Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 17th August 2021


Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 17th August 2021

Scene 1
Helena says that i got to know that Raskshasa has come in Patliputra but why he didnt come to meet, Chanakya comes there, he says i have go to know about your plan, Helena says what are you talking about? Chanakya says to Helena that you wanted to prove me and Ashok attacker of Bindu so that we are thrown out of palace and your son can become made next king, Ashok having that roots proved that you wanted Bindu to hate Ashok, Helena ask do you have any proof of this, Chanakya says first proof is the tension on your face and second proof is.. he shows Rudraraksh chain of Rakshasa and says with whom you made the plan is now in my prison, he has your truth with him which i will bring out of him, Helena is shocked.

he says if you try to harm Ashok then i will bring Raskshasa infront of Bindu, Helena says why you are waiting, tell him now, Chanakya says i would have told him if i had not respect of your position, for me you are betrayer but for people you are Queen of Patliputra, if they get to know of your truth, their respect will go down for Queen and for Samrat too, Helena says you want to make Ashok Samrat but he has denied going to royal school, Chanakya says Ashok can decide anything but cant change his fate and his fate says that he will become Samrat, only Ashok is next Samrat, till i am alive, i wont let Unani’s harm Magdh a little.

Scene 2
Bal says to Helena that Ashok is my friend, i cant betray him, i dont know anything abut buteven if i know i wont tell you, Helena says i would have known that you are a fool, cant you see Ashok is very selfish, he accepted to go to royal school, why he didnt talk about you to Samrat? he could have talked about you to Samrat that let you also go to school but he only wanted his own good, she says find out why Ashok denied going to school, if you find it then i will free you else i will kill you, Bal is shocked.

Ashok is standing near river, Dharma comes there, Ashok says you wanted me to not attend School but why i am not happy in your decision? some goons come there.
Radhagupt ask Acharaya why did you send goons behind Dharma? Acharaya says so that Ashok can learn that sometime we have to go against our own people to protect them, Chanakya says when i got to know that Ashok has denied going to school, i knew Dharma would have only asked him to do so.

Acharaya says Ashok will definitely raise weapon if Dharma is about to get hurt by goons, the one who promised to not use violence will fight now, otherside Ashok is shown raising wooden stick to protect Dharma from goons, he beats goons then goons starts beating Ashok. Dharma tries to stop goons from beating Ashok but they throw her away. she falls on ground, Ashok gets angry on goons and starts beating him, dharma is shocked seeing him breaking his promise, Dharma ask Ashok to stop, goons run from there.

Chanakya says this incident will force Ashok to go against his mother, i didnt want all this but Dharma didnt leave any choice for me. Dharma comes to Ashok, she says why did you raise your hand on them? Ashok says today i got to know that i am weak, i cant even protect you, Dharma says you protected me, Ashok says but you got wounds, i am not able to fight for you too, Dharma says that violence is not solution of anything, i will never want you to raise your hand, people give away their lives to not use violence, Ashok says i cant stay silent here where there are so many conspiracies, either break promise of Acharaya and lets go back to our city, Dharma says i cant do that, Ashok says then i have to break your promise, Ashok says to Dharma that if we are staying then i need to attend Royal school, to protect you, i can go against your principles, i have to learn fighting for your safety, i can go against your promise to protect you and i will do that, Bal listens all this.

Scene 3
Helena ask are you sure? Bal says yes, the lady(dharma) who is treating Bindu from many days is real mother of Ashok, Asho denied going to royal school because of her only. Helena is stunned. Bal ask am i free now? Helena smiles.

Dharma says Ashok wants to use violence only because of me, i will talk to Bindu. she comes to bindu, Ashok is already there, Bindu says to Dharma that Ashok has decided to go to royal school, Dharma says i only know how to treat wounds of people, Bindu says Ashok will protect people, Dharma says even for protecting people, he will use violence, there will be bloodshed, Ashok says why you are thinking that i will become beast if i learn fighting, Bindu says he is right, he can serve people, to protect your state from enemy, you need warriors, Dharma says fight only kill people and killing is not solution of anything, Ashok says i promise you that i will never abuse my fighting powers, i will only serve people with help of my fighting powers, Bindu says so Ashok will enter school tomorrow, Dharma is not happy, Ashok is happy and sad for her mother too.

Helena says to Justin that Dharma is mother of Ashok. Helena says to Justin that Ashok’s life lies in his mother and Chanakya’s life lies in AShok, if Dharma is being killed by us then Ashok would blame Chanakya for bringing Dharma here and getting her killed, they will go against each other, we will use her so that you will get the throne. Justin ask how will we implement our plan? Helena says we will do that in court.
In court, Bindu says i want to go to hunting today, Helena says you should take Justin and Khurasan with you, Bindu says who will look after here? Justin says prime minister will look after here, Bindu says its great, Helena thinks that Bindu will go to hunting, i will hunt Dharma here.