl from him and gulps it down. Everyone looks on in shock.

Sant ji is about to drink the poisonous milk but Sitara takes the bowl from him just then and gulps it down. Everyone looks on in shock. There is a blue colour on his neck. Sant ji can see her real identity and her blue neck. She is a Vishkanya. She is drinking poison! Ratan angrily questions Sitara as to how she could disrespect Sant ji. Sant ji tells him to calm down. Maybe this is what God wanted. Maybe he wanted to save us from a big trouble through her. Pardon her. She is a kid. Vrinda cannot understand why Sant is supporting Sitara so much. Dint he find out that Sitara is a Vishkanya?

Sitara telepathically asks Baba if he dint find out who she is. He nods that he knows that she is a Vishkanya. You drank poison to save me. She smiles in relief. Rani Sa asks Sitara why she dint let Baba drink milk. Sitara lies that it was his blessings. I drank it without thinking. She touches Sant ji’s feet seeking his blessings and he happily blesses her to be victorious. Vishkanya’s look on unhappily. Sitara smiles.

Vrinda says we much do something about Sitara. She creates a roadblock in our every plan. Chabeeli agrees. She foils our every plan. Ratan asks her what plan she is talking about. Vrinda cooks up a story. Ratan asks them why they look so worried. I came to check on Vrinda ji. Shall I call doc? Vrinda denies. I am perfectly fine now. Ratan says you lost a big chance. You should have met Sant ji. He is very powerful. He dint enter in the palace and could figure out that a big trouble is looming over us. He will tell us about it after the puja. Vrinda decides to kill Sant before he tells anything. Ratan gives them Prasad.

Vrinda lies that they are fasting today. Ratan is impressed with her words. Vrinda’s sisters excuse themselves. Vrinda tells Ratan she believes in concepts such as fasts as she too wants a handsome and nice husband like him. Wish we had met a few years earlier. We would have been together then. He tells her they should go outside. Sant ji must be waiting for us. He leaves. Vrinda says he will have to fall in my trap very soon. Till when will you escape me?

Arjun tries the clothes which he had worn 5 years ago. They still fit me. I look so good. Yamini tells him otherwise and gives him another pair. Albeli chooses another pair for him. Yamini tells her it is between her and her husband. Albeli tells her she was only giving her opinion. Arjun asks them if they are done. I am the one who has to get ready for the puja. He waves at Albeli who leaves.

Sitara is trying to tie the thread of her blouse. She hurts her eye by mistake while doing so. Viraj helps her. Why are you doing this Sitara? Why are pushing me away from yourself? She tries to walk away but he does not let her go. He tells her not to fight with him. You wont be able to win. She again tells him to let go of her. He asks her if she is running away because he is a prince and she is minister’s daughter. She nods. He tells her to trust him. I will talk to everyone. I will make them agree for this alliance. Just say yes. She tells him she does not love him. It isn’t right to do whatever you please every time. You must not hurt others to form new relations.

I don’t want anyone to taunt or blame my Baba. I don’t want to marry you. Your marriage has been fixed with Nethra. Marry her only. He tells her it is enough. Why will you take such a big decision of my life on your own? It is ok if you don’t have feelings for me but you cannot mock my feelings for you. I only love you. I wont marry anyone else. Sitara excuses herself to make preps for puja.

Pundit ji is playing conch. Everyone stands there in reverence. Sant ji is meditating. Vishkanya’s look at him from the balcony. Viraj looks at Sitara who looks away. Nethra follows Viraj’s gaze. Vrinda vows to kill Sant ji today. She aims arrow at him but guards walk up to Sant ji just then. Ratan and Rani Sa are offering Jal to Shiv ji. Nethra holds Viraj’s hand and steps forward for the puja. Sitara dances on Sanson Ki Mala song. While dancing, she notices Vrinda shooting the arrow at Sant ji. She saves him from getting hit just in time. Sant ji looks at her. Vishkanya’s head inside. Viraj offers Jal to Shiv ji.

Sant ji tells Sitara if she wont respect about her dignity today then she will regret it later. Focus on that today. Everything will be fine later. You must understand that you should take it serious if some Sant is telling you so much about respect (Aan). Your problem will be solved if you will focus on it. I cannot help you any further. He blesses her and leaves. Sitara wonders if Baba was trying to give her some clue about the riddle.

Sitara connects the words Sant and Aan and deduces that the riddle is associated with Santaan (kid). I am her (Vrinda’s) daughter. Is it associated with me or someone else? She recalls how the Vishkanya’s have been trying to get close to the men of royal family. They want to carry their lineage further. She thanks Shiv ji for helping her find out the truth before the Shivratri is over. I will confront them right away and throw them out of the palace!