Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 17th August 2021


Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 17th August 2021

Monty refusing for engagement. Kaira gets shocked and drops the ring. Manav says even Kaira loves you a lot, don’t decide in haste. Monty says I decided in haste before, I have well thought now. Manav says maybe we don’t have happiness in fate. He asks the guests to leave. Mishka signs Rangoli. Everyone gets a video message. They get shocked seeing Monty and Poorva’s video. Everyone starts scolding Poorva. Poorva says Pankti, its nothing like that. They get an audio clip and learn that Pankti wants Poorva to get her love. They all question Pankti if she wanted Poorva and Monty to marry. Ahaan asks yes or no. Pankti says yes. They all get shocked. Rangoli thinks I told you I will give you a shock, I have prepared this video with Anita’s help.

Pankti cries and goes to Aparna. Aparna says enough, no need to say anything. Manav says enough of insult, go. Richa asks Pankti to get out and pushes her. Anita asks Pankti to come. Pankti says we are going, but its not my or Poorva’s mistake. They leave. Everyone gets upset. Richa angrily goes upstairs. Vikram says this time Richa did a mistake, not me. He goes. Kaira says wrong happened with me, Pankti fulfilled a sister’s duty, will you do the same for your sister. Ahaan cries. She says I won’t tie you a rakhi till you do a brother’s duty. She goes. Ahaan goes after her.

Pankti comes home with Monty, Anita and Poorva. Poorva says I m worried that Pankti and Ahaan’s relation may get problems. Pankti says no, he will make everything fine. Anita asks her not to be mad. Monty says I will end this tomorrow, by marrying Poorva, Pankti you start preparing. Pankti asks him not to decide in haste. She tries to explain. Ahaan asks Kaira to open the door. She refuses. Rangoli sees his phone and takes it. She asks Ahaan not to worry. Vikram asks Richa won’t she tell the family who invited Anita and Poorva in the party this time. Richa gets shocked. Vikram recalls Anita telling him that Richa invited them in the party. Vikram says you got that video made and leaked in. Richa says I just invited them, I didn’t leak the video. He gets shocked. Rangoli sees Pankti’s incoming call.

Aparna and Manav worry for Kaira. Ahaan looks for his phone and goes to talk to Pankti. Rangoli stops Ahaan and says I will come along. He says no, its between me and Pankti. She insists and says maybe Pankti’s ego got hurt, she didn’t call back. He says Kaira’s engagement broke and how did her ego get hurt. Pankti comes and says its better to have small problem than life long problems. Poorva says we shall marry after Ahaan and Pankti’s problem solving. Monty agrees.

Pankti says I wasn’t wrong, Monty and Kaira’s relation was wrong. He says you should have talked to me. She says I didn’t get a chance. He says you were busy in something else. She says yes, I was busy in fulfilling my promise and saving Kaira and Monty’s relation, I convinced Poorva to meet Monty and finish everything. He asks is it so. She says they met in lobby and ended everything just for Kaira’s sake, Poorva and Monty love each other, how can it end when they talk once, even if Monty marries Kaira, will it be right or wrong, what will be the result of this marriage, can Monty stay happy, can Kaira stay happy, can your family stay happy, no…… everyone will undergo sorrow, even you and me, did you think once that this maybe someone’s plan which backfired. He asks what. She says just think why was someone recording Poorva and Monty’s meeting and leaked it in engagement. Rangoli worries. Ahaan says I didn’t think of this.

Pankti asking Kaira to open the door. Kaira asks her to leave, what does she want. Pankti says we decided to do what you want, open the door first. Kaira comes out and hugs Aparna. Aparna says you get so angry. Pankti says Ahaan’s promise is my promise, but tell me one thing, if I tell you to get Ahaan married to someone else, will you agree. Kaira says of course not, Ahaan loves you a lot, he won’t be happy by marrying someone else. Pankti says you are Ahaan’s sister, I m also related to you, how can I see you upset, how shall I get you married to someone who doesn’t love you. Ahaan says I m your brother, its my responsibility to get you married to someone who cares and loves you. Pankti says you all are my family, I realized relations after meeting you all, Kaira shouldn’t marry Monty, I didn’t wish this truth to come out this way, if you don’t value my word, tell me what should I do for this family, I m ready to do this. Aparna says please…. Pankti hugs her.

Kaira says I will not be adamant to marry Monty on a condition that you marry Ahaan soon. Everyone smiles. Manav gets the marriage date. Rangoli thinks I can’t let you win Pankti, I will win Ahaan. She congratulates them. Rangoli gets a call and tells them about the offer. Everyone praises Pankti, while Vikram praises Rangoli. Pankti says I will feed sweets to Rangoli. She taunts Rangoli. She makes the drink fall on her and apologizes. Rangoli gets angry. Aparna asks her to clean her dress. Rangoli rushes to get her phone. Pankti checks her phone and reads some message. Rangoli thinks I will take Ahaan away. She asks is your spying over. Ahaan comes. Rangoli says so sorry, bad news, recording got cancelled. Pankti asks what, I have seen just now.

Rangoli says I got a call just now, chill, maybe you get better offer tomorrow. She leaves. She calls Mishka and scolds her. She asks Mishka to do as she tells her. Ahaan goes to drop Pankti. He asks her not to worry. Pankti says I have checked Rangoli’s phone, she lied to you to prove that she can make or break your relation. He asks why will she do this, why did you check her phone. She says I doubt her. He asks her to stop it. She says I have a reason to doubt. He gets a call from Shubhendra. He says you did magic on Rangoli, she refused to sing when I refused to you, come for recording with Rangoli. Rangoli smiles. Ahaan says you still think Rangoli is lying, please Pankti, stop doubting. Pankti goes home.

Pankti, Anita and Poorva come to meet Aparna. Anita asks what do you want now. Aparna tells them the marriage dates for Ahaan-Pankti, and Monty-Poorva. She says we want to do their tilak today. Rangoli asks how will you manage this Ahaan. Aparna says we shall forget the past and make a new start. Rangoli says its a tight schedule, how shall I refuse. Ahaan says we have given the commitment. Aparna says we will have two marriages at home. Kaira comes and says double celebrations, double fun. She hugs Poorva. Poorva thanks Kaira. Kaira says thank Pankti, Ahaan has gone to Rangoli. Rangoli asks him to talk to Pankti once. Monty comes and apologizes to Kaira. Kaira says just keep Poorva happy. They all smile. Poorva takes Richa to Vikram and says nothing happened between Vikram and me, I just wanted to hurt him, and I have hurt you, sorry Richa.

Richa hugs her. Monty forwards hand to Vikram. Vikram shakes hand. They smile. Monty says we can have company partnership. Ahaan comes with Rangoli and says we have to go out of town for two days for a recording. Aparna says marriage rasams are imp. Pankti asks him to go, she will do her share of rasams. Rangoli asks Ahaan to do rasams today.