Tuesday Update June 12 on True Love Glow Tv

Tuesday Update June 12 on True Love Glow Tv

Vansh and Ichha taking the blessings from Mai and all set to leave for the temple when Veer and Tapasya also comes there to inform that they too r going out;Tapasya tells Mai that she will go for  shopping with Veer… and Veer then tells Mai that later he will leave for Office(Veer plss for once show us your office..till now we hv not seen it..at least viewers should know what is the source of economy for Bundela house);Hearing this Mai tells Veer that he should cancel going to the office today and Tapasya should also cancel her shopping plans and instead they both should accompany Vansh and Ichha to the temple as the grt Baba has come here after a long time and its necessary that they all take his blessings(Oh so it was Mai’s plan to send the Krazy four team to a temple hunt …When she knows that whenever these four cartoons r together…something horrible happens);Finally the Krazy 4 team leaves for the temple in one and on Veer’s black Sonata Car,

They all reach the temple;Vansh and Ichha gets down from the car in fastforward mode while Veer and Tapasya gets down from the car in ultra slow motion mode.Vansh goes near a temple shop to buy all the puja-related stuffs for Ichha;He asks the shopkeeper to give him some 12 coconuts and one garland on which Ichha tells Vansh that in this temple they don’t break coconuts but ties the thread to a tree;So hearing this Vansh gets the thread and other puja related stuffs from the shop and finally both head towards the temple;Behind them Tappu and robot-Veer too reach the temple;Inside the temple both VanCha prays in front of the god and also takes Pujari’s blessings(they both pray in a very cute manner);Ichha then tries to ring the temple bell but because of her short height she is unable to do so when Vansh sees this and tells Ichha jokingly that she cannot do anything without him na;Vansh then takes the Puja-Thali from her hand and then lifts her in his arm so that she can easily ring the bell;Ichha is now able to ring the bell but Vansh is not ready to leave her;Ichha blushes and tells him that everyone is watching and so finally Vansh leaves her;All this while VanCha together were providing live action once again for Veer and Tapasya who instead of praying were more interested in seeing VanCha rasleela(Arr Vansh at least spare the temple na..romance somewhere else…and look at Ichha how she was enjoying herself in his arms…But the fact that Taps is always watching them and giving those nasty looks always spoils these cute moments).

Vansh and Ichha then goes to that Baba who is sitting just outside the temple;They both take his blessings but the Baba speaks nothing and continues to do his jaap;When Vansh and Ichha were about to leave,Baba speaks out;He tells both of them that “Whatever happened in past ..will continue to happen in future..whatever happened earlier..will happen today and tomorrow also”;Hearing this both Ichha and Vansh are confused and Vansh tells Baba that he is not able to understand its meaning;So then Baba tells Vansh that everything nice will happen to him;Hearing this Ichha questions what does that mean on which Baba tells Ichha that “Who am I to say or predict anything..everything is in God’s hand as God decides the destiny..so you keep on doing your Karam and have faith in God..my blessings r there with both of you”;Confused VanCha then leaves from there(Hmm I got it what Baba is trying to say here..He meant that in the past too Tapasya snatched away Ichha’s happiness in the form of Veer and in the future too she will continue to snatch away her happiness in the form of Vansh..but Ichha should not give up and keep doing her Karam as God is with her..see so simple to crack these Baba’s code language after my 2yrs of series experience..but now the problem is Vansh will take Baba’s words in a different way..he will try to connect these words with Ichha’s past..that is Veer..so the doubt sessions of Vansh will continue further thanks to Baba’s code language);Anyways then Veer and Tapasya too comes to take Baba’s blessings but this time Baba does not speak even a single word about their married future(Poor Baba too is scared of Tapwater and prefers not to give any advice or predictions to her as only she can change even God’s written destiny na…she is a superwoman afterall)..


Ichha and Vansh then finally goes towards the tree to tie that thread which Ichha brought in Vansh’s name;Vansh is holding the puja thali for Ichha while Ichha is praying in front of the tree,closing her eyes;Just then Tapasya too comes there with her puja thali;Tapasya then sees Ichha’s puja thali in Vansh’s hand and so she deliberately throws her mobile on the ground and acts as if it fell down;Then she asks Vansh to hold her puja thali so that she can pick up her mobile;Vansh is now holding both Ichha and Tappu’s puja-thali;Tappu picks up her mobile and instead of taking her own thali,she deliberately takes Ichha’s thali from Vansh’s hand and foolish Vansh din’t even realise it ,as he looked more concerned about Tappu damaged mobile;After this incident happens,we see robotic Veer coming there;In short he misses all the action;Tappu asks her robot to fix up her mobile and Veer like a small kid gets busy with Tappu’s mobile;Ichha finally opens her eyes after finishing her prayers and takes the thali from Vansh’s hand and then ties the thread to the tree;Tapasya gives her evil smile as she knows that its not the thread of Vansh’s name;After Ichha finishes tieing the thread completely;Tapasya starts her usual drama;She shouts and tells everyone that “Oh my god..this is not my thali…I guess its Ichha’s thali and so the thread in this thali is also not mine..its Ichha’s thread..which means she tied the wrong thread..she actually tied the thread of Veer’s name”(I fail to understand what Tapasya is achieving here by making Ichha tie the thread of Veer’s name ??…its just a silly thing to do);Hearing these words of Tapasya both Ichha and Vansh r shocked;Vansh as usual gives his angry look to Ichha as if Ichha only is the culprit(Vansh why the hell u r becoming another robot being programmed by Tapwater..you were holding the thali in your hand..Taps took the wrong thali from your hand and u din’t realise it..then Ichha took the thali from your hand..so how the hell can u blame Ichha here damn it);So Vansh once again goes into his Junglee mode and goes from there while Ichha is left crying as usual;Taps gives her evil smile and Veer has blank expressions on his face..so difficult to say his feelings here;Ichha remembers her romantic moments with Vansh with bawra mann song playing in the background and Vansh is shown going out