Monday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Life 23rd August 2021


Monday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Life 23rd August 2021

Aayat keeping pillow aside and going. Aijaz sleeps. Mahira calls Rihaan and says its engagement today, I hope we are doing right. He says we have no other way, I love you. She says I don’t want to see Zain. He says you will just marry me. She smiles. Mahira gets her engagement dress. She asks her to wear aunt’s necklace, if Rihaan is coming, ask him to have food before leaving. She goes. Aayat calls doctor. He says he is fine now, did you get Mariam’s tests done, donor and patient should have a match, Jibraan’s life depends on this match.

She says nothing will happen to my son, even if I have to sacrifice Mariam’s life, I will take her today for tests, engagement is happening here, no one will know. Wasim and family comes. Everyone smiles. Madiha hugs them and congratulates. Rifat asks where is your aunt. She compliments Aayat for the decorations. She thinks Aayat is acting good, but she isn’t such. Aayat thinks I can sense motive by seeing face. Mariam compliments Zain. He asks where is Mahira. Mahira is with Rihaan. Madiha asks Meher to get Mahira. Mariam says we got a good ring for you, what ring did you buy for Mahira. Rihaan makes Mahira wear the ring. They hug. Meher calls her out.

Rihaan goes. Meher asks where were you. Mahira says I was with Rihaan. Meher says he will ruin your life. Mahira goes downstairs with her. Zain and everyone smile seeing her. Rifat checks the necklace. Madiha worries. Rifat compliments Mahira’s beauty. She goes to her friends. Her friends compliment Mahira and Rifat’s choice to select such a Nawab family. Rifat says everyone looks happy, right. Wasim says yes. Rifat thinks Aijaz is too proud to be a Nawab. Madiha says dad can talk well with my Maayka. Mariam says I will click a family pic. Rifat says Aijaz doesn’t look happy. Madiha says no, he got emotional. She asks Aijaz to smile. Mariam clicks pics. She laughs seeing Aijaz’s teeth. They all laugh. Mariam says sorry. Rifat says lets click one more pic, don’t smile this way, Aayat didn’t join us. She gets Aayat for the pic. Aijaz goes.

Madiha says dad isn’t keeping well. Mariam says why did Aijaz go. Akshay says Aijaz is good, maybe Aayat is bad. Mariam says no, she is an angel. Aayat hears this and smiles. Majaaz calls Omkar and asks him to come fast. Omkar says you start the function, we will be there in a while. Majaaz says fine, get Gauri along. Aayat gets call from hospital. She says none can stop me today, I have charmed Mariam, I know how to get her to the hospital. He takes Mariam along. She says we will go and get gift. Mariam says we will go later. Aayat says I have to give gift before engagement, will you help me. Mariam nods. Aayat says its necessary for you to attend engagement, its fine, I will leave. Mariam says is there a surprise for dad too. Aayat says there is surprise for everything, this is the chance we have, are you smart or stupid. Mariam says smart. They leave.

Aayat lying to Mariam about a medicinal gift for Aijaz, that would make him strong. Mariam imagines and gets glad. She sees OT and recalls Majaaz. She says I have to go back home. Aayat says I have leg ache, sit here, I will consult a doctor and get medicines. She asks the nurse to prepare for the tests. Nurse says we did all the arrangements, just get her. Zain and Mahira sit for engagement. Meher asks Mahira to forward her hand. They see Mahira wearing some ring. Madiha asks what’s all this. Mahira says I was trying some rings and this got stuck. Meher says I have practice to remove unwanted things. She taunts Mahira and removes the ring off her finger. Rifat says the ring which Zain will make you wear won’t get off all life.

Zain and Mahira exchange rings. Everyone claps and hugs them. Aayat asks are you afraid, you are a coward, not brave like your dad. Mariam says I m not scared. Aayat says then just do as I say. Mariam agrees. Omkar gets Gauri for examination. Doctor checks Gauri. He says she will fine, its normal chest pain, you can get these tests done. Gauri says its good you didn’t say anything to Majaaz. They come to the lab and wait outside. Doctor checks Mariam. Mariam says I m not scared, its so much fun. Madiha looks for Mariam. She tells Majaaz that Mariam isn’t here. They all look for Mariam. A lady makes some drink fall on Majaaz and says sorry. He says its fine, I will go and wash it up. Mariam gets scared seeing the injection. Aayat says be habitual to bear pain. She asks are you scared, you said you aren’t afraid, this is your last test, it will decide if you win or lose. Mariam refuses. Aayat says you are a coward. Mariam says I won’t quit the game.

She gets the injection and screams. Omkar says it was Mariam’s voice. Aayat says you are so brave, we shall leave now. Mariam sees Omkar and Gauri. Aayat pinches her and stops her from saying anything. Aayat says we came to get surprise gifts, we came here as I had some leg pain. Omkar asks why did yo hurry and left Mahira’s engagement. Mariam says I didn’t tell mum and dad about it. Aayat says I want to make everyone happy. Mariam asks Gauri is she fine. Omkar says yes, she is fine. Aayat says I know you can’t trust me, but I respect you the same way. She takes Mariam with her. Madiha says Aayat has taken Mariam along. Majaaz says Mariam will be around.

Aijaz says what, I don’t trust Aayat. Rifat asks what happened. Mariam comes home. Madiha runs and hugs her. Majaaz asks where did you take Mariam. Aijaz asks how dare you take Mariam along. Mariam says surprise, see what gift I got for you. She shows the gifts for everyone. She says Aayat was hurt, so we had to go to doctor, don’t scold her please. Aayat says its all my bad luck, everyone gets upset with me. Majaaz says never mind, Mariam go and have food, Aayat you take some rest. Aayat stares at Mariam. Madiha asks Mariam what’s this mark. Mariam says that’s…. Aayat signs no to her.