Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 24th August 2021


Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 24th August 2021

Rangoli celebrating her success. She says I will get Ahaan. She drinks. Aparna checks the report and tells about charges on Ahaan. She says these sections aren’t implied on normal cases, this officer is doing this on Rangoli’s saying, this can prove the report wrong, we can get this on Ahaan’s favor. Richa asks how do you know. Manav says Aparna studied law before marriage. Pankti says we got Ahaan’s lawyer. Aparna asks who. Pankti says Aparna. Manav says she is right, you can fight this case. Aparna says I can’t fight the case, I can’t take big risk when its about my son. Manav says you can do this. Richa says Aparna is right, she has no experience. Vikram says Rangoli hired Dinesh, he complicates all cases. Aparna says we shall talk to some big lawyer for Ahaan.

Pankti asks who can defend a child better than mum, lawyer will fight case based on evidence, mum will fight because of her belief, maybe you have studied law for this day, please don’t refuse, are you ready to fight this case for your son. Aparna agrees. Ahaan reaches the court and faces bad blames by the reporters. Rangoli comes there with Dinesh. She acts like a victim and goes Pankti and everyone see Ahaan and Rangoli. The court case begins. Dinesh sits playing games. Judge comes. Dinesh presents the case. Manav asks Kaira to have belief in law, everything will be fine. Judge asks who is the defense lawyer. Dinesh says its an open and shut case, no lawyer is ready to fight his case. Aparna says I m ready to take this case. Ahaan gets shocked seeing her. She says I will defend Ahaan. She gives her documents to the judge. Dinesh jokes on Aparna. He says if you slapped Ahaan, this would have not happened.

He mocks Aparna for her degree. Everyone laughs. Aparna says I didn’t practice till now. He asks are you coming here directly from kitchen. She says I have fought many times for saving my son. Dinesh says I m getting emotional hearing you. He gets talking cheap. Aparna cries. Dinesh says she is saving her son, she has become another woman’s enemy. Rangoli smiles and signs Pankti. Dinesh makes fun of Aparna. He says its a case of irony, a mum wanted to make her son Ram, but he has become Raavan, this guy has committed a crime and should be punished. Aparna says nothing is proved till now. Dinesh says I will make her do the practical of losing the case, as she has just studied theory, I will prove Ahaan as culprit. Ahaan gets angry.

Pankti reacting on Dinesh’s words. Judge asks Aparna to make Pankti quiet, else he will take action. Aparna signs Pankti. Dinesh jokes that everyone did law and wants to practice on this very case. He says I have evidence to prove Ahaan’s crime. He plays the music album video. Everyone looks on. Dinesh says Ahaan is so shameless, director was asking him not to go close to Rangoli and he isn’t listening. He plays the next footage and shows Rangoli taking Ahaan to his room, and then running away from his room. Dinesh asks judge to strictly punish Ahaan if he wants to bring light in the society, this evidence is against Ahaan, which expresses the truth. Ahaan says I was unwell and told Rangoli as well. Aparna raises the objection.

Dinesh says you know the meaning of overruled, you are losing the case, I regret that a woman is here to prove another woman a liar. He praises Rangoli for raising a voice against crime. He asks judge to punish Ahaan. He appeals the court to not be blind and see Ahaan’s crime. Ahaan says I swear I didn’t do anything. Judge asks him to talk when asked. He asks Aparna if he wants to say something in Ahaan’s defense. Aparna says yes, I have to say a lot and I need time to defend my case. Dinesh says the case is clear like water. Judge says decision will be taken after hearing both the sides, the hearing will be after two days. Rangoli smiles. Pankti says you can’t buy the best lawyer for Ahaan, his mum, you have wasted much money. Ahaan’s family looks on.

Its night, Aparna checks some books of law. Pankti asks her to take some rest. Aparna says this case is very complicated, wait I will show something, I wish we could see this footage from any other angle, don’t know there is another CCTV camera or not. They check the footage again and see a man. Pankti says maybe this man has seen something, he is our hope now. Aparna asks what do you mean. Pankti calls Uday and asks him to go Kolkata. He asks but why. She says just do as I say. He agrees. She thanks him. She tells Aparna that Ahaan and Rangoli’s rooms are side by side, if Ahaan has bad intentions, he should have taken him to her room.

Anita comes to Poorva and asks are you going home. She says I will get many such necklaces when Aparna loses case and Ahaan gets jailed, I will sell Pankti and get a new collection of necklaces, Pankti will just become a mistress, its her fate which no one can change. Dinesh talks to Rangoli and jokes on Aparna. They laugh. He says cheers to our victory. She says Pankti will try. He says Pankti, JD’s mistress…. He laughs. Aparna gets ready for the hearing. Pankti helps her with notes. Aparna says you have done more preparations than me, Dinesh can’t defeat us when we are together.

Vikram says if depends on case, if we lose case, we will lose goodwill. Richa asks you think we can win this case. He says to be honest, Dinesh is a strong lawyer, we should have hired a professional, I don’t understand. She says the way Dinesh is presenting this case, I feel we have less chances to win the case. He says come, we have to leave for court. Kaira asks Aparna to scold Dinesh. Vikram says yes, stare in his eyes and make him speechless. Richa says if you have confusion, ask for some time, great strategy. Pankti asks don’t you trust Aparna. Manav says we trust her. Sheetal thanks Aparna and wishes her. Manav says I wish Sheetal was here, she always used to say that united family can solve any big problem. Aparna says yes, we are together and enough to bring Ahaan back home.